Sunday, December 24, 2017

Clarification and MORE on the Death of Patrick Lee Stansbury -- and the Invisible Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (including Jonathan Deputy -- best I can tell), in Wilmington, NC!!!

The first time I visited the Vietnam Memorial -- right after it was completed -- I was AMAZED how moving such a SIMPLY designed monument could be!!!

Me, in 2008, with my new Pontiac Vibe (the one that was repossessed in Wilmington, NC in 2011), in front of Gerry N. Flynn/Miller and Joel Miller's house on Raleigh Way, Bethlehem, GA.

NOW, I drive a 2009 Pontiac Vibe, seen here in Mismaloya, Mexico (just south of Puerto Vallarta):

And SURPRISINGLY, I've driven Wilmington, NC to Puerto Vallarta more than once, and it took me 3.5 days, only one day through Mexico, which has BETTER interstate-type highways than the USA and they are FAR LESS CROWDED!!!

Christmas at Kenan-owned for Christmas!!!

Elton John LOST all his "GAY CRED" when Thomas S. Kenan III hosted Drug-Rush Limbaugh's FOURTH SERIAL WEDDING at The Breakers -- and ALL REPORTS were that it was AWASH in every IMAGINABLE kind of PILLS!!!

The SPYWARE I bought -- to find out HOW Patrick Stansbury DIED, etc., and when I called them because their reports on him were BIZARRE, they told me that if it wasn't so recent that it had not yet been published, then MOST LIKELY the CIA (or other US Government Org), had deemed it TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED, so did not ALLOW its publication -- and since he distributed the Drugs flown into Maxwell AFB -- from Maine to Florida, but especially in Wilmington, NC and Stone Mountain/Atlanta, GA -- like Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' knew my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill (and immediate family, as well, Mom still in Raleigh, NC), then that was MOST LIKELY!!!

Remember, I never STOLE this classified info (which this blog is FULL OF), because I got it paying ATTENTION to my parents, Patrick Stansbury of and also (and others).

That is why I CANNOT BE PROSECUTED for publishing it -- and why the Christian CIA and Politicians in Atlanta and Wilmington, NC had to try to jail me on FALSE CHARGES, commit me to MENTAL HOSPITAL, or KILL ME.

But they have FAILED MISERABLY!!!

I also learned that Jonathan Edward Deputy (DOB: 8/27/1969), had MORE citations for breaking the law than even I do -- all my false charges and arrests, still showing -- but Jon has none since 2012.

When he did everything but HIT ME as reported here: -- and I BET he never wrote and mailed that letter -- he SMART ENOUGH to know it is COURT EVIDENCE that would put him in PRISON!!!

Gold Walker knows that too!!!

You see, Jon not only told me that MENTIONING his name or the names of the criminals he rented to upstairs on blog was LEGAL GROUNDS for my EVICTION -- and the FOOLS upstairs STILL believe that (they DESPERATE to save themselves from being BUSTED)!!!

And Jon got so CRAZED that he even told me how he used to drive into MEXICO to buy HUGE QUANTITIES of prescription Opioid Pills (made in the USA, and almost NEVER prescribed in Mexico), to bring back to the USA -- although he never said HOW he sold them or to whom -- or if he ended up taking them all himself.

He -- or at least Gold Walker -- defends the CONFEDERACY whenever possible, and Gold told me TWICE in the last month that she wishes she could just go to tenants' apartments and "SHOOT THEM DEAD", when they give her troubles -- instead of spending $110.00 to file Eviction Papers.

This is Bruce Lee, called "Billie" by his common-law wife, Tammy Stanley, Bruce being the HEAD of the Ku Klux Klan of the Lower Cape Fear in 2011, when Judge Sandra Ray (then also Criner), committed me to the Oaks Mental Ward on the word of  Gerald Austin-Wynn, CRACK DEALER to my then roommate, Brenda McKnight.

And YES, Bruce/Billie had a nice MAN-SMELL!!!

Bruce got SO MAD (and the Klan has NO PROBLEM with homosexuals, Bruce assured me), that he was going to get a bunch of Klansmen and ROUGH UP both Judge Criner and D.A. Ben David -- but I talked him into buying me two packs of cigs -- and lunch at the Olive Garden, instead!!!

Then I emailed both Judge Sandra Ray and D.A. David -- warning them that they might get roughed up by the Klan.


Since then, Bruce died of his cancer, and Tammy moved to Fayetteville, NC.

OK, so last nights' posting went VIRAL, when normally blog traffic FALLS about 1/3 from December 10 - January 3 or so!!!

And although I EMAILED the top people at First Presbyterian last night -- separately, since the broadcast emails are always blocked -- but NOT when I just send to no more than a couple of dozen. And as you can see, their office is now CLOSED until January 2, so I will HAND-DELIVER it then.

However, D.A. Ben David, and Judges McKee/Luther, Robinson, and Noecker GOT THEIR COPIES -- LOL!!! The email:

Pastor Dan Lewis -- and any Friends in Christ at First Prez -- this went out to my 230+ Political Contacts tonight and REFLECTS IMPORTANTLY on some in your Congregation. You NEED to read this BEFORE 12/24/2017 Services!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

SHOCK!!! Patrick Lee Stansbury is DEAD (according to Gloria Stansbury, his wife, to me, tonight) -- Gloria Hung Up on Me Then, and Through a Service, I Learned That the Records are NOT PUBLISHED (they aren't), When CIA TOP SECRET SECURITY Does Not Allow That:

AND, I FORGOT to include Jonathan Deputy and Gold Walker when I emailed it out to all my Contacts -- but I think GOD (or the Devil), kept me from doing that, so THIS MORNING I called Gold Walker, who was busy preparing Christmas Dinner food -- she hosting her son Allen Walker of:

 . . . her three Grandchildren, and Allen's Rich Republican Lawyer girlfriend who Gold claims pays ALL of Allen's bills (who can be found online, but has NO REAL PRESENCE THERE, like Lawyers who are LAW-ABIDING -- and Gold has now REPLACED her former lawyer, Oliver Carter III, with this woman who works for Gold FREE OF CHARGE -- according to Gold).

Today, I told Gold I had gotten the GOODS on the largest distributor of HARD-DRUGS to Wilmington -- backed by my Kenan Family, the Republicans/Clinton Democrats, and TOO MANY of Wilmington's "Christian" Churches -- like Gold has ASKED ME TO DO, many times.

She said she was too busy to talk, but hopes I have a GREAT CHRISTMAS, and I quickly explained I had used the SPYWARE to research Jon Deputy, and would use it to research any tenants or others, as a favor to her.

"Oh", Gold said, "I've decided not to bother checking backgrounds of people -- after all."

And that was that!!!

I called my mother, to warn her about Patrick's death -- he and so many others at Pentagon Publishing telling me that Patrick worked with my parents to try to kill me -- and Dad was GOOD FRIENDS with Lee Gosney, especially (when Dad lived in my Stone Mountain house for six months in 1990), who distributed Patrick's HARD DRUGS to so many here in Wilmington -- but ALSO with Patrick Stansbury!!!

And Mom said she had to get RIGHT OFF THE PHONE -- because a neighbor might call to bring her Christmas Dinner at any minute (and Mom has CALL WAITING on her land-line, so would KNOW when she got a call) -- LOL!!!


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