Saturday, October 29, 2016

After I Swore Out a "Communicating Threats" Warrant for Haston Caulder, I Eventually Talked Him into Vacating My Apartment and Turning Himself In (but so far, he's 45 minutes late getting here, and hasn't begun to travel the half hour bike ride):

Judge Jay Hockenbury heads New Hanover County Superior Court, where this is NOT LIKELY to end up.

And when I called to find out what he was doing, he said he had had to go charge his phone and had NOT begun the bike ride from Rose's Department Store on Carolina Beach Road. So he spent all that time, and his phone STILL immediately ran out of battery power, so he was doing something else. And he sounded PRETTY STONED on taking too much of his prescribed drugs.

After he had tried to bribe me with sex with him, earlier, (see:, to stay here, he called me half an hour after that promising to do this thing and that thing if I let him stay another 1.5 weeks -- and after the sex promise, I got so FREAKED that he was getting less and less rational, that I immediately went to the jail to see the Magistrate to swear it out. After all, Officers Wells and Simpson had insisted I swear out the warrant.

At the jail, the front desk guy was most impressed with my knowledge of CORRUPTION of top Wilmington Politicians, Law Enforcement Officers (but I really DON'T include Sheriff McMahon), and Christian Churches, which everyone agrees is the BIGGEST problem in town.

And then the Magistrate (having been previously a Public Defender, and she and I LOVE Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo, whom I credit SAVING MY LIFE!!! But of course she knows ALL ABOUT D.A. Ben David's corruption -- ALL Public Defenders tell clients NOT to use their professional email as Ben David has access to ALL CONTENT OF ALL EMAILS to the domain -- meaning he can real ALL official emails to/from Judges, Defenders, and others whenever he wants (at least he could back in 2011 - 2012 -- that MIGHT have been fixed)!!!

Jennifer Harjo


Haston called me AGAIN, slurring his words some, and claimed he had just talked to some police and they ran his name through the computer and he is coming over to get his tent to hide for when he is released from jail, and appreciates that I will store his things for up to a year, and he will sign the "tenancy release", but has decided to turn himself in tonight at the Police Station.

When he got here, he called from downstairs, asking me to let him in, and I said, "Use your KEYS, silly!!!" which he did and when we went back into his room -- where I had packed the large bag as per his earlier instructions -- even offering the $23.00 cash I have on hand to put on his Commissary thing in jail -- since he only had $20.00 this morning and no longer the about $600.00, since he said he'd turn himself in to his Probation Officer Mike Martinez, Monday morning.

He read the release and said it is perfectly fine, but he WILL NOT SIGN IT or give me the keys until tomorrow, when he will have the SAME OFFICERS that he called to come here this morning (who recommended I swear out the warrant), and THEY will arrest him and get him a "Free Bond" -- which those two specific officers have done in the past several times -- so he doesn't have to go to jail and he won't need my $23.00 at all.

So WHERE did he get money so he doesn't need ANY -- even for a meal or two???

And he grabbed his full bag, and said that is ALL he wants and not to bother storing the rest. When he got to the DOOR, he claimed he had just talked to Dustin Goldsmith (who is in jail according to jail records online), and they are going to have me arrested for sexual harassment.

And then I saw that after he left the building -- his KEYS he left in the living room -- and then he came back up (a woman is in process of moving in, so the outside door was open), banged on the door saying police told him he has every right to stay here for a MONTH, and the right to break down the door to get in.

I said, "Go ahead -- break it down!!!"

He did NOT, but argued for a while outside the door to my apartment, then after a few minutes left since I did not respond. He THEN claimed Police told him there was NO WARRANT and he would have me jailed for claiming there was one. This was all rather unnerving (and I WISHED I had some medicinal pot for stress -- but I don't), and after a goose chase of calling both the police station and the magistrate (who did not answer or have voice mail), I again called the police and was told that she can't tell me about outstanding warrants, but after checking some things said he's just LYING and to call immediately if he shows back up and they will arrest him then.

She said this level of threats and lies is NORMAL in Wilmington!!!

I got so many additional threats via text from him, I texted back what she had said and he called me a liar and texted more threats.

And now my phone seems to have quieted -- LOL!!!

>>> ADDED LATER: Through all of this, Haston claimed he had found some "Christian friends from "The Anchor Church on the Barge", and that Rev. Philip Chryst and the rest of them had all been "praying together much of the day", and I guess DEAR OLD JESUS had delivered the answer of how to deal with me -- because he claimed THEY told him how to handle me -- LOL!!!

Rev. Philip Chryst is Pastor of the Anchor Church, and is ON the email list of to whom I send ALL blog postings, so is HEREBY WARNED that I intend to find a way to IMPRISON HIM as an accessory to DRUG TRAFFICKERS -- and SHUT DOWN his GOD-HATING CHURCH!!!


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