Monday, August 8, 2016

(After a Little "Streamlinin'"): My Letter to Rev. Charlie Lee of First Presbyterian, Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

Donald Trump, streamlined



Rev. Charlie Lee

>>> HAND-DELIVERED to the receptionist at 4:15 PM, with instructions that since Rev. Lee is on vacation, that someone else, high up and familiar with my history at First Prez should read it ASAP.

Reverend Charlie Lee
First Presbyterian Church
125 S. 3rd. St.
Wilmington, NC 28401

August 8, 2016

Dear Rev. Lee,

I hope this finds you and your family well. Something happened today that I think you should be aware of – although I don’t want to make too big a deal of it. I am writing you, since you are the top minister of those who were serving the congregation when I was a member of First Presbyterian in 2011.

I see no need to go over my history with your congregation – it is all documented quite well in my blog, which has now had nearly a million hits – but since this DOES relate to the issue of homosexuality, just today, I see that your marriage application ONLY has place for brides and grooms – one each – so I assume your congregation voted AGAINST allowing gay marriage at First Presbyterian, which is not funny at all considering that at that time, 85 or 89% of Presbyterians supported gay marriage by the church, so your congregation is WAY out of the “Presbyterian Line”, and I don’t know what you really qualify as, but probably NOT as a Presbyterian Church.

But then, Donald Trump claims to be Presbyterian, and he is WAY out of line with Presbyterianism, too.

Funny that as so many congregants told me, former Pastor Ernie Thompson fully SUPPORTED gay marriage – and perhaps that’s why he had to move on. But Ernie told me the WAY he kept First Presbyterian Lily White was by telling black folks who were interested of his support for gay marriage – and that always ran them off, they being (generally) more hateful than white Christians. Ernie ran off an older black couple while I was a member – a retired full Army Colonel and his charming wife – and then BRAGGED about it to me.

How many black and Hispanic members do you NOW have?

So first, I want to thank you for the basic, but utilitarian, bookshelf I retrieved when Freddie Southerland was throwing it out by orders of Gary (his brother, I suppose). Since my return from Political Exile in Mexico with Colin Powell’s help – and picking up Gen. Russel Honore’s help as well – I have noticed that your grounds are even better cared for now, so I salute the hard work of BOTH the Southerlands!!!

I now work with far HIGHER Law Enforcement to bust White Supremacists and Narco-Traffickers, especially elected and unelected Local Officials of BOTH Parties – as well as the many narco-trafficking Christian Churches (people abandoning churches so fast they HAVE to find money to survive, somehow – and in talking with Wilmingtonians, they all put special blame for the hatred on First Presbyterian, St. James Episcopal, and First Baptist, the one on Kenan Plaza), and I even seem to be getting on well, now, with your Elder, District Attorney Ben David. 

I should mention my dealings with others of your elders and deacons. Charlie Boney and I got on GREAT, and ditto Dennis Decker. Judge Lindsey Luther is an absolute criminal and I expect to have her prosecuted rather soon. And former deacon Judge Jeffery Noecker violated many Laws when I was in his Court, and although I never had dealings with former deacon Beth Dawson, Head of the County Commissioners, it is sad that her husband was arrested last December in South Carolina soliciting prostitutes. I guess that is why Ms. Dawson is no longer a deacon, huh???

To the matter of today: I mentioned that I thought my two new roommates – and I live right across 4th Street from the back of your properties with a GREAT view of the “Six-Foot Kenan Cock” and Kenan Steeple, which is AWESOME up-lit at night!!! – could be used by these guys that I got out of living homeless in the woods for an extended time. I mentioned to Mr. Southerland that they both have been working full time and one actually already had a date with a DECENT woman – quite a feat for the impoverished!!!

Freddy immediately replied – and he’s known for years that I’m gay – “Well, thank God he’s straight!!!” And not one to take insults from hateful fake Christians, I told him to FUCK himself, and he replied that I should FUCK myself – in the same loud volume, and it went downhill from there – and RIGHT ON THE PUBLIC STREET.

Now, we have been neighbors now for nearly a year, and it will continue, so why not just put out the word to your employees – and perhaps to your congregants – not to spread their Christian Hatred in public like that. Keep it in sermons and Sunday school classes. I have NOT picked verbal fights with those passing me from your church – after the first month of living here, anyway, and I have NOT picketed your church for Narco-Trafficking and White Supremacy as I have threatened to many times in my blog.

I think a cooler, saner approach is better – CERTAINLY better than when my own wealthy Kenan Family with First Presbyterian at center caused the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection. I DID find Elder Lindsey Luther’s husband Evan Luther posted on his Facebook page the need for “God’s People” to take guns and murder everyone else. I have to assume this is First Presbyterian’s current “Christian” philosophy, and I WILL be escalating to picketing on Sundays if ANYTHING like Freddie Southerland’s ugly outburst happens again.

I’m sure you will recall, that in summer of 2011, for two months I was the volunteer caretaker of your Biblical Herb Garden, and even today, I sometimes steal a small wand of rosemary from there – being careful to not harm the shape or health of the bush.

Well, all best as you continue to find Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson’s replacement. I loved how honest Ernie was with me, even telling me we could NOT have sex because of his commitment to his wife – as is entirely appropriate. One makes a commitment and sticks to it!!! And I had NO IDEA at that time that Ernie had interest.

For the record, during the writing of this letter in Word, I had to FORCE my computer to power off, because my lovely HACKERS had completely jammed it up and caused it to paralyze. I guess I’m pretty good at telling the TRUTH, or they wouldn’t oppose me so forcefully, no???

All best,

Scott David Kenan
Wilmington, NC 28401

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

"Six-Foot Kenan Cock" atop Kenan Steeple


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