Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Meanwhile, the SANE Wilmingtonians Are Continuing to LAUGH OUR ASSES OFF -- as Jennifer's Comments for This Blog EXPOSE More and More Narco-Traffickers for Gen. Honore's and NC Attorney General Cooper's Investigators!!!

Mexican-American girl practicing gymnastics on Kure Beach, recently.


1.I just returned from Costco, where I first ran into a top New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputy (recently retired, and former top US Military Officer), who knew all ABOUT Sheriff McMahon's protecting the mini-subs' delivery of powder drugs under Snow's Cut Bridge  -- as well as everything I've claimed about corruption of Police Chief Evangelous, former NC Senator Thom Goolsby RUNNING the local narco-trafficking for his CLOSE FRIEND Thomas S. Kenan III and the Episcopal Church/CIA.

He also knew about District Attorneys Ben and Jon David protecting it via CORRUPTION of New Hanover County Court with help of Republican Judges Sandra Ray, Noecker, and Hogston -- and that Wilmington has been for YEARS the largest water port for importation of Illegal Drugs.

What he DIDN'T know, is that it was SET UP in the 1980s and 90s by my parents, William Scott Kenan (now deceased), and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now of Raleigh.

I MET him while we both looked at NEW PRINTERS -- mine suffering damage in moving from Mexico -- but I spent so much on filing papers in Court yesterday, I can't afford to buy a new one until I get income next Monday.

I guess this doesn't actually belong under this heading, but Jenny sent FIVE more comments in the two hours I was away, tonight, including this one, the LAST I will publish. I'm just egging her on -- she seems ADDICTED TO FAME (or infamy)!!!:

[The Weather Continues . . . ] New comment on More on Yesterday -- and Some on Today!!!. 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " More on Yesterday -- and Some on Today!!!": 

your not printing this stuff out are you. to use against me. Cause if you are i'm doing the same thing we can have a pile of notes as proof. I'll get tomi to tell what she knows about you being dangerous even to your own self. I got two witnesses say you are threatening me with Libel insults and they're printing stuff out too. Somebody got a photo of you creeping around trying to be small pretending you're Private eye or something. They seen ya from the forth floor cept Barry's got a camera that sees pretty far, even at night. So I got proof too buddy boy. I went to that perfume shot and the lady said you was rude and she don't want you in the store. So if she comes to court. Just be like one more person like the Java dog people to say they don't want you round no more. Jenny from services, lot of people know her and she'd just as likely lock you up too. To get you stop bugging her too. Nobody likes a wise acre and you're asking for it now. I gave ya a chance to settle the score amicalbly now you just stirring the pot again. 

Mark as spam 

I don't know who Barry is, but I'm sure they have opened a file on anyone in Carolina Apartments named Barry -- or will as soon as I post this on blog, where my colleagues get the info. I'm very OUT IN THE OPEN, no???

The "perfume lady", as I reported toward the bottom here, had a file opened on her the day I first posted this (if not earlier that I do not know about): 

Who is "Jenny from services"??? Do you mean a woman working in Sheriff McMahon's org to process or deliver COURT Services??? What power does this Jenny have to lock me up???

While it is TRUE that the Republican Judges have accepted "Libel" (meaning "libelous", I presume) insults as having LEGAL MEANING, all lawyers and other judges know that if something is LIBEL or SLANDER, one must prosecute a Defendant for one or the other of those -- otherwise they mean NOTHING in Court.

There is absolutely NO CRIME in people not liking anyone -- or in being a "wise acre", silly!!!

Anyway, none of this means a thing since I have texts from you in which you admit to drinking alcohol -- and earlier today, you admitted you NEVER were afraid of me anyway, but took out the restraining order out of SPITE!!! (for which the LAW allows me to sue you for monetary damages -- and Perjury will land you in jail).

Virtually everything you claimed UNDER OATH in your original complaint, you have admitted in texts, emails and comments to this blog -- WERE LIES!!!

So, like Huffington Post declared three weeks ago, they would NOT report more on Donald Trumps's campaign, since it taps everyone's frustrations -- yet is mostly lies and impossibilities -- but they HAVE resumed reporting because it is SO FUNNY, I will not post any more of your comments regardless how you send them.

But I ADMIT, I might have to resume if you give away MORE identities of NARCO-TRAFFICKERS -- and their connections to YOU!!! Also, if you get drunk or TOO HIGH on marijuana or mushrooms again -- and are FUNNY, I couldn't resist publishing THAT!!!

2. Some actual GOOD NEWS for Cutter/McCracken: I later ran into a guy in a Wilmington Fire Department T-Shirt -- who explained to me that in North Carolina, it is LEGAL to have to use a key to leave a house or apartment in a PANIC, although the Fire Department wishes that were NOT true, the Police Department likes it for being safer against intrusions.

But when I told him I had photos of your two chairs staying on the Fire Escape the whole time I have lived here -- and George Cutter clearly approved of it -- he said he'd have one of the Fire Inspectors over to write Mr. Cutter up, first thing in the morning.

BUT I explained that my blogging scared you into removing them, and I didn't think anyone cared about your wind-chime or hummingbird feeder still out there. So he is NOT sending anyone out -- unless I tell him anything has changed, for the worse.

I DID tell him exactly where to keep an eye out on the South side of the building.

3. The ONE thing I forgot to report about, yesterday, is that I ran into Ryan Lee Burris and his betrothed, Wes Taylor, at Village Market at Dock and 2nd Streets. While Wes SEEMS totally cool with me, and we had a GREAT talk the whole time Ryan (who is very cool TOWARD me), was in the store.

Ryan Burris with his most recent boyfriend, James Elks -- who admitted to me he was one of Wilmington's largest drug dealers.

I think Ryan has never told Wes about his narco-trafficking connections -- or that I have saved the proof that Ryan Burris SLANDERED ME, which I so far decline to prosecute him for. Wes is EXCITED to have very recently signed a contract to work FIVE YEARS technology for a PHARMACEUTICALS COMPANY (what else, no -- LOL!!!), at very good pay.

As you can see, Wes Taylor has a LOT to think about!!!

But after they drove away, RYAN had gotten WELL-KNOWN narco-trafficker Curtis-the-former-DRAG-QUEEN, who works there, so WORKED UP over all I am doing to DESTROY their business, that for the second time in a row, he over-charged me for cigarettes (which I paid and saved receipts) -- this time over-charging even MORE than last time!!!

Curtis Thompson now has a BUZ CUT.

And Kathleen, now married and moved to a different state, CONFIRMED to me what was going on with Anna Berry and other narco-traffickers in the William Rand Kenan, Sr. House at 110 Nun Street -- where Mr. Thompson always hung out.

110 Nun Street STILL looks like a DRUG HOUSE -- and Anna Berry BRAGGED to me how she planned to run actress Linda Lavin and her husband Steve Bakunas OUT OF TOWN -- which she did (but Linda made up other reasons -- not wanting to look afraid of the DRUG MAFIA)!!!

Steve Bakunas (an actual correspondent of mine), with Linda Lavin on the Kenan Auditorium stage at UNCW.

That's all the GOOD NEWS -- for tonight!!!


Meditate on how this "doll's house" must have been bought for a disabled orphan -- by townspeople who loved him.

408 Dock Street



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