Sunday, August 6, 2017

My Letter Emailed to Michael Weinstein of the Military Freedom of Religion Foundation -- and Board Member Lawrence Wilkerson, Formerly Sectary of State Colin Powell's Chief of Staff:

Michael "Mikey" Weinstein

Col. Dottie Newman (in high hair)

Michael L. Weinstein
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
13170-B Central Avenue, SE
Suite 255
Albuquerque, NM 87123

August 6, 2017

Dear Mr. Weinstein,

My name is Scott David Kenan (my Kenan family is famous for co-founding UNC Chapel Hill and current control of Exxon-Mobil, Rex Tillerson, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, Episcopal Church, too many Republicans, and the “Clinton Democrats”), and I chanced on your organization while searching for a Meme to use in my Political Blog relating to “God punishing Christians” – and I thank God (or nothingness), that I did!

First off, I am copying your research director as well as Lawrence Wilkerson of your Board, because Army Col. Dottie Newman, in 2010, became a VERY close friend of mine in Atlanta, she the retired Chief Protocol Officer of Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Mr. Wilkerson was Gen. Powell’s Chief of Staff during that time. Dottie told me how she, Gen. Powell and Alma Powell decided it would not be safe for him to run for President in 2008.

I also had two meetings with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’ at the March 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, and Russel knew MUCH about my Kenan Family’s crimes regarding narco-trafficking in Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA, and HE knew Dottie Newman well. I was in her book club (she was also a Docent at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art), and gave a presentation on my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams at Dottie’s club, that I became part of, on working for Mr. Williams 1981 – 82, which is HOW I got to be invited to meet the Reagans in the White House, and to know all of JFK’s sisters, their husbands, but Jackie Kennedy Onassis even better, she warning Tennessee at Jean Babette Stein’s party on January 11, 1982 that Sewanee (Episcopal Church), with the Republican Party, FBI, and CIA would murder Tennessee to steal his estate from Harvard for the University of the South – which they did and I am NOT the only one living who knows the details of how they did that, although Jean Stein (whose father founded MCA, now surviving as Comcast Cable, NBC Networks, Universal Studios and Music Group), mysteriously jumped to her death a few months ago – and I have MANY friends who also have been “suicided” in recent years – for what they knew.

You seem to have a connection to the US Air Force Academy, and from 1990 – 2010, I worked commission only for Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, GA, selling the ad space in all the Service Academy, Maritime Academy, and most War College’s yearbooks – until the owner, Patrick Lee Stansbury, fired me in early 2010 for knowing he also distributed all the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB (I even met more than thirty Marines who swore to me they had guarded Air Force planes abroad as they were loaded with illegal drugs destined for the USA), where we had advertising contracts with the Air War College, Air Command and Staff College, and one other there that’s name escapes me now.

After my parents and sisters worked with the Republican Party and CIA and Mr. Stansbury to try to commit me to a mental hospital five times in one month, unsuccessfully, Dottie Newman and also the Dekalb County Mental Health Head Nurse told me the Republican Party and CIA planned to murder me with the help of my immediate family since they could NOT shut me up via commitment, and Dottie helped me get to Mexico for most of five years of Political Exile, but I came back prematurely -- after going homeless in Puerto Vallarta and Mom sending the money for my return – when she and Dad PROMPTLY tried to get me committed in Raleigh, NC, then kicked me out of the house and I soon moved to Wilmington, where I live today. In Wilmington, I ran into further troubles because I learned of Mayor Bill Saffo, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, District Attorney Benjamin R. David, and New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon running the Drug Mafia with many Christian Churches of ALL denominations, but it mostly profits the Republican Party and my Kenan relatives in Chapel Hill/Durham.

You see, in 1949, my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now 94 and sound of mind but failing of mobility – still living in her home in Raleigh – had Dad’s (William Scott Kenan 1918 – 2014) male lover shot in the head in Cincinnati where I was later born (1951), and Dad given the choice of converting to Roman Catholic so Mom could hide her Swastikas (which we had small and pastel on dinner plates growing up as well as daily beatings for no cause), behind the iconic Kenan name. The Cincinnati coroner listed the death as “Russian Roulette Suicide” (according to Dad who confessed many of his crimes to me before he died – and his HATRED of religion as how women control men, especially Catholicism, although he played the role for Mom).

I must say I have NEVER had a challenge I could not deal with, and I FORCED D.A. Ben David in Wilmington to ERASE several false convictions of me from 2011 – 12 of “Cyber-Stalking” being the biggest, brought by lawyer David Nash of, who owned Costello’s (gay Piano Bar), where I witnessed lots of small and large drug sales – and blogged about it. Republican Judge Chad Hogston CONVICTED ME of that crime that did not even fit the description of the complaint and testimony – he even ADMITTED BEFORE PRONOUNCING ME GUILTY, that he was “overlooking” my Constitutional Rights since I was clearly mentally ill (my parents had consulted with him, and from 1978 – 2009 had me FORCED to take Lithium Carbonate, which causes a “soft lobotomy” so I didn’t CARE about the crimes I witnessed, on a FALSE diagnosis of Bipolar, which I have been tested for several times since then and NO ONE, psychiatrist or psychologist, determined that I have that.

Later, the same D.A. Ben David, and his intern Jeffrey Duncan while this nonsense toward me went on in Wilmington -- then Jeffrey got his first lawyer job with Daliah Saper of Chicago, also a talking head on Fox News Chicago, and conspired and charged me with LIBEL, falsely, because in Puerto Vallarta in early 2010, Jamie Lee Sutherland (actual plaintiff), then an exec of Wells Fargo Advisors, now in a high exec position with Ameriprise Financial, bragged that he did $24 million/month average narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo in Puerto Vallarta – as well as had seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel many times in his Man’s Country private gay baths while Obama was an Illinois State Senator. Later that year, Wells Fargo, Chicago got the then largest fine in US History for laundering drug money -- $200 million, as I recall.

And it is HARDLY a secret in Mexico that Obama is gay and that Reverends Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright arranged the marriage to Michelle, which she is complicit in. Well, Richard Nixon had his LONG affair with Bebe Rebozo, and both Presidents Bush had gay affairs while President, so nothing unusual THERE!!!

My wealthy Kenan relatives put Donald Trump into power with the Kenan top exec, Rex Tillerson (already a bosom buddy of Vladimir Putin), to profit from Russia’s oil development, Kenans controlling Bank of America gives them a great money source, no??? And my mother, who has had at least three one-on-one meetings with Popes in Rome (at least two of those with John-Paul II), actually has told me for about ten years now that the Popes’ first choice for US President in Mike Pence, who will install Catholic Swastikas in place of the Constitution, while the Kenan/Trump plan is to give the US Government over to the Ku Klux Klan types. So, the Pope wants Trump kicked out so that Pence assumes the top position – and ALL the Republicans have been supporting this administration, although a few are chickening out now, and separating themselves from Trump (but not Pence – LOL!!!).

My mother is mostly retired as the top US NAZI, Steve Bannon now having most of her responsibilities. And my parents set up the Christian Drug Mafia in Wilmington with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, a Catholic priest, Robert J. Kus (still here and pastor of St. Mary’s, three doors from my apartment). It is mostly run by First Presbyterian, totally endowed by my Kenan Family – although the wealthy Kenans converted to Episcopalian AFTER William Rand Kenan, Sr., an Elder at First Prez, was the biggest force behind the USA’s ONLY successful coup d’├ętat, the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, which the wealthy Kenans have kept the family name OUT OF, but it inspired Democrats to pass all the Jim Crow Laws across the South within the next two years:

It was a woman surnamed “Weinstein” like you, and a top Atlanta Art dealer (also Jewish), who in 1990 first told me my parents were America’s top NAZIS, and then when I first blogged that in 2010, Jonathan Reiner (cousin of Rob, nephew of Carl), who now has his own Emmys and was my good online friend (and we both are trained Practitioners of Science of Mind, aka Religious Science), made me an “Honorary Jew” (without authority to do so).

And in 2010, I was held hostage five times in the Puerto Vallarta area by Drug Mafia, and learned a LOT (that I have disclosed to many top Mexican and American Military Officers -- I trust them more than Politicians), once by two sons of El Chapo Guzman (so they told me of the connection to US Government that they had – especially CIA, Clinton State Department, Rahm Emanuel, and the blackmailed homo Obama).

Also, once by “Fernando Merino”, a fake Mexican ID for the only son to Colombia’s top CIA exporter of Cocaine to the USA, at his “Godfather’s”, Hector-the-Engineer’s, ranch in Nayarit state, who Fernando BRAGGED to me had placed a booby trap in the Chunnel between England and France to collapse the next time the CIA needed to fake a terrorist attack, but it was FOUND, the Chunnel shut for a few months in 2010 for “repairs”.

He got me to sign a lifetime contract to work for the CIA in the form of a contract to sell $7 billion USD in Mexican real estate to wealthy Gringos: I ignored it and went through HELL.

Also, I was held hostage by Benjamin Shields, a rogue US Special Forces guy who owned and mounted a series of hate-filled “Obama Haters” websites at least in 2010, that CNN TV reported on and that no one could figure out who owned them, and all I did was google for that and found this:

And I was “assisted” by “Sonny”, a Colombian native, who got to the USA illegally at about age six and went on to help found the “Sun Kings” of Brooklyn, who first took over the NYC Police Department from the traditional Family Mafias, and spread down the coast to Florida. He was caught and convicted of crimes and sentenced to 25 years in US Maximum Prison (under a false name – he even showed me his prison ID, but I forget that name – but he is AFRAID because many crimes with no statute of limitation in the US are associated with his fingerprints), and after 11 years, the CIA released him to Mexico where he KILLS to protect CIA narco-trafficking.

MOST of my captors had long and several phone calls with my mother who told them how to treat me in captivity. And Vicente Fox, who had worked as an exec of Kenan-controlled Coca-Cola before becoming Mexican President – and no friend to Trump – is an ally to me, as well as Dr. Valdemar Salazar, who introduced me to the Governor of Colima state, and was best friends with President Salinas, and SHARED knowledge of CIA narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta with him, they CRYING together because they were POWERLESS to rid Mexico of these American Christians.

Even Carlos Salim “Slim” Helu, whom Salinas all but GAVE Mexico’s phone and TV Cable systems to has recently REBUKED Donald Trump – although during Hillary Clinton’s stint at State (and his narco-trafficking with Bill and Hillary), he was THEN the richest person in the world.

There are more details and additional areas I have great info on listed in this letter,, that I mailed both Sen. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis of North Carolina over a year ago, that Sen. Burr responded to, finally, a few days ago – BOTH of them seem to pay attention to my blog,, now, and that because in the last two weeks I FINALLY have gotten back in touch directly with a REAL KENNEDY, Joe Kennedy III, Congressman of Massachusetts, and HE is taking me very seriously. I think he might be our most ARTICULATE (and diplomatic), elected official today!!!

And just a few more things for now:

Stanley Winborne III of my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group 2012 - 15, a native of Wilmington, NC whose family controlled the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, and whose grandfather was the equivalent of Ambassador to China, has a son he does NOT get along with who was second in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan, and responsible for shipping the Heroin back to the USA on Air Force planes for Patrick Stansbury and his Exec. Vice President Mike Massicott (Lee Gosney did most of the visiting to Churches and Politicians, Maine Florida to make the deals), to distribute.

This was confirmed by a Special Ops Officer from the Middle East visiting Wilmington 7/4/2015, who debriefed me that evening in my apartment with his friend:

Susan Grant, the THIRD woman to graduate the US Air Force Academy, then stayed in Colorado Springs for eight years to help “Christianize it”, later became the FIRST United Airlines female full captain flying 747s to Asia, as well as the best-selling “romance” author who INVENTED the subgenre “Romance with Outer-Space Aliens” – based on her non-marriage Christian love-fest with my first cousin George Meyer, going on now for at least 15 years.

I got to know her at this event: And here is what my mother did to her brother after my cousin Janet “Jan” Meyer married Kim Opperman, a Jew. Jan, long an international flight attendant for American Airlines, later married another American employee, the Aryan Bill Larsen, who promptly died of cancer, leaving Jan set for life. HOW Mom murdered her brother:

A HUGE mystery to me, still, is that Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., now 84 and living at 14 W. 95 Street, Apartment 5, NYC 10025, cell: (212) 866-XXXX, email addresses, and, provided me with over $65,000.00 beginning late fall 2011, and ending about 1.5 months ago (with a recent small amount so I could buy my heart meds), typically at $1,000.00 per month here in the USA – ending it abruptly BECAUSE I kicked Wilmington MAJOR Narco-Trafficker and Whores-Runner (whom I tried helping get over homelessness), out of my house when I realized he was a total criminal and protected by Wilmington Police and D.A. Ben David.

Joseph had fallen in love with the guy long distance and was sending him (mostly through me) up to about $7,200.00 per month, despite Haston working at $16.00/hour full time and NO taxes taken out.

Joseph ALSO admits to having had DIRECT CONTACT with at least my sister Jane, and claimed also my brother Mike, discussing how to handle me.

About two months ago, I called NYC Adult Protective Services – on advice of a psychologist friend and several lawyers I know in Wilmington – and they said that he probably needs commitment or to be REMOVED from control of his considerable money because CRIMINALS can scam him (Haston wasn’t the only one, other Wilmington Criminals scammed Joseph too), but when they finally visited Joseph in his apartment in a building that has NOT had a certificate of occupancy by tenants since 2013, they said he was TOTALLY SANE and REFUSED to question him about his sending criminals tons of money.

He has lived in that apartment (which I visited in early 2016), like a “bag lady” since over 50 years ago, rent controlled, and today pays about $765.00/month, while the apartment below him rents furnished for $6,500.00/month, but the building has been VACANT except for Joseph and landlord Bruce A. Kapner, who is in apartment 1, for about three years now. SOMETHING is fishy as HELL about Mr. Faulk!!!

So, you can mine my blog for more info – I have over 4,000 postings going back into 2008 – or call my cell: (910) 200-XXXX. I am ALWAYS at the Service of my Country (and Mexico as well)!!!

I will include all those I email this to tonight in my MASS emailing to my 220+ Political Contacts so you can see them all – I blind copy no one.

I trust you will find this information helpful.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott D. Kenan

Wilmington, North Carolina


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