Saturday, December 9, 2017

My Letter Sent to North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein -- and Copied to a Few Others:

William Rand Kenan, Senior, was the ONLY Confederate credited with breaching Washington, DC security and taking a clear shot at President Lincoln. He MISSED -- but killed Lincoln's Aide.

There was just something about his EYES . . . 

Yes, I know it's been snowing -- even in Hotlanta -- but with this photo I bid Fall farewell for 2017.

Attorney General Josh Stein

Attorney General Josh Stein
9001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-9001

December 9, 2017

Dear Mr. Stein,

I hope this letter reaches you – unlike my letter of September 10 of this year, which I'd sent via your secured-server form. You never responded, and I suspect that Traitors in your organization kept you from receiving it. I published it here on my blog, and it was VERY popular, so many people think you really DID get it:

You and I actually met at a planning/strategy meeting of the New Hanover County Democrats, early fall, 2016. The fact that I am 6’ 11” tall (the tallest Kenan in World History), might be memorable. Anyone who has looked my surname up in the Bible Dictionary knows it means “The Sadness” or “Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness”, and that PERFECTLY describes my wealthy distant relatives, headed by Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill and his stepmother, Betty (Price) Kenan of Durham.

In 1990, top Jewish business leaders in Atlanta, where I lived 1983 – 2010, told me my parents are America’s TOP NAZIS, and that proved to be true. That same year, I needed some advice from a lawyer, and called Frank Hawkins Kenan’s brother, James Graham Kenan (who since then heavily endowed the Atlanta History Center, across the street from his residence on Andrews Drive). He being somewhat senile and retired, referred me to his nephew on his Catholic wife’s side, Gregg Loomis, and when Gregg and I met in person, he told me that the wealthy Kenans hate only JEWS more than they hate “niggers” – which I’ve found is also true.

A good friend of mine via the internet in 2010, Jonathan Reiner (first cousin to Rob and nephew of Carl), made me an “Honorary Jew” when I first published my parents’ position that year – and ALL HELL broke out and Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer, Army Col. Dottie Newman (retired – and a close friend of mine), then got me to Mexico for most of five years in Political Exile. TODAY, my father is dead, and my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, 94 and fit of mind, lives in Raleigh and she completely SUPPORTS my writing you and my Political Work, she having had a CHANGE OF HEART!!!

As Sheriff Ed McMahon of New Hanover County knows best, I am into HEALINGS, not punishments, although ACTUAL Law Enforcement must be in charge of who faces Criminal Charges – not ME.

When I called Mom this morning, I again noticed that she is listed on my phone just beneath the direct number for Rob Reiner’s Admin, and I was THILLED today to see Rob wishing Joy Reid of MSNBC a Happy Birthday – I had not seen Rob in the media since he and David Frum initiated Committee to Investigate Russia. Here is the letter I sent them, then:

Although I DID continue registered as a Democrat when I very recently moved within Wilmington, I did so after being impressed with our NC Representative, Deb Butler, but I am NOT tied to Party. I supported Bernie Sanders, and could have accepted John Kasich, the only adult among the Republicans. The Clintons – with the Bushes, Cheney, and CIA (and blackmailed homosexual Barack Obama), have Narco-Trafficked with my Kenan Family and many Christian Churches for many decades.

In the interest of not going too long, I wish to REMIND YOU that Gov. Roy Cooper was in YOUR position for ten years before elected Governor, so necessarily helped the Kenan Family Narco-Trafficking in NC, especially in Wilmington, which my parents set up in the 1980s and 90s with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman and Father Robert J. Kus, now of St. Mary’s Catholic (I know/knew both of them well) – and PPD Pharmaceuticals, originally owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families. 

That anyone thinks those who set up the Drug Trade (like virtually EVER Politician of BOTH Parties here in Wilmington and New Hanover County), will actually FIX IT, is as STUPID as an Evangelical Christian!!!

This letter will be copied to many you refer to on your new website to combat this problem, and then it will be published here: Hit the header at top to get the full blog.

And I will email it out to my list of about 230 Political Contacts, which is always changing slightly, but I published most recently here:

I hope to hear from you THIS TIME, and from any of the others in North Carolina actually trying to resolve this scourge of hard drugs, brought on by my Kenan Family – both distant and near – and so many Christian Churches and BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES, who all gave into GREED, over the LOVE of the One God known by many names to different cultures.

Mazel Tov!!!

Scott David Kenan
Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


Letter just sent to Attorney General Josh Stein by his Secured Server -- My Kenan Family RUNS Narco-Trafficking -- should interest everyone copied here:

To: info
Cc: scott, gdebose, David.jenkins, jkumar, sanya.t.eller, matkins, info, lharrison, lflynch, Ken.schultz, thomas.bashore, info, lockyourmeds, janeanne.gonzales, beinjuryfreenc, anna, mcheek, meghan.l.hartzog, projectalert, info, recovery,, info, ncacperwin, ltolson, sandie, info, ncjainformation, ncsa, jbyrd, info

And then the letter, as above -- which I sent SUCCESSFULLY via the NC Justice Department's Secured Server -- as well as the one in "Contact", here:


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