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More on Yesterday -- and Some on Today!!!

Jennifer Harjo from Wilma magazine, April 2015

In my opinion, Jen looks BETTER than this, but this is the most recent photo of her I found online.

Yesterday, as I passed the Courthouse, I saw the back of what was obviously Jennifer Harjo, who was speaking with a couple of other people -- her back to me. FINALLY, I had run into her, so I walked up -- hoping she would turn and see me to prepare her, but she did not. I'm sure it must have been startling for her to hear my voice when I was about ten feet away, but as I recall, I saluted her for her work defending me, she remained calm and perhaps wondering WHAT my "crazy-butt" self might say or do in her professional space, so she remained "lawyerly", throughout.

I took my cue from THAT (see -- I HAVE become "better" in public), briefly thanking her for what I called "a practical solution" to a complicated situation -- and we should leave it "just like that".

FINALLY, she actually smiled, and we both returned to our own business.

And speaking of LEGAL THINGS, I just chanced on the scan of my mother's hand-written notes from 1978, before I was committed to Ancora State Mental Hospital in New Jersey, showing Mom's interest in Lithium Carbonate causing "chemically-induced diabetes" -- which was not used on me excessively to cause that -- but Mom DID use it to with help of a Veteran's Hospital in Lower Mississippi -- DOUBLE DOSING of it -- on a false diagnosis of her brother, Robert J. Meyer, DDS, to kill him in conjunction with the doctors there -- because my cousin Janet "Jan" Meyer, had married the JEW, Kim Opperman.

And I don't mention this as often, but Uncle Bob had been going to college basketball games to ogle the young men in skimpy uniforms -- and in fact, Uncle Bob TWICE admitted to me that he was gay -- including one time while I worked for Tennessee Williams, and we drove to South Bend to see one of Tennessee's friends. The other time was when he and I were visiting my parents' home at the same time.

And for the first time ever (while searching in vein for a photo of Uncle Bob on the internet), I found his obituary -- MOST of it LIES (in the Catholic/NAZI way)

Obituary: Dr. Robert Meyer

Jan. 17, 1925 - July 15, 2007

Jan. 17, 1925 - July 15, 2007

July 18, 2007
SOUTH BEND - Bob Meyer was born Jan. 17, 1925, and grew up in Brookville, Indiana. He passed away peacefully after a lengthy illness on Sunday, July 15th, in William Green Veterans Home, Bay Minette, Alabama. He served in the Navy during WWII. Afterwards, he attended IU School of Dentistry and practiced dentistry for 36 years in South Bend. He was popular and respected by many loyal patients and retired after a successful career in 1987 to South Alabama to be with his wife Patricia and family. He was an ardent supporter of Notre Dame football and loyally carried the Irish colors deep into the heart of Dixie. He is survived by his wife Pat and their four children, Jan Opperman, George Meyer, Karen Murray and Kristin Harris, and seven grandchildren. His loving nature and good humor will be sadly missed by family and friends. A graveside memorial service will be held at a later date in Brookville, Indiana.

I shall have FUN in a few minutes emailing this posting to all the MEYER NAZIS, as seen here:

My attempt to get CNN to investigate Uncle Bob's death went ENTIRELY ignored!!!:


At Benefits Management, I learned that the check for my car insurance had in fact reached the insurance company, and Teri gave me an image of its actually having been deposited by them.

This means that since the check to Carolina Apartments for my August rent (which never came back in the mail), HAD TO have been received by George Cutter and Tomi Matheson -- proving one of many of their easily proven PERJURIES in our hearing with a Magistrate last Friday. We'll soon get notice when that case is ACCELERATED to a TRIAL BY JURY!!!

When I was younger, we referred to Jennifer McCracken's type as "Diesel Dykes"

And this is so important in the matter of Jenny's filing "ex parte" for a Restraining Order against me -- next hearing is this Friday!!! -- that I am re-posting her latest comment to this blog -- with a few notes:

WAIT!!!: I just found this fresh comment from her, sent at 4:40 PM, today -- and considering her promise of using Pentagrams and Grimoire (book of magic spells and incantations), I assume she is a DEVIL WORSHIPPER!!!

Too bad I don't believe in the Devil, so makes no never-mind to ME.
[The Weather Continues . . . ] New comment on PEACE in at Least This "Temporary Time"!!!. 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " PEACE in at Least This "Temporary Time"!!!": 

Pacem cum te 
Hass and Zorn 
Hate and Anger reborn. 
I summon the Queen of Sorrow 
To make you feel regrets from tomorrow. 
No one will hear your cries now. 
Choke on your lies Now. 

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OK. Here is the FORMER most previous from Jenny, and reading it more closely, I see that she SEEMS to be admitting she was doing MUSHROOMS last night -- not drinking!!!

>>> ADDED @ 10:40 AM EDT, 8/19/15:

[The Weather Continues . . . ] New comment on PEACE in at Least This "Temporary Time"!!!. 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details Posted at 3:16 AM -- under influence of MUCHO ALCOHOL, apparently -- LOL!!!

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " PEACE in at Least This "Temporary Time"!!!": 

Lets take this to the People court. No good you knowing the judge and all. Fucking cheater. WE CAN BE ON TV. Maybe we can get out own reality show. Sweeeet Carolina apartents. Why don't you get us asome a big abail of wed from you stupid famly if they got so much dnareko stuff goingon. Man am i ever trippin. you should come over and siton the blcony its soooooooo cloool out hwre. I took one many two mush i thnk sleeppppy now okay pumpkin come ovr caus i;m kinaa want g man...... jus nok an i't opn. kkkk 

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1. Jenny is NOT afraid of me to have set her camp back up on her "balcony" -- actually the top of a FIRE ESCAPE, as seen here, and LEFT HER DOOR UNLOCKED for me to enter!!!:

2. Yesterday, I ALSO ran into some firemen, and asked about the FACT that my email to the Fire Inspector CAME BACK UN-DELIVERABLE. They said it was VERY IMPORTANT that I go to their HQ to give the evidence of this -- and that my apartment door has a lock that from the INSIDE needs a key to unlock.

They said these were MAJOR violations of Fire Safety Laws, and George Cutter would likely get STEEP FINES!!!


Jenny is best to withdraw her request for Restraining Order, this Friday. Even showing up might put her at risk of NUT-HOUSE Commitment!!! My own filing for Restraining Order against Jenny, comes to Court on August 28 -- and is based in TRUTH!!!

I checked today with the Post Office, and my request to have the HATE NOTE investigated WILL be followed through on, but they did not know WHEN -- but it no longer matters. I am prepared to have Jenny's filing THROWN OUT (or extended until mine can go into effect), because of Jenny's provable PERJURIES in asking for it -- which will RIPPLE INTO the TRIAL regarding my EVICTION, whenever IT comes up!!!


I ran into a youngish, hot male -- who appeared to be a producer, or other DECISION-MAKER at WWAY TV-3 here in Wilmington, this morning, and telling him all about the local corruption (which he seemed WELL AWARE OF), he smiled and said that as soon as I prove something in COURT, he will send a news crew to interview me IN DEPTH!!!

SURELY there is a NEWS HOUND in Wilmington who would like to get a HEAD START over WWAY and ABC, no???

Or are all the actual-straights and FAKE straights just too afraid of li'l ol' SCOTT DAVID KENAN???

Time will TELL, no???

But it's running out . . .




[The Weather Continues . . . ] New comment on More on Yesterday -- and Some on Today!!!. 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " More on Yesterday -- and Some on Today!!!": 

I got no problem getting rid of the R order. I'm not even scared of ya. I just did it because you called me a couple names and that aint nice. so just come over and we'll get high. Don't even need to talk just sit and relax, Have a beer and Chill Winston. Know what I mean. Court is expensive and I'd rather keep the dough for pleasurable things, court anint pleasurable for nobody. Just keeps the suits in business is all. come over faggot and lets be friends again. ;) 

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