Wednesday, September 13, 2017

After My "LOOSEY-GOOSEY" Evening, Life Goes ON!!! / I LOSE My Copy of What I Sent David Alan Young via His Secured Email Server -- LOL!!!

And according to the Bible ALL WOMEN who approach the wedding altar with BROKEN HYMENS should be STONED TO DEATH.

“Yes, Leviticus 20:13 calls for the death penalty for homosexuals,” said pastor Kevin Swanson in 2015. Roy Moore appeared on his show in February.

GOD don't like ANYONE having sex (not the way American Christians or even HEATHENS usually do it)!!!

>>> A STAB FROM MY PAST -- compliments of Roy Rogers Oldenkamp:

I actually applied to be a bartender at Grossinger's the summer of 1970, didn't get it, but worked for the "Toy City Motel" in the Adirondacks instead, which was owned by a traditional Italian Mafia guy who owned a chain of toy stores: "Toy City" -- and when the food they served us (a lot of students living in barracks), constipated an Irish exchange student for a WEEK, the Big Mafia Bosses drove up in chauffeured limousines, gave the owner, "Old Man Pelegrino" HELL -- and we ate lobster and filet mignon for a WEEK -- HA!!! 

We also did a lot of acid and pot.

Why isn't HOMOWACK a gay resort, hmmm?

These mountain resorts in Pennsylvania and New York, once thriving vacation spots, are now ghosts of their former grandeur.

WOW!!! Atlantic Station is the re-developed Atlantic Steel, the largest steel mill in the South owned by Frank Hawkins (also the world's largest cotton oil merchant and a BIG BANKER as well as big railroad investor)

THAT fortune was left to my Kenan Family -- explaining the naming of Frank Hawkins Kenan, the BIGGEST White Supremacist in the Twentieth Century South, and also having inherited Henry Flagler's Standard Oil stock (now Exxon-Mobil), the modern Kenans put Donald Trump into power -- to destroy Democracy and replace it with Klan robes and Swastikas.

FUNNY!!!: I just sent my email to Mr. Young -- but forgot to copy it first before sending -- and now I'm too lazy to reconstruct it here, so it remains between Mr. Young and me. I think he will like it and have some things to think about as well.

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“Kinky sex involves the use of duck feathers. Perverted sex involves the whole duck.”

― Lewis Grizzard
I must confess...I bought this Duck Planter & put a peach-scented candle in it!!!! Jeeeeeeeeeebus Hep Meeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Lead lawyer and future Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black argued that Stephenson had acted in a state of temporary insanity brought on by the marriage of his daughter to a 'negro.' 

Pedro Gussman’s identity as a Negro came as news to him. Prior to the trial, he had always been regarded as white. He dated white women. He was registered to vote. 

Had Gussman been considered black, he and Ruth could not have acquired a marriage license, because marriage across the color line was strictly forbidden in Alabama.

A dark moment in American history offers lessons for the present.


This sounds too much like MY ACTUAL STORY -- LOL!!!: 

Turns out, yes. Robert Harrill, the hermit in question, is a man who, after failing to protect his family from the ravages of the Great Depression, fixated on a mail-order school of metaphysical “psychology.” After a brief stint in a mental hospital, Harrill hitchhiked to the coast, where he stumbled upon the old bunker and moved in, claiming homesteading rights

Thus began a decades-long battle between the government, the police, developers, the “hoodlums” who harassed him and Harrill and his defenders. 

He had thousands of fans -- people who came out to take a picture with him, or listen to him talk about rejecting society and embracing nature

Despite society’s best efforts, he held court in that bunker for nearly 20 years.

The Wilmington run is sold out, but you can still get tickets to the Southport run in October.


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