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Mayor Bill Saffo's Democratic/Republican Christian Drug Mafia (Heroin Distribution System supported by Wilmington's TOP CHRISTIAN CHURCHES), SWEPT TO VICTORY, while REAL Democrats Swept to Victories Elsewhere in the USA / Jeanne Wolf (associated with Entertainment Tonight, etc.), ENDORSES ME!!! / I Might Move to D.A. Ben David's Neighborhood!!!

Looking DRUGGED, Bill Saffo declares VICTORY, and honoring Republican Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo -- who saved my life when Drug Mafioso Lawyer David Nash, District Attorney Benjamin R. David, and Judge Chad Hogston falsely CONVICTED ME of "Cyber-Stalking" after I documented the heavy Drug Dealing in Mr. Nash's Costello's (gay) Piano Bar in 2011 -- because when Ms. Harjo lost to Ben David many years ago in the District Attorney race, Jennifer said she had NOT LOST, and ONE DAY, she would PROVE THAT!!!

Jennifer Harjo is my TOP LOCAL HERO!!!

I agree with Bob McFeeters' comment (below), but I know exactly how and WHY Mr. Saffo and Mr. Rivenbark are TOTALLY in the pocket of my Republican Kenan relatives centered round Chapel Hill who run all the Drug Trafficking here -- and are Donald Trump's BIGGEST supporters (like the Wilmington Star News and Port City Daily), and how Bill Saffo's uncle who has run the Saffo Mafia in NYC for 40 years, giving Bill his orders. Mr. Rivenbark -- the one time I met him and in Saffo's office witnessed by Sect. Dawn Grants, he knowing I'd been hit and thrown from a crosswalk 12 feet by a utility truck, said he HOPES I get a dog and IT is run over by a car.

I will NEVER, EVER, EVER let these FAKE-CHRISTIAN CRIMINALS forget this, and being 6' 11" tall, and an actual blood Kenan, and connected to far more top national Politicians than these Democratic Party Hate-Bots, begin going very VOCALLY to City Council Meetings until they voluntarily RESIGN!!!

My parents, with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Father Bob Kus of St. Mary's Catholic, and PPD (first owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden and Saudi Royals Families), set up the Christian Drug Mafia in Wilmington (and without Fr. Kus, in Atlanta/Stone Mountain, Ga as well), but these God-Haters forget that GOD ALWAYS WINS!!!

He is set to become Wilmington's longest-serving mayor.

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Saffo is a bum in the pocket of developers and the real estate industry. During his reign as mayor the city of Wilmington has fallen further behind cities of similar size and demographics. Along with his cronies O’Grady and Rivenbark we can expect more of the same regressive policies over the next two years at the least.

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“The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful.”

― Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Sherman Lee Criner, ex-husband of Republican Judge Sandra Ray, is a Christian Snake Handler, and about ten years ago, he was caught diddling the vagina of a young girl in Thalian Hall Theater. 

Sandra Ray got Chief District Court Judge Democrat Jay Corpening's son (owner of Boar's Head Deli on Front Street), OFF Drug Charges a few years ago, so he ENDORSED the Judge who once committed me to The Oaks Mental Ward in 2011, because MAJOR WILMINGTON CRACK DISTRIBUTOR Gerald Austin Wynn TOLD JUDGE RAY to do it!!!

Mr. Wynn was soon CONVICTED of major Drug-Trafficking and spent a few years in South Carolina prisons, and now lives in Virginia.

NARCO-JUDGES Ray and Corpening!!!

Republican Narco-Trafficking and WHITE-SUPREMACY-SUPPORTING Judge Lindsey McKee Luther (an ELDER at totally racist first Presbyterian Church -- with D. A. Ben David), with her husband, TRUMP/KENAN LOVER Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther, who posted THIS on his Facebook Page, and Narco-Trafficking Sheriff Ed McMahon's people DENIED THAT FACT and continue to support the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington:

READ MORE here: 

And while I'm at it, after checking out the property that Landlady wants me to move to, I can see that it would suite me VERY WELL, and both Gold and I would be WINNERS, if she and I can work out all the details. Her property manager there, a lifelong Republican CANNOT see how ANY Republican or Democrat with even HALF A BRAIN could possibly have voted for Donald Trump -- so WE get along GREAT!!!

And I am not sure that Andre Tyler Breton would move there with me or not -- he needs to EXPLAIN WHY he knew so much about a nearby house that is FULL of Narco-Traffickers and on a cul-de-sac, so NO ONE goes there unless they have business there. I'm not CERTAIN Tyler is doing as much as he claims to FIX HIS OWN LIFE, he continuing to WASTE ENERGY in our current apartment -- despite my asking him not to and my giving him a HUGE BREAK on rent to get his life back in order.

Tyler Breton

ALSO, this house is within a couple of blocks of District Attorney Ben David's house (if my research on that a few years ago while I still lived in Political Exile in Puerto Vallarta with Colin Powell's people's help is -- along with my memory of it -- correct)!!!

Jeanne Wolf sent an invitation to me to CONNECT on Linked-In, yesterday morning, and given our HISTORY together (in 1982), I was BEYOND THRILLED to be endorsed by this TOP ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST, and she MIGHT be interested in doing a story on how the LAST ASSISTANT to Tennessee Williams took on his ENTIRE KENAN FAMILY and the CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA of Wilmington, NC and Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA.

Jeanne and I in 1982:

Jeanne Wolf in TWO of several blog postings that mention her: 

The winner of a pageant for Brazil’s BEST BUTT used the occasion to come out front and center with her political beliefs. On Monday, Rosie Oliveira was named Miss Bumbum Brazil, a title given to the woman perceived to have the top bottom in the whole country.

The new Miss Bumbum came out with a Brazilian flag reading "Fora Temer," or "Get out, Temer."


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