Monday, November 27, 2017

Andre Tyler Breton TEARS UP HIS ROOM Again, Last Night, and Was Dancing, Hooting, Singing, etc, at 4:15 AM. Wilmington Police LAUGHED at Me, but We Shall SEE Who LAUGHS LAST!!!

Tyler Breton in front of Bourbon Street where he works cooking and claims he can get ANY DRUG from the other employees, is ALSO where George Bush's distant cousin had dinner with me October 2016, and then we were up most of the night in The Lazy Pirate hotel on Carolina Beach LAUGHING over all the Narco-Trafficking and other Traitorous Crimes the Kenan and Bush Families have committed together.


George W. Bush's TOP DRUG-MONEY LAUNDERER, Martin Lamb, and I met by chance in 2012, near the town square in Colima, Colima, Mexico -- and when he heard I am a Carolina Kenan, BRAGGED that George W. Bush flies jets to his private island off Panama LOADED with $100.00 bills REGULARLY for laundering -- and ASSUMED I had Drug Cash he could launder too!!!

This was ALSO where I knew Dr. Valdemar Salazar, best friend of Mexican President Salinas, who introduced me to the Governor of Colima State, and told me many of HIS secrets fighting the CIA/Episcopal Church (Kenan Family) Drug Traffickers -- with President Salinas, and on his own:

Valdemar seated with winner of "Mature Woman of Mexico" beauty contest.

Readers all know that President Vicente Fox of Mexico worked for my Kenan Family as a Coca-Cola exec -- before running in Politics -- and HATES Donald Trump!!! His Gringo Great-Grandfather Fuchs (anglicized to "Fox"), was born in Cincinnati, OH, like me.

In 1983, I met Dr José Octavio Tripp Villanueva, in the Pharr Library gay disco in Atlanta -- and we had a TORRID weekend affair in a luxury hotel suite (turns out he was married), but he was the Consul to Atlanta, then, later becoming Mexico's MOST DECORATED DIPLOMAT to the USA, and was recently stationed in Texas, where I wrote him, sending also Tracked Priority mail, which he received:


Andre Tyler Breton is hooting, hollering, and dancing in his room after tearing it up overnight -- and Police HQ LAUGHS at me!!!

To javier.tapia
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Officer Tapia,

At 4:25 AM I awoke for a bathroom break, and Tyler, as he is called, was making TONS of noise in his back bedroom. When I checked in, he was doing/had done as in the title of this email -- and even been shredding some cardboard. His mother, "Andie" (I think actually Andrea), (941- 628-5537), who lives in a trailer, a "happy drunk" with a man who abuses her and she has fantasies of she and Tyler taking "The Ultimate Road Trip" across the USA to find them BOTH a perfect place to live in Washington State, called me last night and I told her I had had to try to commit him, yesterday. She then said that she is going to ask her family to pay for her to come up here and stay with us for at least a week at Christmas. I told her that would not work now -- but you see, his mother is totally "out to lunch" too.

That call was cut short by what I thought might be a Police call -- but was Congressional Candidate Dr. Kyle Horton's people calling to invite me to a "Meet and Greet" tonight -- and after several minutes of my telling the guy what I know about my Kenan Family's putting Donald Trump into power to destroy Democracy and get Russia's Oil (and Kenan corruption of BOTH Parties in Wilmington and NC), he was MORE excited and said I can be a HUGE help to Dr. Horton and the Democratic Party (I'm already tight with Congressman Joe Kennedy III of MA. So I INTEND to go there this evening to HELP PATRIOTS (I'm not tied to Party, although registered Democrat).

This morning when I called the Police Department, they said I need to file eviction papers (takes a month, at least), but I am MOVING OUT by the end of this week, and Tyler CLAIMS he will stay here and make life HELL for my landlady. The guy REFUSED to put me through to you or have you call me (you and your partner witnessed Tyler's hallucinations of people on roofs and trying to break in). In 2011, Judge Sandra Ray committed me on word of my then roommate Brenda McKnight and her CRACK dealer Gerald Austin Wynn -- and there had not even been an altercation, so why can't Tyler -- who really NEEDS HELP -- not be committed???.

What is wrong with this town that these people claim to be CHRISTIAN but only like profit from illegal drugs??? The Police Department laughed at me and said sweetly, "Thanks for calling!!!", and then hung up on me.

I know you can do NOTHING, but you needed to be brought up to speed.

Thank you for reading this!!!

Scott David Kenan

And by 6:00 AM, Tyler Breton had completely quieted down -- I hope he is getting some REST, because his Probation Officer and his doctor who prescribes the Adderall are the FIRST people I will visit in person, today!!!

I will send copy of this posting to Dr. Horton's campaign -- to let them know I might not make their Meet-and-Greet tonight.



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