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Oy VEY!!! Monica Lewinsky and Mitt Romney Associate Kathleen Kincade CRAZED on Wilmington Streets / Drug Mafia Hit-Man Joseph Christopher Spagnolo Strips Naked in My Apartment / Denise Wood Gets Court Papers from Clayton County, Georgia!!!

OK, today was a GORGEOUS DAY, and I only regret I didn't think to take my camera as I walked around the Historic District. As I was talking up some people (as I always am -- about the Narco-Corruptions of MOST of Wilmington's Christian Churches -- both white and black -- and of virtually ALL of Wilmington's Politicians (most white ones also planning for White Supremacy take-over of the USA by their hero Donald Trump and the Kenan Family -- EVERYONE knowing about that except the FOOL POLITICIANS and MINISTERS), outside the Dixie Grill on Market Street, I noticed a woman BARRELING toward me from the east. Then, I realized that it was Kathleen Kincade, red-faced, obviously tearful, and ON A MISSION.

Kathleen as she looked while still living in El Salvador, but NOW she lives in Drug-Mafia and Christian-Crack-Whore-infested Carolina Apartments -- on the fifth floor with owner George Cutter and the Apartment Manager.

And as Kathleen passed me -- she ALWAYS happy to see me, and once crying on my shoulder in my apartment for three hours with beer and oregano substitute.

I called to her, but she was so upset, she didn't hear me, and I decided to follow her to make certain she was OK.

At Front Street, she crossed and turned left, then walked down the alley behind the Front Street stores, and quickly ducked inside through a back door -- which when I walked up to it, turned out to be for the Black Cat Shoppe:

Readers of any duration, know that John and Kim Hirchak who own that shop, not only encouraged me in my Historic Kenan Walking Tour that I had scripted in 2011 -- they selling tickets to nearly ALL the Walking Tours here -- until they heard I intended to include MUCH about the HATE CRIME of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, primarily caused by my White Supremacist family, specifically William Rand Kenan, Sr. and First Presbyterian, and I was told that NO tours of any kind are allowed that in ANY way criticize any historical figure who has ANY relatives still alive in town. Wilmington is FULL of Kenans, if nearly all from MATERNAL Kenans, the men mostly being GAY.

So about the time that I discovered that I would be SHUT DOWN by Law Enforcement and Street Thugs if I attempted to do it independently, Evan Fish, who was to handle my marketing as a business partner was FORCED by Wilmington Police to jump to his death from seven stories up -- because he knew all about my former employer Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, GA supplying all the Politicians of both Parties and Wilmington's Christian Churches with hard drugs.

John with his apparently "drugged bitch" wife, Kim Kirchak

And MORE on Kathleen Kincade, a good friend of Monica Lewinsky, and her gringo family FOUNDED and BUILT Mitt Romney's BAIN CAPITAL in El Salvador as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE -- until it was big enough, Mitt took it from them to move elsewhere, and Kathleen's same relatives are now in El Salvador prisons for Narco-Trafficking and Financial Frauds. Kathleen's stories -- especially of how she made any income at all -- NEVER added up!!!

SO, yesterday, I really LIT INTO FACEBOOK, and TODAY, MORE on Facebook's TREASON has hit the Press. I should also say that although my Anti-virus continues for days to be turned OFF every time I boot up this computer -- and then that STOPPED happening after I wrote this article, today, it is AGAIN being turned off every time:

Scott Kenan shared a link.
2 hrs

Critics offer a number of ways to rein in the social media giant.
Vox and HuffPost both turned to the thoughts of @Crystal1Johnson, the former on the bullet holes in an Emmett Till sign and the latter on quadruplets attending Yale together. We know now that these were trolls working on behalf of the Russian government. Without knowing, we laughed or scowled at their jokes. We mocked or cheered their opinions. We looked at their photos and watched their videos, and few if any of us batted an eye as they covertly shaped the way we looked at our own country.

We found more than 40 examples of Russian accounts easily weaseling their way into all sorts of news organizations — including ours.

Then, I walked to the covered tables behind the City Information Booth at Market Street and the river, and ran into SEVERAL people I knew when I was homeless, including Conrad and Theresa, and some other perpetual drunks, they introducing me to a FINE mid-thirties guy who has a construction job but lives in a tent in a friends' back yard -- who wants to come over soon for the "best manly benefits I can give him" -- and a beer or two, soon!!!

He is BUILT and a short little CUTIE, who doesn't do even pot!!! And quite a nice guy, and says he's "juicy".

He looks a lot like this.

Then I saw "Joey Spaghetti", former US Special Forces Op, who grew up in the swamps of Louisiana, whom I lived with for a month before fleeing back to Mexico in 2012 -- he so over-sexed that even at age 48, then, I got him to shoot seven times one day!!!

He looks FAR WORSE for the 5.5 years since I'd seen him up close (I twice saw him riding a bike in the past year, but could not stop him). He's 6' 4" and is a Drug Mafia Protector for the CIA and local Law Enforcement, Politicians, and Christian Churches, beating people up frequently, and then after arrest, released from Sheriff Ed McMahon's jail nearly immediately, the record of his arrests immediately erased, as I have documented in this blog back in 2012.

So he wanted to see my "crib", and telling him that Lawyer Oliver Carter III next door and my landlady Gold Walker as well are OVER THE DRUG TRASH around here -- and Mafia types -- I would show it, give him a beer, but he had to BEHAVE. 

He is wearing a radio collar to be tracked by Probation, now, and refused to say how long he's had it, but it is being REMOVED this coming Tuesday, and then he was accepted into a REHABILITATION PROGRAM in Asheville, NC in two weeks to REALLY CLEAN UP. But then when he told me it is a BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN Program, I knew it was just a NEW LOCATION for his Drug Mafia activities, as Christians are so into. He accused me of working for the FBI, and I told him NO, I'm a Citizen Informant, giving my info directly to the FBI in Washington, DC, but NOT PAID, and he said he does NOT work for the CIA -- but DIRECTLY with the Drug Mafia as a Hit Man -- because they pay FAR BETTER than the CIA!!!

And after that, he still gave me his cell phone number, which the FBI and others might like: (910) 547-9185.

Then he stripped naked, bent over and offered his butt to my face. Unlike in 2012 when he was CLEAN, it had a rash and splotches of red and some areas with white scaley skin -- and a MALODOROUS ODOR, that was NOT fecal in nature, and after spinning him around to make sure I remembered his gargantuan Italian bat's size correctly, he shook it around and claimed it is the BIGGEST WHITE DICK IN TOWN, which is possibly quite true. 

Then I told him I had to get going on a project and would soon be late to meet a friend, and he left with an unopened beer, claiming that if I published his name on my blog, he will TAKE ME OUT, and I told him I'm immune to EMPTY THREATS.

And because I am TIRED OF WRITING, all I will say about Denise Wood (who may not still live downstairs from me, and has 43 Felony Convictions as an International Drug Mule, yet STILL is allowed to carry a loaded six-shooter (and tried to get my landlady to EVICT ME for no real reason), is that today, I got a piece of her mail in my box -- an official letter of some sort from Clayton County, Georgia Courts, so maybe she STILL is in some kind of trouble in Georgia, no???

NOW that I know where she was in Georgia, tomorrow I will research that County's records to see if I can find something MORE SPECIFIC TO REPORT, but her apartment was being used by SOMEONE last night and again is tonight, so maybe Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. who has the lease on  Apartments 1 and 2 has MOVED SOMEONE ELSE IN!!!
Kenan-Family-controlled Donald Trump, Rex Tillerson, and Exxon-Mobil STRIKE AGAIN!!! Some firms, including BHP Billiton and Houston-based Kosmos Energy, voluntarily released tax data in recent years. 

The country’s top three oil companies ― Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron Corporation and ConocoPhillips Co. ― did not. “They want to continue operating in the murky and opaque world that Dodd-Frank was intended to change,” Daniel Kaufmann, an economist who studies corruption and serves on the global EITI board, told HuffPost by phone on Friday. 

“Even Russian companies are all disclosing. So the rest of the world, and the rest of the oil companies, have moved ahead.” 

Exxon Mobil alone received $12.8 billion in subsidies and paid a tax rate of 13.6 percent over the past eight years, according to a report by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

The withdrawal comes as House Republicans push a tax bill packed with corporate welfare for fossil fuel companies.

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I met with Russel Honore' (who heads "Green ARMY") in 2015 at The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, and he knew ALL ABOUT my Kenan Family's crimes -- we control Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, nearly all Republicans and the Clinton Democrats -- and put Donald Trump into power and our Kenan family lifelong employee, Rex Tillerson into State to DESTROY Democracy and replace the Constitution with Swastikas and Klan Robes. 

My parents set up the Christian Drug Mafia in Wilmington, NC where I live with a Catholic priest, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I knew well), and others -- and the Atlanta/Stone Mountain mafia with Newt Gingrich, CNN, and others. 

I met an Exxon exec in Puerto Vallarta in 2015, who told me how my Kenan Family with Rex Tillerson, Hillary Clinton, and the CIA put Enrique Peña Nieto into the Mexican Presidency and he changed the Constitution so Kenan/Exxon could get Mex-Oil again. See my letter to Rex Tillerson that he RECEIVED!!!:

Eight of the company’s chemical plants in Texas and Louisiana violated the Clean Air Act by releasing excess emissions.

Also please see my "Additional Material" I sent to Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III -- that has link to the physical letter I had mailed him. His office responded back to me about it -- they now are on my email list of 230+ Political Contacts and occasionally responding to my BLOG POSTS!!!


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