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And NOW, Some Nice Things to Say about PROTESTANTS (NO Catholic clergy at yesterday's LGBTQ Rights and Christian Churches conference -- PITY!!!):

Yes, it is TWO DAYS until REFORMATION DAY, and this year we celebrate its 500th Anniversary!!!

And PLEASE -- don't give ME Hell for MY Potty Mouth!!!
His humor tended toward the scatological. He claimed he experienced a spiritual revelation while on the toilet: “The Holy Spirit unveiled the Scriptures for me in the tower.” 

The pope, a nemesis, was his “dearest little ass-pope. 

Yes, some of his comments fall firmly within the realm of bad taste. Just before he died, Luther told his wife, “I’m like a ripe stool, and the world’s like a gigantic anus, and so we’re about to let go of each other.”

Martin Luther, lover of the scatological joke.

And Readers will recall that I dated Yonty Solomon, the famous South African/London pianist and piano teacher (who taught the young gifted pianist how to meme piano playing -- and was also an extra), OVER the Y2K event, which I experienced with Yonty in London.

"I teach not only how to play, but how to LIVE!!!" ~ Madame Sousatzka

"Live Life to the FULLEST!!!"

Yonty Solomon was a WONDERFUL MAN and a DEDICATED "BUGGER"!!! And quite "sizeful" for a Jew

Yonty organized the British Celebration of the 500th Anniversary of Beethoven's first visit to England -- by command of Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II:

Well, YOU get the idea, no???

So with Yonty now gone since 2008, Beethoven HAD TO have visited England BEFORE Martin "the Scat-Joker" Luther nailed his ThesesNow, before we get into it -- the conference, NOT scatology -- a couple of things to catch up on:

1. My brother Mike sent me funds FIRST THING this morning, the very earliest of the two-day window he said he'd do it in. I CAN'T HELP thinking, it was to REWARD ME for my well-told humorous (and absolutely true), blogged story of my neighbor "Damian's" visit a few days ago, and you can read it almost at the top of the linked posting, just below this photo:

2. Now that my landlady's son UNDERSTANDS what has been going on over here with Denise Wood SCARING his mother into protecting her "dubious enterprises" by trying to EVICT ME WITHOUT CAUSE (and because I sometimes criticize Christians), I feel that will soon be resolved -- and if NOT, then I will meet with her FULLY ARMED IN COURT!!!

So let's just let that discussion DIE DOWN so the face-saving narrative can prevail. Women HATE being caught in "wildly emotional behaviors" (and so do I).

3. Roommate Tyler bought an older-model iPhone new this morning for $130.00 of his saved up, EARNED money (possible only because I gave him a break in rent at first), and will NOT be able to properly reload Windows 10 on the old computer I gave him -- until he saves up and pays $100.00 for his OWN licence. 


I think about 35 - 50 attended, and I was THRILLED to meet the two Wilmington, NC City Council candidates whom I had decided to vote for as well as Kevin O'Grady. Some of the attendees were NOT GAY, and I have NO IDEA if these two are or not -- I didn't ASK THEM:

The REASON I had previously chosen to vote for them is that BOTH OF THEM listed their TOP CONCERNS as being:

1. That Wilmington Government NEVER listens to Citizens and does what it DECIDED to do BEFORE getting Citizen input.

2. That Wilmington Citizens are AFRAID of Wilmington Police and New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies (but LESS, the Deputies)because they protect the Christian Narco-Trafficking and White Supremacy.

Rev. James Albert Ray of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church

SHOCKING that I will vote for a clergy member!!!

Philip White

While yesterday's meeting seemed nothing like as advertised, it was STILL VERY INFORMATIVE, with NO CATHOLIC CLERGY:

But at least a FEW Catholics or former Catholics like me and Rev. John McLaughlin of St. Jude's MCC, who sat near me through the whole thing, and we exchanged lots of HUMOR (and I was THRILLED, because I'd given him HELL in this blog some years ago).

John McLaughlin

That mostly, because in the MLK Day Parade in 2011, marching next to him was Ryan Lee Burris, who has SLANDERED ME on Facebook, claiming I'm OFF MY MEDS, because I blogged about HIS association with many TOP CHRISTIAN NARCO-TRAFFICKERS in Wilmington:

That is Ryan in center, then HEAD of Cape Fear Equality, and Ryan WAS Third Vice Chair of the Democratic Party in this county. He REMAINS an Equality Board Member (Queer Rights Activists and New Hanover County Democrats are NOT opposed to hard-drug trafficking, apparently).

The woman on the left was there yesterday, and she and I did not SPEAK, but she AWARE of my blogging so also Ryan's Crimes, observed me THOUGHTFULLY and without harbored rancor.

And I realized that while I needed to see what the Spiritual Community is doing regarding Gay Rights and attitudes toward Gays, I need to stay FOCUSED on other Politics, primarily. 

Still, I learned that:

1. Presbyterians (the most represented denomination there), have the most liberal attitudes among Protestants toward gays. In fact one very vocal young man told us ALL ABOUT a "Gay Service" he had organized at First Presbyterian -- across the street from me -- which was FAR MORE POPULAR than ANYONE had dared to expect!!!

Kenan Steeple topped by "The Six-Foot Kenan Cock" at First Presbyterian is the TALLEST IN TOWN, but LOOK who are EVIL ELDERS, currently, at First Prez:

Republican Judge Lindsey McKee Luther:

A SAMPLE of Judge "McKee's" husband's (Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther's), FACEBOOK postings -- his Facebook listing NOW ENTIRELY REMOVED

And I suppose that will be ENOUGH (for today).


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