Sunday, May 20, 2018

Email Just Sent Secured Server to the North Carolina Justice Center!!!

North Carolina Justice Center
PO Box 28068
Raleigh, NC 27611

May 20, 2018

Dear Director Glazier or Other Interested Person,

My name is Scott David Kenan (yes, I am related to but politically opposed to my wealthy relatives centered around Chapel Hill), and I live in Wilmington. I have been receiving your emails for some time and have decided it is time to let you know part of my story of being “persecuted” in North Carolina by those who hate Justice -- and typically are in the illegal drug trade. I having endured a recent false commitment to a mental hospital, and many false arrests and even convictions, which I FORCED local District Attorney Benjamin R. David to VOID, but he STILL (with others), refuses to prosecute those who commit crimes against me.

I am a political blogger (legally Press), with 1.3 million hits to my blog,, so far – not bad for not being a celebrity or having a platform of organization I work for or represent. I am 66 years old and 6’ 11” tall. In fact, in the 1967 edition of the book The Kenan Family, now available online via UNC, I was promised a basketball scholarship to Duke, but got a brains scholarship to Denison University – a math/science wiz, who ended up with a degree in Art. I won a US State Department contest before graduation, and my art prints were sent to 30 Embassies and Consulates around the world. I have founded businesses and was the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams.

And in 2010, my memoir which established me as the authority on the last two years of Mr. Williams’s life, Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams,, was scheduled as the featured hard-cover release by Alyson Books, spring 2010, but was cancelled for mysterious reasons. And in 2013, after I had published it via Amazon, D.A. Ben David of Wilmington with Daliah Saper (a lawyer and Talking Head on Fox News, Chicago), and a Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago, exec, Jamie Lee Sutherland, on false charges, charged me with LIBEL, never served me (I then living in Political Exile in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with Col. Dottie Newman’s help – she a good friend and was Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer while he was Sect. of State), then I was tried and convicted in absentia, and while Jamie asked only for $50,000.00, he was given half a million dollars, copyright to my book (that Scott Rudin and the producers of all the Harry Potter films were looking at to buy movie rights), and to every blog-posting and email I write – until I DIE:

In fairness to D.A. David, he has TWICE promised me since then to get that VOIDED, but he can’t do that in Illinois, and the Courts Inspector told me that since I have proof of never being served, I can easily get it voided – but must go to Chicago and be prepared for Continuances, which I can NOT now afford, and that is not why I am writing, but I wanted you to understand I have had a LOT of trouble from Politicians, Law Enforcement, and Judges here in Wilmington and elsewhere – and from BOTH Political Parties, although I remain a registered Democrat.

Anyway, in 2017, when Wilmington Attorney Bruce Mason fired me on apparent command of Kenan Family Member and Attorney Barbara “Bonnie” B. Weyher of Yates, McLamb & Weyher, L.L.P., of Raleigh, their firm representing Time/Warner, now Spectrum, whose truck knocked me 12 feet out of a crosswalk in front of City Hall and the Courthouse here on February 13, 2017, and left me to fend for myself (and in a financially desperate condition), after I had sent word to Mayor Bill Saffo that I was walking to his office to demand the full Police Report on the murder of my good friend Evan Fish on September 5, 2011 – because he knew too much about my former employer of 20 years in Georgia supplying Politicians and Christian Clergy and Churches in Wilmington with hard drugs.

So, although Bruce Mason and several other lawyers and even prosecutors told me I should get $20,000.00 to $40,000.00 (the pain lasted about six weeks, but I recovered), I was forced to accept $2,500.00, and hope to soon re-open that. Mayor Saffo NEVER released that report, and in fact, I soon met City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark in Mayor Saffo’s office, and he – knowing what had happened – told me he HOPED I got a dog and it was hit by a vehicle too. This was witnessed by Saffo’s Admin, Dawn Grants.

This is only a small portion of what I have endured in two countries, but to get back to the current concern: Beginning mid-December of 2017, I began blogging about a few of the other tenants in my apartment building (with four apartments), selling drugs. No one really cares about marijuana, and my doctors in both Mexico and the USA have recommended I smoke a little now and then for stress reduction, but harder drugs seemed to be part of it here. The property manager, Jonathan Deputy, came over and physically threatened me, told me he would evict me, or at least run me off if I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop and I remain here.

Then he began Cyberstalking me, spreading that I am a child molester, never even knew Tennessee Williams, and that he could steal the copyright to ANY books I write – just like D.A. Ben David had done. I have all his emails making this plain, and the Magistrate said I had a “slam-dunk” case after she read them. The day after I filed that charge, Jonathan Deputy had me committed to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital (previously known as “The Oaks”) on false claims that I would shoot him or others with a gun.

It took ten days to get out, and I discovered that that Charge had been VOIDED while I was in. Mr. Deputy claimed he had “protection”, and that if I wasn’t careful he would re-commit me, but I re-filed, and for just short of two months, now, Sheriff Ed McMahon has REFUSED to serve him.

So I am not sure what to do. On my 66th birthday (June 16, 2017), I was accosted by David Alan Young outside a restaurant here, who pushed me backward with his fat belly and claimed that the Bible demands that Christians MUST kill all Liberals and “Faggots” like me, and he would hunt me down on the streets of Wilmington (I’m 6’ 11”, so easy to spot), and shoot me dead with his gun that he normally carries everywhere. For two months I rarely left my apartment.

I was able to file charge of Communicating Threats, but when we got to Court and I REFUSED to go to arbitration unless Mr. Young paid me $2,000.00 for my trouble, which he refused to do. I was then told there was a Warrant for my Arrest, and that I would go directly to jail at the end of Court that day, but it proved to be a year-old bogus Summons, only. Also D.A. David and Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo REFUSED to help me in any way, so I dropped the charge, figuring Mr. Young had at least learned a lesson and would NOT bother me again.

When I went to Court for that bogus charge, Judge Lindsey McKee (previously also Luther), assigned a Deputy to guard me in Court – even though I have NEVER in my life been violent, which ALL the Judges and others know, I have been in Court so many times. I was arrested five times in 2011 and 12 on eight charges, and D.A. David was LATER forced by my Public Defender, Jennifer Harjo, to VOID ALL OF THAT – because he had no evidence at all against me. It all began because I blogged about seeing large and small drug sales in prominent attorney David Nash’s (big at First Presbyterian where D. A. Ben David and Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther are or were Elders), Costello’s Piano Bar (no longer operating).

In 2015, the Admin for my second cousin Robert C. “Bobby” Kenan, an attorney in Burgaw, told me that since I had annoyed David Nash, I would NOT be able to get a lawyer this side of at least Charlotte – but probably have to go to Asheville – and in fact, while Bruce Mason initially repped me against Spectrum, he soon FIRED ME, but did tell me EVERY Republican and MOST Democrats in North Carolina are completely controlled by the Ku-Klux-Klan-loving wealthy Kenans – and TWO Magistrates I’ve had business with here have confirmed that.

On a completely separate matter in Georgia in 1990, I sought Legal Advice from James Graham Kenan (brother of Frank Hawkins Kenan), who sent me to his nephew Gregg Loomis who is still alive and a bestselling author as well as attorney. Gregg told me that the wealthy Kenans hate only Jews more than they hate “Niggers” – and that has PROVED to be TRUE!!! I include Thomas S. Kenan III, whom I’ve corresponded with and whose old boyfriend I dated in 1985 – LOL!!!

Now, I know you don’t give Legal Advice or refer people to actual help, but I thought you should at least have record of what the Kenans who put Trump and Kenan lifelong employee Rex Tillerson into power do to CORRUPT Justice and the US Constitution. Should you like to help me, I would give you a generous split of any monetary rewards – to help your organization. I AM associated with the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke, where I discovered their leadership knows nearly NOTHING about the Kenans who fund them!!!

I will also send this via email to your Press office, and include a link to my 230 Political Contacts, none of whom block me – except the two in Mar-a-Lago Security have blocked me for about a week now. Also, although I do not want to be accused of “harassment”, I will be sure Jonathan Deputy gets copy of this, because I talk behind NO ONE’S BACK.

My recent Letter to new CIA Director Gina Haspel which includes the proof of delivery as well as links to many Letters I have sent others (Sessions, McCabe, Tillerson, Sen. Richard Burr, etc.). I just want to be sure that when all this CORRUPTION is cleared up, we can PROVE IN COURT whom I gave FAIR WARNING to – I’m just a GOD-LOVING PATRIOT through-and-through, and also of Mexico!!!

Thank you for your consideration – and for promoting a BETTER FUTURE for our North Carolina!!!

Scott David Kenan

Wilmington, NC 28403

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


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