Monday, August 31, 2015

First Presbyterian. Wilmington, NC, (not just the Devil), Wears PRADA!!!


1. I'm waiting for DEA Agent Franklin to call me so we can schedule an appointment, to debrief me not just about drug dealing in Carolina Apartments, but in the larger world as well.

2. I picked up my check for rent at Benefits Management, and Teri had also cut a check for my partial-week's allowance, clearing out my account, she apparently forgetting that I asked her to just skip it for this week, and resume next week -- but that's OK.

3. The elevator at Carolina Apartments is out again, and my heart disease has been acting up again (bad edema in lower legs, ankles and feet are the symptoms -- but none other, like dizziness or shortness of breath), and I just learned that it was a jamming of a pet leash, and the Otis Elevator man just has to arrive and reset the safety controls, and it is not actually broken and should be fine by dinner time.

4. I had a great conversation with Tomi Matheson and her boyfriend, and said I'd be willing to work out a deal to move if we can agree on the financial terms that would be fair to all, because it is more than clear that Jennifer McCracken and Anthony Humphrey won't let me live here in peace -- and they had lied to me about what she, Tomi, had said about me -- and likely to them about me and what I have said.

I also told her the DEA was very interested in the activities of a couple of people living on this floor -- all indications being that they are well connected to interstate and international narco-trafficking, not just local, and that two of my tires had been slashed -- right before I went to court to get restraining orders against them. Tomi asked if I knew who did it, and I said no, but I know who had MOTIVATION.

And it turns out Tomi has been working mostly at the other property and had NO IDEA of the legal and other things going on between the three of us on this floor. 

Mr. Cutter called me about an hour ago, and we agreed that if I find a place before the end of September, he will give me a pro-rated refund and the deposit back -- assuming I leave the apartment in the condition I found it -- no problem -- and I told him I would not sue over any of the improprieties, some of which broke laws, because of his "Generosity of Spirit" -- and as a writer, I'm RICH, now, in Carolina Apartments stories.

I also told him of my conversation with the Fire Department and Jenny's chairs on the Fire Escape, as well as the DEA's interest in Jenny who appears connected to international trafficking.

Cutter said that they REALLY never received my rent check -- obvious by my reaction in the hearing that he SHOULD HAVE -- and Tomi told him I had never asked WHERE Benefits Management should mail it. I did not do THAT because Teri at BM had said that she'd had several who lived here and had the address in her computer already. And Mr. Cutter, who has owned the building since the 1970s, and managed it most of those years, himself, said he's NEVER gotten rent checks from Benefits Management -- and why would he lie about that???

The Post Office and the new hire at B.M. who wrote notes that meant the OPPOSITE of what I asked her to tell Teri might be the problem -- but then back in 2011 and stories I heard of this place a few years ago before Tomi was hired to manage, were that it was FAR less safe and full of criminal activities of ALL kinds -- including a WHORE HOUSE in what is now Jennifer McCracken's apartment, with guys lined up in the 6th floor hall, waiting their turn!!!

That, under Cutter' personal management, so I suspect he is at the heart of the problems., and he must have been told he had to clean it up, which is when he hired Tomi and her boyfriend.

And for SOME reason, Anthony Humphrey -- who works his electrician job rain or shine every weekday, did NOT go to work today.

5. Then I ran into Jenny McCracken in the hall and gave her a genuine "Hello", then caught myself, and she said it's OK to be friendly, in fact it's OK for us to talk, so we did for at least five minutes.

She said she always liked me and was sorry about someone slashing my tires -- and again claimed she is NOT Christine Hitchens. Now while there is TONS of evidence that she IS Christine, "Christine" has so many literary voices -- two of which PERFECTLY mimic disgraced NC State Senator (Republican) Thom Goolsby and Third Vice Chair of the County Democratic Party, Ryan Lee Burris -- she COULD be telling the TRUTH, and someone is clever enough to make it look like it HAS TO BE her!!!

She did nod when I said she had told me she was diagnosed Bipolar, and then said that she always got in big trouble when she was drunk. And again, she claimed she gave that up with help of AA some time ago, although I've seen her drinking at least two times, and drunk as a skunk several more times. I told her I didn't care about small time drug dealers of any kind, but hunt "Big Game", and she said she's given that up too, now, and doesn't even smoke pot, so I told her how to get friendly with "the brothers", and walking around town she could help destroy evidence of illegal plant material of better quality than SHE had ever sold.

She got a kick out of that.

Additionally, I have learned that Ryan is the webmaster for the County Dem's website, and besides being Head of Cape Fear Equality (which he has twice told me he will put meeting dates in their calendar online -- but STILL has not done so), is ALSO Head of local Stonewall (gay) Democrats, shown to meet at his house on South 5th Street, "The Gay House", where SEVERAL self-admitted narco-traffickers have also lived -- and many local politicians were claimed to me to have frequently partied. Point being that Stonewall Democrats ALSO have NO MEETING listed in their calendar!!!


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YOu got that right at least. Now you're catching on, swifty. I don't think many will be glad to have you though. Do you have any references? Do you have ANYBODY that will vouch for you. 

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I'd go so far as to say they might even pay you to leave. I'd ask for more if I were you. Think about it. How much trouble would you be saving everybody. It's got to be worth a couple hundred at the very least. You could actually make out this way. Move in, cause shit, have them pay you to leave. Somebody might catch on that you got no references, but there are a lot of stupid/ gullible people in this world. I mean they let you in right? 

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The things I told you were supposed to be private, dickhead. 
Now I for sure don't want to talk to you so please just go the other way if you see me. I will try and avoid you too, to be fair. But I don't want to speak with you again. You are not to be trusted on any level. Okay? 

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I, Scott Kenan, agree to avoid Jenny and not speak to her -- except a friendly "Hello", should we pass each other. Had Jenny TOLD me she wanted our conversation today to be PRIVATE, I would have AGREED and NOT posted it.

There are SEVERAL people I have this agreement with and I have NOT violated it!!!


Republican Judge Lindsey (McKee) Luther

I did get copies of Judge Luther's findings in the two Restraining Order matters from Court this past Friday, and she wrote in NOTHING about findings, simply checking on both that I had not proved anything, so they were dismissed.

She ALSO made no note that she had COMBINED them to try them together -- the OPPOSITE of what she had claimed to several in other hearings that day was ILLEGAL under North Carolina Law.

And to her CREDIT, Jenny ALSO said she thought Judge Luther was WAY OFF BASE in her finding in favor of the woman with the hair knot, whose estranged husband and lawyer proved time after time was lying under oath!!!

So, it ALL seems to track back to First Presbyterian, with District Attorney Ben David an Elder there, and Republican Judges Noecker and Luther having served or serving as Deacons.

Donald Trump is a Presbyterian

America's FAVORITE Presbyterian Presidential Candidate!!!

Trump's slogan of "Make America Great Again" is really a cover for "Make America White Again." Hate and prejudice is built on ignorance and fear and no one has...
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And it ALL tracks back in Wilmington, North Carolina to lawyer David Nash who brought false charges against me in 2011, and when I ran across Mr. Nash in Costello's (gay) Piano Bar -- which he had owned in 2011 when I blogged about the pot smoking on the back deck (not that anyone cares about that), and the drug sales -- there -- and the bartender's LARGER drug dealings that he spoke about there.

Then the night Marriage Equality passed the Supreme Court, I ran into David in Costello's and he REFUSED to bury the hatchet, saying he would do "whatever it takes" to deal with me the way he sees fit.

David Nash's law offices,, are next door to First Presbyterian where David is a PRIME, but rarely attending, member. I will deal with David Nash, in LEGAL WAYS that I see fit!!!

Mr. Nash looks more ghoulish than even Thom Goolsby!!!

Even as a baby, I had WIDE OPEN EYES (and Dad looked like Sal Mineo, no???)!!!




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