Saturday, October 29, 2016

Haston Caulder III Called Officers Carlton Wells and D.G. Simpson to Our Apartment TWICE This Morning in What They Must Have Logged as a "Domestic Dispute" -- and OVERALL, I COMMEND How Professionally They Handled It!!!

Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous-- LAUDED by the Democratic Party City Government for his GREAT WORK (protecting Drug Mafia like Mayor Saffo and Dem. Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris), smoked CRACK daily in a house owned my the uncle of a friend of mine in 2011 and 12.

I even TOLD the Officers today about how Wilmington Police had MURDERED Evan Fish in September 2011 -- and Sheriff's Deputies CONFIRMED THAT (and the Wilmington Star News covered it up!!!) 

-- because Evan knew ALL ABOUT how my former co-worker of 20 years Lee Gosney at (a website this blog FORCED off the internet last spring), but Patrick Stansbury's OTHER website still remains up:

This the THIRD of Patrick's Mug Shots for arrests for selling, or distributing marijuana during the years I worked for him:

And Lee Gosney distributed the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB -- from Maine to Florida, but ESPECIALLY to Christian Churches and Politicians of BOTH Parties in WILMINGTON, which was WHY Evan had to be KILLED!!!

I also told them I work with Colin Powell's people and others to BUST top Politicians and "Religious Leaders" here in Wilmington.

Anyway, the Officers said all of that was irrelevant to the situation, and I just wanted to give CONTEXT why I am slow to trust Police, here -- and FRANKLY, they told me to SHUT UP about Ralph Evangelous's CRIMES, and I replied that there is Freedom of Speech in the USA, and if they don't LIKE what I say to just get in their cruiser and go somewhere else!!!

This prompted them to take an aggressive stance, so I moved to within four feet of the taller of the two (I believe that was Mr. Wells), and MIRROR his stance -- LOL!!!

He told me to BACK OFF, and I said I wasn't that close to him, but when he repeated himself, I realized that he didn't know I have NEVER hit anyone in my life and he was in no danger, and given my 6' 11" height, it WAS scary to him, so I did.

And I need to THANK my readers who made my last posting about BOTH Ben David's and his REPUBLICAN wife, Stephanie David go nearly VIRAL overnight!!!:, SURPRISING ME, because an earlier posting, yesterday, was MORE full of info, and it was ALMOST as much hit:

ALSO surprising, is that this email I sent to the staff at UNC Chapel Hill after I learned that Mr. Stansbury is now SELLING AD SPACE in Carolina Scientific, is the SECOND most popular posting of the last month -- and NONE of those contacts at UNC has blocked my continuing emails of blog posts!!!


>>> THIS JUST IN @ 2:54 PM: I just received a text from Haston: "I just had a drink." -- and I replied immediately: "No blow jobs for YOU!!!"

Haston claimed again this morning that he ONLY likes sex with men if he's been drinking.

A few minutes later, I got the following text from Haston -- which I did NOT respond to: "If I wanted it u would do it."

First, let me say that I eventually agreed with the officers TWICE that I would NOT evict Haston without going to Court for now -- and allow him to use my furniture which was in the room, but we ALSO agreed that I could take the Memory Foam mattress that "Testosteroni" had mailed from NYC for Dustin Goldsmith to use, but Haston put it ON TOP of the two mattresses on his bed and had even REFUSED to allow Tom Ford to use it, Tom then having to sleep in the CHAIR, since he was not interested in sleeping in my bed with me.

As I pointed out to them, "Haston is a little OLD to be playing 'The Princess and the Pea'":

OK, the best news is that I have Officer Wells's email address, so I will include him in my emailing this to my 170+ Press and other contacts, so he can let me know if he disagrees with any of it -- and then I can consider that, and correct the record on this blog.

I ALSO hope he then relaxes and sees more of the HUMOR in it -- and of course passes it on to Officer Simpson, who at ONE point began rubbing both of his temples and I APOLOGIZED that they had had to get involved -- he getting a real HEADACHE!!!

Also, to take off some of the "Dramatic Pressure", after I told them about Haston's FIXATING on digging up Dustin Goldsmith's GUN -- and his THREE THREATS to my life (one in the same conversation about the GUN), one of them said I REALLY should go SWEAR OUT A WARRANT for Haston's immediate arrest for "Terroristic Threats" (or similar).

At the TIME, I thought that since I'm not dead and it's three days later, I could NOT get him convicted -- but NOW realize that using THAT logic, the only ones who could file those charges would have to be DEAD, so I've decided if Haston isn't out by this evening, I'll go to the jail and swear it out.

I also told them that if Probation Officer Mike Martinez were DOING HIS JOB, we would have heard from him by now -- Haston and I BOTH leaving Martinez voice mails for over 24 hours about how BAD things have gotten -- and I'd also let Martinez know that Haston had smoked marijuana four days ago -- which he DENIED to the cops, but ADMITTED AGAIN to me as soon as they left, also claiming that HE would tell that to his P.O. first.

At a couple of points, Haston told the Officers that he HOPED they had RECORDED all of our conversation, and would tell his P.O. (I did not even notice if they had body cameras or not), and one of THEM said, "I'm not so sure you want your Probation Officer to HEAR that we had to come out," which I assume means it is more PROOF he is not able to function in Society so needs his Probation REVOKED.

And then after they left the SECOND TIME, Haston turned to me using a contrite voice, and said he will do EVERYTHING to be out today or tomorrow, and I said, "I'll believe it when I see it -- THAT IS WHAT YOU CLAIMED LAST NIGHT, so that I would let you stay LAST NIGHT!!!"

Thinking MORE, I said, "And you claim you can stay here indefinitely if you pay rent and don't get arrested, but you are TWO DAYS LATE paying rent -- and have not even OFFERED to pay it!!!" He responded that because I'd been an ASS, he no longer has to pay rent EVER -- but a few minutes later, he came to my room offering me a twenty dollar bill, and I said $125.00/week divided by seven -- and we need to go day-by-day under these circumstances -- is about $35.00 for the two days so far, and I will NOT take less than fully what you owe me.

He said he had NO MORE MONEY than that, on him and including in the bank

"So," I said, "you consciously and deliberately PLANNED this BIG BS DRAMA and never intended to pay any more rent!!!" Last week, AFTER you paid me the rent, you showed me the FIVE $100.00 bills still in your wallet plus others as well, then the NEXT day you told me you put THREE of them in the bank and ALWAYS carry $200.00 in case you accidentally violate Probation, you will have money in your JAIL ACCOUNT.

WHAT happened to all of THAT???

And he said that he has sent some money to his sister in Charlotte, and had to "pay for a couple of things".

>>> IMPORTANT!!!: I found out that the REASON he has not gotten all his pay from his NOW ENDED job, is that they discovered that the Social Security number he gave them for his 1099 -- as self-employed contractor -- IS NOT HIS NUMBER, and they will not pay more until he shows them an "ORIGINAL" Social Security card, long ago lost -- and just checking, he does NOT have "proof of citizenship" -- nor anyway to EASILY get that.

And that does NOT explain what he did with his about $600.00 (plus money in the bank), that he had less than a week ago.

Then he went out and I soon got this text from him: (11:39 AM) "Sir im at library tryin 2 find a room to rent. have a good day."

I did NOT reply, and within one minute, I got a text from Tom JONES (I just realized I have been mistaking his name as "Tom Ford" in this blog this week), (910) 465-3303, "What up" followed immediately by a CALL from Tom. I answered, "Tom, I'm a little surprised to hear from you -- what's up???"

And no phone has EVER been hung up FASTER -- LOL!!!

So NOW, I'm waiting to see what NEXT happens -- and I DID leave a very detailed message for P.O. Martinez.



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