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New comment on Now That Psycho-Jenny Has Stopped Yelling at my Do....

The Face of Cupid, Ms. Jennifer McCracken.

And she has sent another comment for all of us to enjoy!!!

New comment on Now That Psycho-Jenny Has Stopped Yelling at my Do.... 

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " Now That Psycho-Jenny Has Stopped Yelling at my Do...": 

I think your cars on fire. 

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Now what WE used to say making crank phone calls in the mid-1960s, when we were in early Junior High, was "I'm doing a survey, and we would like to know if your refrigerator is running."They would always say ,Yes, and some of them would not be on to us, so it was SO MUCH FUN finding those whom we completely surprised, saying, "Well ya better go run after it!!!"

Anyway, since I can't communicate back to Ms. McCracken, I don't get to hear the punch line!!!

BUT, speaking of things regarding fires, look what I discovered this afternoon on the top of Carolina Apartments' Fire Escape -- Jenny McCracken's little CAMP is back but in Jezebel Scarlet!!!

I NEVER thought she'd leave a chair out again -- although maybe sit out there now and then, bringing it back in -- after the Fire Marshall said he'd come right over and cite Mr. Cutter if it happens again!!!

Well as much as I would like to sic the Fire Marshall on Mr. Cutter, who would then take it out of Jenny, I'm for HEALINGS not for punishments, so I'm posting this photo now and will give her two days to get her act back together or I WILL call the Fire Marshal in!!!

I think she bought a bright red chair, hoping to catch the eye of Judge Judy (I know, you can find her real name in recent postings, but I made my point about her, and she deserves a break from me).

Must be FULL ESTRUS!!!

I can NOT believe I just typed that -- I'd better go to church and CONFESS!!!

This photo gives you its "Old World" feel. Basillica Church of St. Mary's

>>> WELL I RAN RIGHT INTO FR. BOB KUS in front of St.Mary's Basillica -- with just swarms and swarms of Mexicans and other Latinos. I felt so AT HOME (and tall)!!!  I had no idea how happy I would be to see him -- and he to see me. I nut-shelled my recent adventures and current pursuits as he was finishing his pastoral greetings, and he said Sister Mary Isaac is on sabbatical until mid-September, but she'd love to see me then.

And I spoke Spanish with Mi Mexicanos for ten minutes and then walked a huge loop at least five miles long, soon enough running into groups of brothers and extended black families putting out the fixin's for big family gatherings -- tons of them -- and I always seemed to end of being the center of conversation, as I had everyone laughing on the ground almost  -- as if they were all Esther Rolle!!!

And everyone was offering me beers (but it was too early and it would just put me to sleep), but when just with the guys, I helped them destroy evidence of an illegal plant -- VERY PATRIOTIC!!!

And that was just the FIRST group -- I didn't feel the desire after that.

And of course there were cool white people sprinkled in the black communities. At one point, I met, alone and passing, a retired military officer -- a little younger than me -- who was TOTALLY into my schtick, and we kept shaking hands and my barometer was really being to to STIR!!!

He gave me his address, and wants me to come by to visit.

I even ran into the cool guy who had a high-end antiques shop down near the river, but was liquidating in 2012. And he, his friend, and I talked for about half an hour, and I spinning my tales into highly entertaining rhetoric, keeping them rolling, and I KNOW I can write best-selling non-fiction!!!

Now he is the kind you might peg as a "One-Percenter", but knows ALL about the Kenan secrets -- and corruption of local politics -- and loves what I'm doing.

Some black brothers, young guys who obviously like to party, but not with drugs stronger than simple plant life -- and the kind you don't think of of having their nose in a book, told me I need to write BOOKS and THEY would buy and READ THEM.

And then I saw Jenny's Chair up there, and it reminded me of Tennessee Williams's original title for A Streetcar Named Desire -- Blanche's Chair in the Moon. So I image-googled it, and it this is the best image that came up:

Now, I only think of Jenny as A Tennessee Williams Character (but unlike any I've known, before).

And then I just now found THIS comment, that Jenny sent only four minutes ago:

 New comment on Now That Psycho-Jenny Has Stopped Yelling at my Do.... 

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " Now That Psycho-Jenny Has Stopped Yelling at my Do...": 

Way to go Jenny.!!!!! Everybody gives Jenny from the Block a big rousing cheer. 

Fuck Scott Kenan. 

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Oh well, I hope they have a lot of good LUBE!!!



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 comment on Now That Psycho-Jenny Has Stopped Y.... 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details
Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " New comment on Now That Psycho-Jenny Has Stopped Y...": 

Stay off the God Damned fire escape. Stay in you little hole, writing your nonsense and leave the judge out of it. People have the right to go outside and get some air don't they? Without you threatening them with Marshals, you Bully. When you were on your walk about being king of Wilmington did you threaten to call police and fire marshals? Who died and left you in charge of public safety? We were getting along as well as we are now without you. 

(Inadvertently Ms. Husk-Dry Wah-HEE-nuh, had admitted I DON'T MAKE THINGS ANY WORSE -- LOL!!!

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It's HOW BIG???


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