Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Befuddlement Nation!!! My Letters to Spectrum Cable's General Counsel and to Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr.:

Richard R. Dykhouse
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
400 Atlantic Street 10th Floor
Stamford, Connecticut 06901

July 18, 2017

Dear Mr. Dykhouse,

I am writing today, having received no response from you or others to my first letter to you dated June 27, 2017, and received at your Corporate Office by Tracked Priority US Mail on June 30, 2017. It is published on my Political Blog near the bottom, here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/06/as-we-all-wake-up-to-gods-fabulous.html.

Today, I have a more specific situation to bring to your attention that is ongoing, but first, I now feel fairly confident that lawyer Brian Williams of Raleigh, hired by ESIS, which is the company subcontracted, by your insurance company to handle claims against your drivers, in at least the Wilmington, NC region, will soon make me an offer of compensation. Your driver hit me in a crosswalk -- your “Time Warner” truck turning right in broad daylight on February 13, 2017, and didn’t see 6’ 11” me and ONLY noticed me when he felt the impact, as he accelerated from a stop, around the corner right into me.

I can also tell you that since Time/Warner became Spectrum your people have excelled in customer service both at your Mayfaire store on Military Cutoff (the actual name of a road), here in Wilmington, as well as by phone -- sometimes in actually helping with services or solving problems, and other times in applying false remedies that don’t work for longer than an hour or so, later customer service reps saying that the PREVIOUS remedy could NOT have worked, and then try another. I wasted many hours in this nonsense a month ago, but FINALLY got mostly corrected service.

I still have several brief outages of internet service per hour, but they are only for five seconds or so. While they are inconvenient, I can get internet music back after reloading the page so that a “player” that disappears with each outage then comes back. ANNOYING but not deadly.

But it is true that with that one exception, ACTUAL customer service is nearly always able to correct problems, now. NO WONDER your rates are so high given the frequency one must call your techs – mostly to waste time with them!!!

Addressing these problems with Spectrum employees is like arguing with Republicans who think Donald Trump’s relationship to Vladimir Putin and Russian money sources is GOOD for the USA – and that Putin and Russia are our good friends. Endless excuses are given, and rates necessarily must go up and up as the System seems too fragile to work decently, and your people must CONSTANTLY work to keep it going, like a crack whore in her seventies.

But something more quantifiable – and provable in Court – that continues with whoever processes your payments for this area needs to be addressed by Spectrum IMMEDIATELY. My bills are paid by physical check mailed to your office – necessarily because Benefits Management, who pays bills for many people only on Social Security or Disability, has no choice due to Government Regulation, so cannot pay electronically, which would credit immediately. What has happened to my payments – and those of many others Benefits Management has sent your company, is that the checks are HELD long enough to accrue $8.95 late charge, before your company credits accounts and deposits them.

A month ago, they had continued holding TWO, and then even robocalled me to say cut-off was impending, when Spectrum HAD those checks!!! A few days ago, I got my next bill after that, and AGAIN the check was held so that I was charged a late fee. I know that Benefits Management has been trying to get your people to deposit checks in a timely manner for at least three months, and when I spoke with them today, they said it’s driving them NUTS, your company is so ABUSIVE, and they plan to begin sending them by mail that returns a received receipt.

Have you PERSONALLY ever dealt with a company that treated you like that – and if so, how did YOU handle it???

This is ABSURD that an accounting company has to spend the time and expense to send checks to your company like this – especially since you appear to be targeting people of the lowest income who have no other choice but to use your services. This is IDENTICAL to the so called “Christian” Republicans who are doing everything to dump millions and millions of people from healthcare to enrich themselves.

My account is attached to my phone number, (910) 200-XXXX, which is always used to bring it right up. But someone in your Corporate Offices needs to call Ms. Teri Motsinger, owner of Benefits Management, Inc., (910) 798-XXXX, ext. 202 and straighten things out, including refunding all these bogus late charges as well as giving each account B.M. manages that has been so-affected a month of free service. It is the LEAST you can do -- given the deliberate targeting of “poor people”.

Thank you for your kind consideration and prompt attention to this matter. I just left Teri a voicemail message to let her know I will include her when I email it out tonight to several high in your Corporate structure to forward to you, but I will also guess at your email address and try that since the format likely applies to you too. I will copy lawyer Williams in Raleigh as well, and send you a copy by tracked US Mail -- publish it on blog, http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com.

Scott D. Kenan
Wilmington, North Carolina

Fwd to Joseph Faulk: Thanks Hays!!! 
Please forward to Ms. Jeanne Wolf: 

Hi Joseph -- I thought since you PAID for me managing the last 5.5 years, you deserve to see this which I will not post on blog, but maybe a couple of short excerpts, all of which you have already read, probably many times before. I'll also take you OFF my email list since that was your preference last time I asked.

The lawyer for Spectrum still hasn't contacted me to answer my questions of last Thursday, but I'm still confident I will have settlement before the end of August. Today I ran into a short wiry straight guy I knew from when I was homeless 2011 and 12, who NEVER hung with troublemakers and never got stoned of any kind. He is on Disability but intelligent enough, his roommate stole his money and his phone, so he just moved into Salvation Army Shelter, but wants out and can afford at least $400.00/month rent (low Disability payments), and was interested in moving in, but I'm afraid he could not call me -- this is what has been a problem for EVERYONE I do not call first -- they get a recording that my number is not a working number. I should have remembered that would happen when I told him to borrow a phone to call before coming over to discuss details and see the place.

Anyway, I got in the mail today the attached official OK of you from Protective Services, and thought you might like to see it.

It would be nice if you could help me for this last month, but I no longer expect you to, and that is fine, I will figure something else out if not. I will always be grateful to you for what you have already done.

All best, and I guess you don't want to ever hear from me again.


I DID remove Joseph from my email list -- and I did NOT yet hear back from Hays, Jeanne Wolf's assistant, yet -- but if he does not send the promised links tomorrow morning, I'll call him back to see if our emails are NOT going through -- or it's taking more time than he expected to put that together.


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