Thursday, August 25, 2016

The "Good News/Bad News" David Brothers Go District-Attorneyin' in the Lower Cape Fear (and sometimes shop at Costco -- leaving impressions -- as does Sheriff Ed McMahon)!!!

This unfortunate photo of them (D.A.s Jon David on left, Ben David on right) -- rather old now -- that I have used in the past to PROVE they snort cocaine (or did), was probably just a bad photo.

And right up front, I'll apologize to Ben David if the thought of appearing in this blog again gives him a tetch of the "willies".

I won't get into a lot of detail, but the last couple of months, I've been asking Costco Demo and "Real Employees" alike, if they ever see and talk to Ben and Ed -- what I heard of Jon, came just spontaneously and rarely.

Democrat Ben David is the D.A. here in New Hanover County, and his identical twin brother Jon is a Republican D.A. in Brunswick County -- just the other side of the Cape Fear River. They both grew up in Gainesville, Florida -- a city that in MY mind has no memorable character. Ben is more fit of body, and Jon is a bit squishy about the edges -- or where they were. 

So Ben is pretty well liked, and if anything, that is an understatement. Ed McMahon is just LOVED -- by the ladies, anyway, who often exclaim "Oh, he is just the NICEST man!!!" -- in the EXACT TONE they ALL -- Republicans and Democrats alike, fawn and near have an attack of the vapors, over President Colin Powell (who escaped).

And about half of those who are my age or older, add, "I just wish his wife hadn't talked him out of running . . . " This always takes me seriously ABACK -- not because of the content or style of what they say, but because I didn't KNOW who decided that. 

Col. Dottie Newman, whose Book Club in North Atlanta I was in for several months in early 2010, had been the Secretary of State's Chief Protocol (security) Officer and told me several times how she, the General, and Alma Powell sat around the kitchen table many times, debating the safety of a run in 2008.

And I didn't know that much -- that it was Alma who had had the cold feet!!!

You see, Dottie would NEVER have revealed as much -- not even to ME, and we had become like two peas in a pod -- with our outrageous senses of humor and hyperbole.

Dottie wore high hair -- just like drag queens do -- to diminish the size of her features.

Bette Midler: The Divine Miss M (circa 2015)

Simply DIVINE!!!

I haven't been able to google up anything on Dottie since about 2012. Her husband, whom she really missed, had died some years before, and had been the most decorated Army soldier of the Vietnam War. Dottie was close behind. And she had a body that seemed like it might "just go", I expect she's left us.

But most impressive to ME, was that when I spotted Gen. Russel Honore' at the top of a broad staircase in the Hotel Monteleone, nerve center of the 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, and called to ask him if he was he, as I climbed toward him, I told him I figured he knew Gen. Powell, and his Chief Protocol Officer Col. Dottie Newman, who had SAVED MY LIFE in 2010 -- by making clear that the Republicans and the CIA planned to murder me -- since their five attempts in one month (with help of my mother and sisters), to commit me to a mental hospital had been in vain.

You see, Russel's eyes LIT UP when he heard Dottie Newman's name -- and he reached right into his satchel and pulled out his book and business card, gave me them, and said we had to have a meeting -- to call.

But when I did, there was no time he had unscheduled until after I flew back to Puerto Vallarta. But we actually talked for five minutes that first meeting, and then we met by chance for another five-minute meeting. That was when I learned that Russel, long a resident of Atlanta, knew all ABOUT that Drug Mafia -- and the connection of the Kenans of Chapel Hill to Exxon-Mobil and the drug trafficking in Stone Mountain.

Of course Dottie had heard all about it from me -- or maybe she already knew. Army Security is DISCIPLINED -- at least for THESE of my friends!!!

ANYWAY, the point I ORIGINALLY planned to make, is that a Costco eye-glasses-fitter recently told me that D.A. Jon David had stopped in, selected a pair of glasses (I'm assuming men's), and asked if he could buy them with blank lenses. She said yes, but it would take a little time to put it together -- he wanted to walk out with them.

He could not understand that the logo and other printing on the floor sample could not just be wiped off, but had to be SCRATCHED, which messed the blank up. Confused -- still talking about just cleaning it off -- he put them back, and then left the store.

The above was meant to be a funny punchline -- the way I thought it out earlier -- but is BORING. The point, however, is that she had not been sure if it was Jon or Ben, but knowing how damn SMART Ben David is, it had to be Jon. Ben is smarter than anyone else I've met in Wilmington (I think -- with possible OTHER competition from the Discovery Group when I was in it in 2011 -- at First Presbyterian, where Ben is an Elder), and he would have gone to a store OUTSIDE his jurisdiction to get a disguise to go undercover (which Jon was actually doing).

Or has Jon gone out "trolling for men or women"???

I have gone back and corrected the name of "Testosteroni's" landlord. It is Renpak A. Ecurb, and while I'm at it, it is time to reveal Old Testo's REAL NAME: Kluaf C. Esoj. Someone needs to reach beyond the grave and spank BOTH the "naming mothers".

1. NO word yet from the Travelers Insurance Adjuster for the City/County who should call me by tomorrow. If I don't hear Monday, at latest, I'll call Bonita Carr.

It's about this

2. STILL no word on my appeal to the Social Security Agency, after they first turned me DOWN to leave Benefits Management, Inc. to manage my own benefits. They'd said it would take a month at most, and it's been three weeks beyond that, now:

3. No reply from Rev. Charlie Lee of First Presbyterian:

But I saw Freddy Sutherland working the other day, and looks like he doesn't plan to be a nuisance again, so CHEERS!!!


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