Saturday, October 28, 2017

Allen Walker GETS IT about His Mother's Predicament / My GREAT BENEFACTOR, Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., "Nasties Out" / Brother Mike Comes Through!!!

My roommate's legal name is Andre Tyler Breton, and as expected, no chest hair!!!:

Before I get going, my hunky straight neighbor, "Damian" stopped by two days ago. He got my attention by tossing a couple of rocks against the outside of my apartment -- which I had a fit over -- then learned that his girlfriend has REMOVED my number from his phone TWICE, now, so she must be WORRIED that he is randy enough to stray this way.

A Damian look-alike.

So I went down to the door, and as soon as he got in, Damian gave me a big bear hug, then said, "OK, let's get down to it."

As I looked down in expectation of his undoing his pants, he said, "My girlfriend and I had a HUGE blowup, and it really isn't going to work out. Can I still move in as your roommate???" Surprised, I invited him up to the apartment to talk about it, but he was on lunch break and in a hurry -- just wanted to make sure -- and the sight of his orange curly hairs peeking out the top of his collar inflamed my imagination.

But I had to tell him I ALREADY have a roommate now, and he had to get back to work.

At this time, I will only say that Tyler, whom I gave free lodging to the last two weeks of October, with November reduced rent paid weekly, then up to normal rent -- because he was in such a financial hole and had a TON of things to straighten out (which he has actually made much progress on, considering, and I've bent over backward to support him and been distracted from most of what I've wanted to do for me), is a TEENAGER through and through and I'm about to lose patience with him -- and HAVE at times.

BUT he's really smart, and as DIFFICULT as I can be -- or worse.

My fair compensation for being ME, religiously???

To get his life back in order FASTER, he really needs a smartphone and a computer, and I appealed to Joseph Faulk in NYC to help Tyler out. I'll paste the back and forth exchange of emails below on that. I had actually given Tyler my last old computer, thinking that with all my stuff removed (the hard drive had been 95% full, slowing it down TREMENDOUSLY), but many files had gotten corrupted or hackers had STOLEN some vital ones for Windows to work. He had already spent eight hours trying to get it to work, and I could see it would be impossible, so went ahead and asked Joseph.

And then although he worked nearly a full day today, he continues to work to figure out how to repair it, and has ASTOUNDED ME that without being able to load Windows, he's gotten all over the internet, including into his Cloud storage and his Facebook account. Being on that computer is the ONLY thing he is doing here, and he's OBSESSIVE.

Compared to how he got here, his meds stolen by Sheriff's Detectives and sold on the street (and he a mess without them -- but finally he was able to get a renewal of his prescription), and so much having exploded in his life of late, he was NEVER giving up and always looking for ways to fix his life -- and that computer. So NOW, he is focused totally on this, and he is so persistent and engaged, it is a JOY to see his ecstatic anticipation of fixing it -- and he slowly but surely has made TONS of progress.

But he is driving me INSANE (insaner)!!!

I DID go to the Interfaith Conference on Gay Rights and "the Church" -- meeting two City Council candidates there, and seeing a few people I already knew. I had had to stay up late last night -- then get up at 6:00 to take Tyler 45 minutes north for his job, so I was WALKING DEATH in terms of energy and mind power at the meeting, meaning I could only LISTEN, mostly. I'll report that tomorrow, because it was HIGHLY ILLUMINATING.

And I finally got hold of my brother Mike, who'd been on a camping trip with my sister Jane in western Virginia, and I caught him driving home (back into cell coverage), due to the rains that had arrived. He most graciously said he'd send the needed funds Sunday or Monday.

Mike and his handsome family at Taylor's UNC graduation 1.5 years ago.

My nephew Connor's (the tallest one), UNC graduation, showing his brother Max, and sister Taylor, back then.

Sorry, if to me, there appears to be some "male bonding" going on, with Taylor all but SQUEEZED OUT!!

Allen Walker "doing dapper" at a Great Gatsby party, recently.

Then, at 3:51 PM, I got this simple response from Allen Walker via Facebook:


I wrote him a long further explanation of the situation here on 4th Street, which should remain private, now, and he replied thus:

Its me
I dig

So, I think Allen will find a way to reason with his mother.

And two hours later, I REALIZED that Gold's handyman Thomas (who lives in a cottage at Walker World), told me Gold gave him the money to play at building it, and Gold claims he's a playboy through and through, her apparent intent in raising Allen -- but here's the late-comprehended insurance policy:

Allen is the SOLE HEIR to "Gold Walker Properties"!!!


Joseph has gotten UGLY in his older and older age, and as some have pointed out, it is a DEFINITE SIGN of one pernicious form of "OLD-TIMER'S DISEASE":

Thanks for your honesty.


-----Original Message-----
From: Joseph Faulk <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Fri, Oct 27, 2017 4:42 pm
Subject: Re: SELL...

I won't help.

----- Original Message -----

From: Scott Kenan
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 4:38 PM
Subject: Re: SELL...

He is using them. He owns all his tools, etc. -- he has NEVER been homeless -- and after Sister Isaac gave gave him $50.00 check made out to me toward rent (which I cashed for him for his immediate needs), as well as a bike, a denim jacket and a lot of usable food, I knew that was a good idea. YOU try selling anything (just as a test). These sales sites -- like Tyler has been dealing with looking at used phones, are mostly scammers and incoherent inebriated people. Wilmington is TOPS in opioid trafficking, etc., and it is HELL.

That framed photo has no resale value -- except minor in a thrift shop. Have you ever tried to sell something of its "value". It is decorative, not "art".

Anyway, I'm afraid that won't work. If you only mean to say you won't help in this, please just state that. You sound angry, but even if you won't help, I'm not angry at you. I appreciate all that you did for me, already.


-----Original Message-----

From: Joseph Faulk <>
To: scottdkenan <>
Sent: Fri, Oct 27, 2017 3:29 pm
Subject: SELL...

items I sent: tool cart, 2 black cabinets, large framed photo.  You could have sold the small bed.  

-----ACTUAL Original Message-----

Hi Joseph,

First, as I've said, your invaluable financial help of me is the TOP real-world help I've had these last six years, now, and whatever you do or don't do will NOT change my appreciation.

That said, I am asking not for me, but for my new roommate Tyler Breton, legally Andre Tyler Breton:

Tyler Breton in shirt.jpg

He is completely straight and sadly hairless:

Tyler Breton.jpg

He is 29 and a licenced ship's captain on boats up to 40', as well as approved by Homeland Security to pilot boats out deep into the ocean and international waters, but the need for such pilots is waning in our off-season (he mostly did fishing trips), so he is looking for construction work for now -- or as a motor mechanic, and I met a guy he did over $1,500.00 worth of work on his car for, who had the highest praise for Tyler's work. He has no capital to start a landscape business (nor a vehicle), now. And he has a GREAT depth of info about the medications he is on, and all kinds of plants (he had a landscaping business that he sold a few years ago when he went into driving boats, instead).

He's very worthy of help and has made a lot of progress already in straightening out complications in his life, but some one-time help would speed things tremendously. Once he's working, he can buy an inexpensive vehicle, since he's such a good mechanic -- something HE will save up for and buy.

He's so broke, that I gave him the rest of Oct. for free rent, and Nov. for only $200.00, so he can get back on his feet. At first -- because local cops took his meds that are narcotic (Adderall that settles a diagnosed "nervous condition" -- NOT Meth replacement therapy like Danny Sinatra got it for), and apparently sold them on the street, he was a bit out of sorts and I was afraid it would not work, but he finally was able to get a new prescription from his doc, and he's settled right down and it IS working very, very well.

My landlady -- who has NOT married me, as you predicted -- LOL!!! -- is currently wanting me (us) out for absurd reasons, and served notice, but I am confident that she will soon change her mind, or at least stop a legal remedy and we can then find a place to share ASAP, in a friendly way. I plan to write Gold a new proposal later today, and more nicely -- HA!!!

He is working on finding a used iPhone for about $40.00, and older model that he could buy new for about $200.00, so I ask you to please consider helping him with some money for a phone, and if possible with money (or shipped machine) for a new computer, which could be small, like the one you sent Haston -- $400.00 or so, I believe.

If you would prefer to send him help directly, it could go WU to Andre Tyler Breton, here, or paypal me money to give him. I am NOT asking for money for me. Wed. the lawyer said my check would be sent to him, and then he would let me know when he sends it on to me, but no word on that yet. I will be able to get help from brother Mike with my rent/meds, so I don't need anything from you.

I figure that this much time after you gave me so much for my teeth, and Haston so much to get back on his feet, you might be able to afford to help him in this smaller amount -- and if you cant I simply accept that. You did so much for me, and owe me nothing.




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