Tuesday, August 18, 2015

PEACE in at Least This "Temporary Time"!!!


I did take a few-hours nap after getting home from dinner and a walk around town, about 7:00 PM. At that time, looking at the dirty dishes for the day -- they were all from YESTERDAY, and I had had nothing to eat all day or drink (except three mugs of coffee), until AFTER my filing papers in Court.

The process of filing for a "Restraining Order" against Jennifer McCracken, and an appeal of my Eviction from Carolina Apartments (I chose the "Trial by Jury" option -- seeing how the plaintiffs had bamboozled the Magistrate with their emotionally delivered LIES UNDER OATH, aka PERJURIES), took about two hours, overall, due to even the employees in the Clerk of Court's office finding all the legalese, some parts payable by debit card or approved check from Benefits Management -- and others having to be cash, which I fortunately had in my bank account and withdrew the cash at a nearby bank -- VERY confusing.

I DID ask if, given the EASILY proven PERJURIES -- in both Jenny's SWORN complaint against me for her earlier Restraining Order, and the testimony of each and every person on the Plaintiff side (Carolina Apartments), if Carolina Apartments -- facing a JURY TRIAL, so not easy to overwhelm twelve people with lawyers present, etc., could simply WITHDRAW their petition to evict me, and I was told ONLY in Court at Trial and ONLY if the Judge allows it.

At first, I was relieved and could not imagine they would not opt for that -- which I would not oppose. But thinking about it, I would try to INSIST on the trial proceeding -- so that we could get understanding of HOW Jenny McCracken knew about Colin Hamilton's murder in Puerto Vallarta (and much about my activities when I lived there), Del Shores's need to have someone beat me up -- if I attend his one-man show in Chapel Hill this weekend (both these people involved in International Narco-Trafficking), and many other matters -- like Jenny's saying after the seance/purification ritual of me in the basement of these apartments, that I would, after recovery, emerge smart as a COCONUT!!!

I would also like Tomi Matheson and George Cutter to explain WHY they thought Tomi's note to all residents did NOT violate several laws -- and HOW Tomi works seven days/week. Is she a METH ADDICT???

In any case, the appeal was easy (except for the payment options of different parts of it), and my conversation with a Judge for him to decide on the "ex parte" request I'd made, was LONG and FAR-RANGING -- including my disclosing Jenny's selling me marijuana and offering other drugs, my experience, that in Mexico, at the Mexico/US Border, at the Creek "Indian" Reservation in Alabama, and with General Russel Honore' -- ALL knew that the wealthy Kenans in Chapel Hill were the country's largest supporters of White Supremacy -- which is no secret around this town at all -- but I don't think the Judge had been aware that the Kenans in concert with the Episcopal Church, CIA, FBI, and US State Department run all the the International HARD DRUG narco-trafficking -- primarily for the profit of the Republican Party (especially the Bush/Cheneys), but including Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, etc.

The Judge, especially and very specifically, sought answers to WHY I felt I needed immediate protection, since I had no knowledge that Jenny had a gun (or similar, displayed weapon), used to threaten me -- and silly me bragged about having out-smarted Drug Mafia who'd held me hostage in Mexico, some having armored cars and automatic weapons!!!

Of course, realizing this, I knew he would not grant it -- and Judge "Laser-Focused Intellect" did NOT grant it.

The funny thing was that since he was black and about 6' 4", he reminded me of Judge Faisson -- whom I'd had a few minutes FUN discussion with when I was homeless in 2011 (the same night I had the discussion with Mayor Saffo in his SUV) -- but he wearing a ROBE, I didn't really recognize him, and thought he might be someone new, and I completely forgot that during our entire conversation.

And after we finished and I was waiting for the decision/write-up, a woman came in and addressed him as "Judge Faisson", so I cracked up, and said, "Hey Judge -- I believe we actually MET in 2011," and he replied, "Yes, it was on Fourth Street."

The stinker knew who I was all along, but had behaved ENTIRELY PROFESSIONALLY THROUGHOUT!!!

Am I NOT more Blessed by God than anyone you ever heard of before???

Also, I then had to go to the Sheriff's Office, next door, to give practical info on how they should give Service. THERE, there was a permanent stage with GIGANTIC seal of the Sheriff on a back wall, totally THEATRICAL lighting, framed by curtains -- all BLOWING MY MIND!!! It looked EXACTLY like the set where the Wizard of Oz bamboozled Dorothy and her friends -- with that giant illusion of a FAT HEAD.

And with the exception of one of the several Deputies hanging out there (who acted QUITE hostile to me), every other person loved my whispered -- actually NON-SECRETS -- of how Ed McMahon PROTECTS narco-trafficking in this town -- and specifically the unloading of powder drugs from mini-subs under Snow's Cut Bridge. Mostly I spoke about these things with the clerks. 

I REALLY can be BAD -- when the occasion demands it, no???

>>> Judge Faisson's comments in the form:

5. Defendant obtained a restraining order against Plaintiff in 15CVD2750. Defendant continued to contact Plaintiff by social medium. Plaintiff desires for Defendant to cease and desist communication with him. Plaintiff stated to the Court that the parties have effectively stayed away from each other.

(Then checked, is "The plaintiff has failed to prove grounds for issuance of a temporary no-contact order.")

7. (on back side) "Complaint for temporary no-contact order is denied, but this matter will be scheduled for hearing."

Hearing Date: 8-28-15, 9:30 AM, Room 302.

AND, returning, I found that Jennifer McCracken has NOT again sent emails or commented for blog (although she is allowed to) -- since the wee hours, as already posted on this blog.


>>> ADDED @ 10:40 AM EDT, 8/19/15:

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Hitchenteimpo to youshow details Posted at 3:16 AM -- under influence of MUCHO ALCOHOL, apparently -- LOL!!!

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Lets take this to the People court. No good you knowing the judge and all. Fucking cheater. WE CAN BE ON TV. Maybe we can get out own reality show. Sweeeet Carolina apartents. Why don't you get us asome a big abail of wed from you stupid famly if they got so much dnareko stuff goingon. Man am i ever trippin. you should come over and siton the blcony its soooooooo cloool out hwre. I took one many two mush i thnk sleeppppy now okay pumpkin come ovr caus i;m kinaa want g man...... jus nok an i't opn. kkkk 

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