Thursday, October 13, 2016

MORE Nonsense from the PEANUT GALLERY (aka "Basket of Deplorables" -- many of whom support Hillary Clinton) -- LOL!!!

And THIS is the main photo of the LEADER from his personal Facebook page:

LOVE is REAL to joyless people, no???

Ronald Timothy Richardson with his wife (since 2014).

STRANGELY, Mr. Richardson has only ONE other photo of himself for Facebook FRIENDS (nearly every other one of us has MANY personal photos on Facebook):

The Richardsons show that they live in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and HE is from Port Arthur, ONTARIO, but never claims to have become a US Citizen -- nor does his page show ANY history of jobs, education, TIME of the move to the USA -- only that he got married in 2014.

LINKED-IN has NO "Ronald Timothy Richardson" AT ALL, and no "Ronald Richardson" within 100 miles of Gaithersburg, MD.

Is THIS MAN -- who shows NO EVIDENCE of being a US Citizen -- politicking ILLEGALLY in the USA???

I, below, left off the long piece telling NONSENSE about Hillary Clinton:

Scott Kenan This (the above), has been posted for TWO DAYS -- and no one has liked or shared it -- LOL!!!
Ronald Timothy Richardson You're outraged & indignant!

(We get it)

Go canvass & stuff some envelopes for Progressive Down Ticket Candidates.
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Scott Kenan Ronald Timothy Richardson: You make a great point for typical people, who are not first-hand witness to many events in US History, or know Presidents, Generals, and high politicians of both the USA and Mexico, like I do or have. 

You also don't read my blog or you'd know I have HAND-DELIVERED materials on these things to the Republican Governor and both Senators (RED), here in NC (and many other Politicians and other influential people -- and the Democrats in my town of Wilmington have ASKED ME not to canvass for Democrats

 -- because my Kenan Family narco-traffics with the Bushes, Cheney, and Clintons -- verified to me by several top Mexican Politicians and Generals -- Vicente Fox worked for my Kenan family as an exec of Coca-Cola before being elected President, and I have friends who've seen Obama and Rahm Emanuel in their private gay bathhouse in Chicago (how the Republicans blackmailed him)

It's ALL a terrible mess, but after the the election, we ALL must pressure Hillary Clinton to get the CIA out of running drugs

I suspect she will actually be up to reforming government -- more than Obama ever attempted, so CARRY ON, and I'll deal with people more interested in the CAUSES of the problems, rather than hashing out the fights over the symptoms


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I am EXHAUSTED emotionally from battling Nutballs on the internet -- and Joseph Faulk -- so am slow to complete this posting, having other things I've needed to deal with in my life, as well.


FromJoseph Faulk hide details
ToScott Kenan 
Stop the phone calls. Just email essentials.


And it was followed by THIS:

Joseph Faulk to you + 1 moreshow details
Seems his Facebook reference is under name Harley Venton.


IMPORTANT: Just days ago, Joseph again confirmed: 

1. He does NOT KNOW how to add a link to email (which he did here, but has not done before -- previously he sent URLs that were NOT "hot links").

2. He NEVER under any circumstances goes to Facebook -- yet HERE he shows he has done that.

I almost immediately called "Testosteroni" to CONGRATULATE him on showing PROOF of having some Mental Acuity, by finding that Ronald Timothy Richardson is his GIVEN and likely LEGAL name, he has an ALIAS Facebook identity "Harley Venton", where he is FAR more open.

There, I learned that he's been in US schools in the Upper Midwest since grade school, so LIKELY now has US Citizenship. And ALSO that he and his "new bride" -- THERE named -- is Ann Venton (who ALSO has an alias, "Ann O. Cannon"), and is a RABID CHRISTIAN!!!

From Ann Venton's site, Intro
Christ lover, humanity lover, struggling with this whole incarnation business.

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Center of Concern (This is a REAL and SIGNIFICANT Christian Power organization. Click this blue link to go to their Facebook Page, then their link there to their actual WEBSITE, where Ann is listed as their COO!!!)

  • Studied Religion at George Washington University

  • Married to Harley Venton

  • >>> ADDED: Also Ms. Venton/Cannon is a PERSONAL friend of Michael Nesmith of the Monkeys. Anyone ALIVE in the early 1980s knows that Michael Nesmith's MOTHER, a secretary, invented and patented WITE-OUT (liquid correction MIRACLE in the days of typewriters -- now forgotten).

    Anyway, she made a HUGE FORTUNE and like another female trailblazer in Business back in my youth -- although you might not like her products or sales-pyramid model -- Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics, made MILLIONAIRES of MANY "regular" women who had a flair for the dramatic and some "git-up-and-go" -- and those who didn't get RICH, at least got some FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE -- so critical to ANYONE'S self esteem.

    Ann Venton updated her profile picture.
    August 6
    Methought I was enamour'd of an ass.
Ann Venton Methought I was enamour'd of an ass.

As a FUNNY NOTE, the first time as an adult that I acted ON STAGE in a production people paid to see, I played Francis Flute in Mr. William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in 1975 in Cape May, NJ on the stage in City Hall, then.

"Methought I was enamour'd of an ass," is a line of ANOTHER character in that play.

And HOW Dunsinane came to Birnam Wood (from Macbeth, actually), in MY NEIGHBORHOOD in West Chester, Pennsylvania -- AFTER we moved to Columbus, Ohio to live across the street from Coach Lou Holtz for my parents to ACCELERATE their work as America's TOP NAZIS under direction of a line of Catholic Popes.


1. The TIME/Warner Cable tech came out, and eventually determined that a connection in the street wires likely got loosened in the hurricane, and the heat of the sun expands it OPEN, then it closes after dark and I again get cable. Someone in a "cherry-picker" will have to come out to see about that.

But they MIGHT have already done that, since beginning half an hour after he left, I got my cable TV back -- solidly, so far!!!

And the guy was TOTALLY COOL -- he and I got into a long conversation since we BOTH grew up Catholic Yankees, although HE was Confirmed into the Episcopal Church (where I only worshiped for a while in the mid-1980s, without joining). And we BOTH now consider religions to be absurd or worse -- yet LOVE what Jesus (Buddha, and others), taught about how to LIVE.

What was FUNNY, was that I'd seen my landlady Gold Walker (whom I've had several wonderful discussions with since our BIG MISUNDERSTANDING of ten days ago), go to enter her apartment next door as Cable Guy and I began discussing, but STOPPED and standing behind the tall, dense bushes that conceal so much of her porch (I could see the top of her head), and as we were FINISHING, she popped up to exclaim, "You know they say that 'If the Lord don't WANT YA, the Devil's gonna GIT you!!!'"

Well, Gold is a TOTAL supporter of Donald Trump, and I've given up on trying to convince her he is a total GOD HATER. While marijuana is indeed medicinal, she and I actually like to "cook with oregano", instead-ish, but while Gold is at it "like smoking cigars" from first waking up until retiring at night, I like about ONE TENTH as much, and I eat Italian late at night, typically.

I find oregano LOWERS one's IQ significantly, while ENHANCING intuition, artistic comprehension, etc.

So, once again (in a FAR more civilized than usual way for Wilmington), I was being BULLIED (gently), by a WHITE SUPREMACIST CHRISTIAN WOMAN!!!

I GENUINELY look forward to the day after the election -- so we can BEGIN TO HEAL and find COMMON GROUND. I'm into HEALINGS, not punishments (in most cases).

And my GREATEST wish about the election is that WHOEVER wins, it is by a WIDE ENOUGH margin to be OBVIOUS, and NOT invite a lot of Legal Challenges -- like in 2000.



PS: Did you SEE Michelle "The Beard" Obama speaking somewhere today about Trump's HATRED of WOMEN???

She did GREAT -- but it doesn't change that Reverends Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright ARRANGED her marriage to "that little homosexual", so she's a TOTAL HYPOCRITE as NO self-respecting WOMAN would get into a relationship like that!!!

There's BIG PAY-OFF in Clinton/Emanuel/El Chapo Guzman DRUG PROFITS, that she wants -- so LET HER HAVE IT, no??? She's performed WELL in the White House Drama for eight years, now!!!

It's BETTER than the country turning NAZI under Trump/Pence -- who will continue US Government narco-trafficking, anyway. It's just the SPOILS that will be divvied up differently depending on who wins.

In order to PUNK the "lying bitch", Lady Gaga's designer put Michelle into a CLASSIC American Toilet-Bowl Dress for her last major State Department Dinner a month or so ago.

And it was Joseph Faulk who FIRST brought this to my attention -- LOL!!!

Looking at Michelle, I feel drunk on the floor hoping to pull myself up over that cold white porcelain rim -- to relieve my upset stomach -- right INTO HER DRESS!!! 


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