Sunday, October 8, 2017

White-Assed KLAN Attorneys REFUSE to Settle with Me for SPECTRUM CABLE'S Murder Attempt / Yesterday's ABORTED MINI-MASSACRE in Wilmington Was NOT Reported by Wilmington Star News or Port City Daily / Sheriff's Detectives Visit Me AT HOME!!!

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The Wilmington Police Department says they averted a potential crisis today after a caller alerted them that a man was sitting on the lawn of Soloman Towers playing with a shotgun

When police arrived they found many more weapons than just the gun >>

>>> Re: Touching base (briefly) re: My case with Spectrum Cable, 499-176

To: bwilliams
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Mr. Williams,

Nice that after all my efforts to do YOUR JOB of collecting what you claim you do not have, you only NOW tell me it is for FIVE medical visits. You REFUSED to be specific when I previously asked you for specifics on that. THIS IS WELL DOCUMENTED FOR COURT IF I MUST SUE YOU AND YATES, MCLAMB, & WEYHER. 

As I already told you they will NOT give me my records unless I PAY THEM to do so, but will provide them FREE to you if you send a proper request.

I am still paying $25.00/month for medical treatment FROM THIS ACCIDENT, so am in NO Position to pay more when it was SPECTRUM'S GOD-DAMNED DRIVER, who hit me deliberately because I was going to try to force the Mayor to release the Police Report from when Wilmington Police MURDERED my friend who knew my former boss in Georgia supplied the Christian Clergy and Churches as well as ALL Politicians of both Parties in Wilmington with HARD DRUGS.

The size of the reward is only growing and GROWING with your continued IDIOCY, and likely UNLAWFUL harassment of me to do YOUR job.

YOUR reprehensible behavior is PROOF TO ME that you know that SPECTRUM was trying to murder me to prevent my bringing this crime from 2011 to light.

As I wrote you before, your continuing to REFUSE TO DO YOUR JOB would bring on my contacting the North Carolina Insurance Inspector into this to question you and others at your Law Firm, which I will do before the end of Monday, "Columbus Day", a holiday still for many.

Also, although I before sending out my LAST blog posting to 230+, I dropped you and others at your firm from the mass emailing of that, I am bringing you all back on. You don't give a SHIT that I am working directly with top people in the FBI and Rex Tillerson to stop the RACE WAR planned by my wealthy Kenan relatives of Durham and Chapel Hill who likely control Yates, McLamb, & Weyher. 

And the FUNNY THING is that the lawyer who had worked for me originally, Bruce Mason, got RID of his new partner, Alex Nicely, who with the husband of a Republican Judge who violated my Constitution Rights in Court (Lindsey McKee Luther), are at the CENTER of this Christian/NAZI plan for MASS MURDER. I just returned from delivering much proof and info to my personal friend Sheriff Ed McMahon about all of this, before sending additional info to the FBI and NC Attorney General Josh Stein.

If you can PROVE you sent these requests and to the correct people, then send me that proof. You only say, "I’m not sure why they have no record of our request or of ESIS’s request, but attempts have been made." 

Cut the CRAP and do your damned job!!! I'm including Mr. Mason and his admin so they can have a BIG LAUGH (they knowing I am NOT to be trifled with), as well as a few friends of mine in the Press.

And WHERE are the NOT-white lawyers in your firm??? Are you just a bunch of KU KLUX KLANSMEN AND MADAMS like Thomas S. Kenan and Betty (Price) Kenan??? 

Remember, Dean Hansell who co-founded GLAAD, was Asst. Attorney General of Illinois, got Michael Jackson's mother her BIGGEST win against the record companies, was Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, co-wrote "The Law of Re-Insurance", and was appointed Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles a year ago by Gov. Brown -- REMAINS a good friend of mine. 

We co-founded the first Gay Group at Denison University in 1972.


Scott David Kenan

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From: Brian Williams <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
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Sent: Sun, Oct 8, 2017 2:15 pm
Subject: RE: Touching base (briefly) re: My case with Spectrum Cable, 499-176

Mr. Kenan,

The medical records we need are for these five appointments:

-          February 17 and 22
-          March 1, 20 and 27

Again, we need the medical records, not the bills.  The medical records describe why you were there, your complaints and the nature of your treatment.  The medical records custodian at that office should be able to process this request very easily.

I’m not sure why they have no record of our request or of ESIS’s request, but attempts have been made.

Scanned copies are fine.

Thank you.

Brian Williams
434 Fayetteville Street
Suite 2200
Raleigh, NC 27601
P.O. Box 2889
Raleigh, NC 27602-2889
Telephone: (919) 835-0900 Ext. 148
Direct Line: (919) 719-6047
Fax: (919) 582-2513

A Yates, McLamb, & Weyher type attorney GOES TO WASHINGTON, DC!!!

The WHITE-ASSED Attorneys of Yates, McLamb, & Weyher

>>> BREAKING -- BREAKING -- BREAKING: Three Detectives from the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department came to my door and interviewed me for half an hour -- about the content of my letter to Sheriff Ed McMahon:

Their primary concerns included:

1. Did I know of a SPECIFIC THREAT of MASS SHOOTING (actionable), planned by Detective Evan Luther and former Asst. District Attorney Alex Nicely. NO.

2. Is my neighborhood SAFE from violence FOR NOW: Yes.

3. Do I own or have ever owned any firearms: No.

4. They were AMAZED that Denise Wood of "Denise the Perfect Painter", who lives downstairs has 43 Felony and 13 Misdemeanor Convictions as an International Drug Mule from about 20 years ago, yet STILL NEVER LOST HER GUN RIGHTS, and moved in with TWO loaded six-shooters, but since then sold one.

I FORGOT to mention to them that she is from GEORGIA, so it was THERE that Denise was convicted.

They said they will do a THOROUGH investigation into the background and current activities of Denise Wood.

5. I do NOT feel I should disclose MORE of our wide-ranging discussion, and they asked that I contact THEM directly (rather than the busy Ed McMahon), in the future with MORE information.

6. They were VERY CURIOUS about what I have so far sent to Rex Tillerson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the FBI, which I told them enough of to satisfy them.

And landlady GOLD WALKER called as I descended the stairs to speak with them, telling me that they were here. I said. "Gold, you have asked me REPEATEDLY to GET THE HEROIN OUT OF WILMINGTON, and I'm working on it and making DEFINITE PROGRESS!!!"


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