Wednesday, August 24, 2016

This Afternoon, I Initiated My Claim Against the City of Wilmington, North Carolina (and had to "bitch-out" "Testosteroni" AGAIN!!!)!!!

David Nash of is who and whose actions we spoke about the most:

I thought I had an eye-doctor appointment mid-afternoon, but when they called right after lunch to remind me of it TOMORROW, I printed off my letter -- actually only to Pete Peterson, now sole owner of Manufacturing Methods, LLC, where Mike Pence spoke this afternoon -- and snail-mailed it, deciding to drop by the County Offices and at least see Bonita Carr who handles the City's Liability Claims, and make an appointment.

My letter to Mr. Peterson:

I prefer to meet everyone in PERSON, so they can see my demeanor, body language, etc., and understand my seriousness. And I have to say that EVERYONE I spoke with in the County Offices seemed very friendly and "Service Oriented". Fortunately, Ms. Carr had about twenty minutes to spend with me, and I outlined a lot of the situation, but had to give so much background of my own, my immediate family's and my wealthy Kenan relatives' background and credentials, that we didn't have time to get into too much of the crimes various City employees committed against me. I assume the D.A. and District Court Judges are actually State employees, so that might be another action I need to bring.

But Ms. Carr really impressed me with her ability to focus and she quickly distilled that the biggest of my problems had been the false charge of "Cyber-Stalking" that David Nash brought against me.

David Nash, a prominent member of First Presbyterian (which his law office is next door to), was well-enough connected (in crimes, Christianity, or that specific congregation), to LIKELY have engineered ALL the crimes of many in that one Court case.

Let's look at WHO screwed me who is also prominent at First Presbyterian:

1. Of course Benjamin R. David, the District Attorney, is an ELDER -- and while I told Ms. Carr I knew Ben's long-term lover Lee, who had to flee after I blogged about him, the important thing here -- and I could see she IMMEDIATELY picked up on the Legal Significance of Ben David keeping me in jail (the first time was for about two months, which caused me to AGAIN be homeless, since it forced me to have no income and all the rent and utility expense), but not just THAT TIME, but the other four times the D.A.'s Office had me arrested and jailed -- HE NEVER HAD A BIT OF EVIDENCE AGAINST ME.

So it was unconstitutional/illegal for me to be in jail, and Ms. Carr ALSO saw how seriously illegal/unconstitutional it was for Ben David to make the deal for me to leave the State for a year and then he would wipe my record clean -- which he did.

It is unconstitutional for Law Enforcement to even BRING CHARGES when they have NO EVIDENCE (which the Assistant D.A.'s all were leaking was the situation), to say nothing of even bringing false charges in a KNOWING WAY, then KEEP those charges on the books with NO EVIDENCE -- and effectively FORCE ME to leave the State.

I have PERSONALLY made my peace with Ben David, but he could be in very serious Legal Jeopardy over all of this. That is for Legal Authorities to decide, not me.

2. Judge Jeffrey Noecker was a Deacon there then, and he worked in COLLUSION with a City Detective who sat with Christopher Wright Rogers (my one-time roommate who with his girlfriend Cindy Beatty also living with me, had stolen materials from my files by request of City Detectives -- and Cindy and Chris told me that the detectives PAID them to do it (illegal), and that Ben David had ALSO paid them to give HIM info. Chris told me he narco-trafficked with one of the priests at St. James Episcopal, as well.

But that detective -- and no one told me who he was until I asked him later -- acted as Chris's lawyer and CONSTANTLY told him what to say in response to Judge Noecker -- except when Chris was briefly in the Witness Chair.

Chris sought and got an unwarranted Restraining Order against me, claiming I threatened him all over downtown, but I ran into him only once or twice after I kicked him out of my house, and never had but a few words with him, and it was always peaceful. 

But the Drug Nuts had gotten me KICKED OUT of every downtown business (coffee houses, mostly), that had wifi (so I couldn't BLOG!!!), and Chris's (and the City's as well), intention was to BAN ME from the downtown Library and the Cape Fear Community College Library -- which they SPECIFICALLY demanded that I ALWAYS be banned, whether Chris was there or not (where Chris said I'd threatened him -- even though even to TODAY, I have never set foot in it), and I was able to convince the Judge that Chris and I never saw each other in those Libraries, so since we all but never ran into each other -- and it was the CITY DETECTIVE who was coaching him to say we DID, it was actually the City, not Chris, who was in charge -- probably dropping some of the charges Chris had against him in exchange for doing the City's DIRTY DEED.

In fact, Chris had TOLD me that that was one way Ben David paid him for information. And I STILL POSSESS the business cards of at least two of these detectives -- and have blogged their names, previously.

3. Of course Judge Lindsay Luther is an Elder now too, but she only violated my rights in 2015, when I sought Restraining Orders against Mormon Church Narco-Trafficker Jennifer McCracken and Anthony Humphrey (who lived on my 6th floor of Carolina Apartments, then). After telling OTHERS in her Court that it is absolutely ILLEGAL for her to combine two cases, she combined my two R.O. cases and then dismissed them -- when Anthony Humphrey never even SHOWED IN COURT, so I should have gotten that one automatically!!!

BACK TO THE NASH CASE: Judge Chad Hogston -- whose fairness I was VERY impressed with when I've seen him in Court -- did the unthinkable: Not only did he say NOTHING about the fact that what was claimed that I did both on the filing and in Court had NOTHING to do with the charge of Cyber-Stalking, so the case should have been THROWN OUT, but I was shivering VIOLENTLY after being held in a freezing Court House holding room from 9:00 AM until nearly 5:00 PM when I was called, so LOOKED insane in my too-short jail clothes, but while my first Defender Emily Zvejniecks told me that John Mann had agreed to testify FOR me (he had shown me how he does International Narco-Trafficking on the computer in "The Gay House", run by 3rd Vice Chair of the Democratic Party -- now -- Ryan Lee Burris -- as well as had me accompany him as he delivered Adderall all over Wilmington (which I stopped when I learned what was happening), John Mann showed up and sat on David Nash's side.

Emily Zvejniecks even ADMITTED she had been warned of that ahead of time -- but FAILED TO REMEMBER TO TELL ME UNTIL I SAW JOHN COME IN AND SIT -- immediately behind David Nash.

In any case, not only did David Nash and John Mann perjure themselves in Court, but Assistant D.A. Lindsey Roberson kept claiming that DOCTORS said I was Bipolar (when my own doctor of eight years had claimed I had NEVER shown signs of it and took me off psych meds in early 2009). It was CLEAR someone had gotten instructions from my mother on that one!!!

And Ms. Roberson ALSO claimed that there was a Felony Warrant for me from Georgia for regular STALKING that PROVED I was a menace. That warrant supposedly by Sean Hannity of Fox News's close friend Christal Presley (also friend of my mother and sister Jane), but there was no reason for such a thing, and later I learned it DID NOT EXIST!!!

In the end, Judge Hogston told Emily Zvejniecks that he "appreciated" her Freedom of Speech and of Press (my blog), part of the defense, but he judged me mentally ill, so for THAT reason convicted me with Probation so I could be FORCED back onto Lithium Carbonate!!!

David Nash must be VERY RICH and POWERFUL to be able to corrupt all those people, no???

And of course MANY of them were City of Wilmington employees.


And when I called "Testosteroni" in New York (who sent a FOURTH box of goodies today -- so, so far about 15 clothing outfits for Shake and Darrell and nearly a convenience store of snacks for THEM, not for me (as Testo told me), and NO ONE knows the importance to me of getting these Legal Matters settled more than does Testosteroni. I told him all the good news -- since it appears to be going VERY well so far, and he said, "But what I want to know is what does Shake's Probation Officer look like -- is he cute, FAT???"

And I HUNG UP on his ugly, Christian-like Ass!!!

NO ONE hates God like North Carolina "Christians"!!!



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