Monday, August 31, 2015

Good News for Wilmington's First-Presbyterians -- and White Supremacists and Narco-Traffickers in North Carolina, in General!!!

>>> HAVING JUST HAD A CIVILIZED DISCUSSION WITH TOMI AND HER BOYFRIEND: It is CLEAR that Jennifer McCracken and Anthony Humphrey lied extensively to me about Tomi's involvement in ALL of this -- and probably to Tomi and Mr. Cutter about me and MY involvements. Please disregard the below about Tomi, but I leave it as a valid theory based on what I thought was true this morning. 8/31/15 1:33 PM

I'm not naming Tomi's boyfriend -- because I have never had a problem with him -- but on the right is Tomi Matheson, and the last two weeks an amazing number of people have found my blog by googling "tomi e. matheson", which I have just confirmed includes her corrrect middle initial.

Tomi works seemingly around the clock on the two apartment buildings owned by George Cutter, having NO TIME to make or maintain any friends AT ALL -- so it is her DRUG MAFIA connections people are researching.

The OTHER surprise, is that a blog posting detailing how evil "Testosteroni" (Joseph C. Faulk, Jr. of NYC), is,, has been very high in popularity the last couple of months, and its also interesting in that it REMINDS ME that the first thing I had intended to do when I got to Wilmington, was to resurrect my manuscript detailing my PRE-2010 experience with American Psychiatric Care, fun-titled, HYPERGRAPHIA: The Adventures of a Psychotic Giant , edit it, and then publish it electronically, but the DRUG FAGGOTS and BITCHES have had me too distracted to get to it. And the last few days, the ONE of my past psychiatrists I actually fully respected, now practicing in Florida, is being googled as well.

If you DO check out that posting, it is one in which I had changed the names of Jamie Lee Sutherland of Wells Fargo Advisors in Chicago, Daliah Saper of Saper Law, LLC (and talking head on Fox News), and one of her subordinate lawyers -- doing EXACTLY what Jamie and the subordinate lawyer told me would GUARANTEE they would not take me to Court for LIBEL, but they all double-crossed me, and then charged me with LIBEL -- without ever serving me, EASILY provable -- and tried me in absentia, TOTALLY un-constitutional.

And the Court Order to collect the UBER-INFLATED damages for a person just getting over homelessness, which they assured me they were aware of and would not try to do in ANY case, was not BELIEVED by, who sent me notice they would SUSPEND sales of my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams:

 . . . UNTIL they got CLARITY on the copyright ownership -- Amazon did not TRUST the Court Order. Bank of America acted on it as if real, but lied to me REPEATEDLY about HOW they were served it, making that HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS, and Google Blogger did NOT BELIEVE IT AT ALL, and REFUSED to shut down my blogs, copyright to EVERYTHING I EVER blog and the entire -- as well as every email I EVER WRITE UNTIL I DIE ON RELATED SUBJECTS awarded to Jamie -- but he couldn't collect!!!

And Jennifer McCracken has BRAGGED in her comments, recently, to this blog which I have published, that SHE bullied Google into killing my various gmail email addresses -- including, which was NOT part of gmail at all -- but I had allowed Google to know its password.

And it was Jeff Duncan, who interned under First Presbyterian ELDER, and FAGGOT narco-trafficking Wilmington, NC District Attorney Benjamin R. David while Mr. David brought EIGHT false charges against and had me in jail five times in 2011 and 2012, who was employed by Daliah Saper WHILE she pulled off that stunt of prosecuting me for LIBEL.

Ben David will likely soon be in jail longer than ANY of the other crooks (possibly excepting former Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby, Police Chief Ralph Evangeous -- for the drug dealing, but also the MURDER of Evan Fish, my friend -- and Sheriff Ed McMahon, for protecting the mini-subs unloading powder drugs under Snow's Cut Bridge.

And here's the KICKER:

Even "Dog-Butt Jesus" won't be able to save them!!!

Even when I just arrived in Wilmington, the majority of local people I speak with are FED UP  with Wilmington narco-trafficking -- and KNOW which politicians and others run it and profit it and DESTROY CIVIL RIGHTS -- and I include Conservative Christian Republicans.

The WHOLE SYSTEM is ready to crash around them, and they have so isolated themselves they seem not to have a clue it is happening.

>>> OK, THE LATEST FROM JENNY MCCRACKEN (sent to this blog, overnight):

[The Weather Continues . . . ] New comment on New 
comment on Now That Psycho-Jenny Has Stopped Y.... 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " New comment on Now That Psycho-Jenny Has Stopped Y...": 

Everything is worse with an shit disturbing asshole around. Admittedly there always seems to be one, you're just the latest greatest version ot it. 

Mark as spam 

First of all, I THANK Jenny for correctly identifying what I am disturbing as being nothing but "SHIT"!!! And Jenny is the local Mor(m)on Queen of shit.  -- but TOTALLY ALLIED with First Presbyterian and their load of SHIT white supremacist, narco-trafficking Elders and Deacons, like Judge Lindsey Luther, whose husband, Evan Luther, is a Detective with the county Sheriff, and LEADER of the Race War that these DEVILS are planning!!!

BOTH of these I got from Evan Luther's Facebook Page, and both RECENT postings:

First 2150 Likes, 1230 Shares, 211 Comments, Have A Chance to Win!

And just yesterday, he posted the "Tea-Party Kermit" graphic:

This is a PROMISE that First Presbyterian plans to be a LEADER in the RACE WAR, and since Thom Goolsby sponsored and got passed North Carolina legislation allowing CONCEALED WEAPONS IN CHURCHES, which NO CHURCH worshiping God, not the Devil, would have the least interest in, churches in North Carolina are arming to the TEETH for their RACE WAR, and First Presbyterian has a HUGE labyrinth in the basements in which to hide them. I've explored those basements.

Well, I decided yesterday that I will see if George Cutter would be agreeable to returning my deposit so I can move out, hopefully, by the end of September, the rent I will pay to Courts today.

With luck, it will be SOONER, and he can pro-rate unused rent of September. This will be MUCH better for him, than if we go to JURY TRIAL, but I wasn't to run this idea by the DEA Agents here in Wilmington first -- before I contact him about it.

There are TOO MANY neighborhoods in Wilmington who would LOVE to have me move into them -- and I don't need the distractions of DRUG MAFIA trying to harm me, here.

And they don't WANT me.



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