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Sen. Richard Burr Sends Me a SNAIL-MAILED Letter and Lawyer Brian M. Williams of Raleigh for SPECTRUM COMMUNICATIONS Replies to Me, then I to Him, AS WELL!!!

Although President Obama thought -- rightly -- that President Pena Nieto of Mexico is PRETTY, he was never known to have SEX with him, but DID give Political Exile to one of Pena Nieto's old boyfriends from when Enrique was Governor of the State of Mexico and in the habit of JAILING old boyfriends to SHUT THEM UP!!!

The guy escaped Mexico and QUICKLY got Political Asylum here.

EVERYONE knew Enrique Pena Nieto was GAY in Mexico BEFORE he won election (by help of the Kenan Family's Exxon-Mobil and Rex Tillerson, the Hillary Clinton State Department, and the CIA). Everyone in Mexico (and much of the USA), knows that Obama is gay and his marriage was arranged by Reverends Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright, who ALSO runs a Gay Call-Boy Service, only for TOP married, Christian, black leaders.

And I found it a HOOT when Lady Gaga's DESIGNER PUNKED Michelle Obama in the dress she wore for her LAST major State Department Dinner:

A CLASSIC American "Toilet-Bowl" dress (think of looking up at the porcelain)!!!


Brian M. Williams. Attorney

From: Brian Williams <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Cc: scott <>; Brian Williams <>; Carrie Butler <>
Sent: Thu, Aug 3, 2017 3:49 pm
Subject: RE: Touching base (briefly) re: My case with Spectrum Cable, 499-176

Mr. Kenan,

I apologize for the slow response to your voicemail from Wednesday of last week as I have been out of town.

To answer your question, we are still waiting for certain medical records and bills.  Second requests have been sent to Dr. Dewey Bridger, Dr. Susan Shaw and Dr. Jeffrey Warhaftig.  I expect to have those records soon. 

Also, I understand your desire to resolve this claim soon, and thank you for your patience.  Please feel free to follow-up with those providers and forward their records to my attention as that may expedite things.

Thanks, BRIAN

Brian Williams

Re: Touching base (briefly) re: My case with Spectrum Cable, 499-176 

FromScott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.comhide details
Cccbutler, Richard.Dykhouse,
Justin.Venech, Nathalie.Burgos,
Scott.Pryzwansky, Patti.Michel,

Dear Mr. Williams,

Having now tried to find out why the delay in these three medical providers sending the info to you, I am left with a DEEP EMPATHY for you in your job. Unbelievable, but true.

First I called Dr. Bridger's office, medical records and insurance extension, and was told I needed to speak with one of his assistants, but had to leave a message. No call to me so far.

Susan Shaw is not a doctor, but a sonographer at Wilmington Surgical Associates, and they first said they never had a release from you so could NOT release to you, then after she checked something, said their office had faxed records to you TWICE on separate dates in June, and had nothing else to send.

Dr. Jeffrey Warhaftig's office claimed he had NEVER seen me nor had anyone else there, but when I told her I was looking at their bill and gave the dates of TWO charges from them, she then said that someone else there had done it and results were sent to Dewey Bridger, and that was all they were responsible for. Warhaftig and Bridger are located in different office locations of the same NHRMC system. She then asked me to hold while she got an actual person in Dr. Bridger's office, and after a minute said she had a woman on the line, but I got voicemail -- AGAIN -- when transferred.

I may need psychiatric help before we conclude!!! (I'm only kidding, but a person with a weaker mind might turn "crazed and violent" after all of this non-sense.)

In any case, everyone thinks they have sent you everything you require -- except Dr. Bridger's office, which I haven't actually been able to speak with, and likely they think so too. Now, I ASSUME you are well-trained in Legal Communications. Not believing in understanding CONTEXT, you did NOT want to hear anything from me about the troubles I've had with the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia that my parents set up with Nixon's Aide John Ehrlichman many years ago, the Swastikas on our dinner plates, of the two branches of my Kenan and Meyer family putting Donald Trump and Mike Pence into power for TRAITOROUS reasons, this being WHY the City of Wilmington and District Attorney Benjamin R. David kept throwing me in jail in 2011 -12 on false charges and even false convictions (all of which I since forced Ben David to REMOVE from my record), and that because I know of not only their narco-trafficking, but of Ben David's boyfriends as well, although he's an ELDER, married with children, at First Presbyterian, the church that with my Kenan Family caused the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection,, and today is still promoting White Supremacy and is deep into Drug Trafficking and other crimes.

Today, that Mafia is run by many Wilmington Churches and politicians, including the District Attorney, Mayor, and Police Chief, and I had let the Mayor know I was coming on foot to demand he release the Police Report on the death of my friend Evan Fish who knew too much about my former employer in Georgia of 20 years distributing drugs flown into Maxwell AFB. Wilmington Police forced him to jump to his death and that was confirmed by New Hanover Sheriff's Deputies, including the Negotiator who had worked most closely with Evan.

BTW: By force of my blog, I SHUT DOWN Pentagon Publishing, Inc. of Snellville, GA, and Patrick Stansbury my boss and the owner, more than half a year ago. They lost ALL their Defense Department contracts, and now -- likely -- DO still distribute all the drugs, but I do not know that from evidence. Also, in the last two weeks I am in DIRECT contact with Congressman Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts, I having known JFK's sisters, their husbands, Jackie Onassis, and even the Reagans well while I worked for Tennessee Williams. Rep. Kennedy has THANKED ME for publishing the TRUTH on my blog and for CONFRONTING POWERFUL PEOPLE demanding answers.

So yes, it seems clear that it would have been impossible for the then "Time-Warner" truck to have DELIBERATELY hit me, but how on EARTH does a healthy young man driver make a right turn into an intersection at 9:30 AM and NOT see a 6'11" person NOT wearing a "cloak of invisibility", and ACCELERATE INTO ME, not seeing me until he felt the impact???

NOT your responsibility is all the HARASSMENT I have had from Spectrum employees and technicians whom I wasted HOURS of time with bogus procedures and THREE techs coming to my house (all this AFTER I was hit by the truck), NEVER fixing my Cable TV signal or internet signal, and MANY of them saying that the idiots who'd helped me before KNEW that what they did could not fix it -- until I began emailing and snail-mailing General Counsel and others at Spectrum HQ in Connecticut. They NEVER answered my letters, but my problems soon cleared up with both receptions and no one else coming to my place or calling me.

Those that helped me best agreed with me that the others were CHRISTIANS and no doubt part of the Drug Mafia network in Wilmington -- and since Spectrum has greatly IMPROVED service since I began writing them in CT, when I had occasion to got to their store to pick up a second cable box when a roommate moved in, I discussed this ALL with the rep there, who said he didn't know if they would EVER get all of those who have been sabotaging Spectrum Cable's System in Wilmington OUT, but they've made a lot of progress, and I THANKED HIM for that and his HONESTY.

I am copying those at Spectrum HQ in this letter as well. I am entirely confused about what the problem is in getting all records together. I am NOT pushing the possibility that the "accident" was deliberate for Political Reasons, but I expect that you can clear up this confusion between your office and the medical providers promptly.

And again, I wish to make clear to you -- like I did to all of them on the phone today -- that the pain from the accident in my back, rump, and legs (and right arm, never reported and relatively minor), as well as the swelling and purple discoloration in my feet/ankles/lower legs (edema), disappeared entirely by six or so weeks again, and none of it has come back.

I believe it is in your responsibility to get this confusion cleared up now, and I will email you immediately if and when I hear back from Dr. Dewey Bridger's office.

Thanks, and GOOD LUCK!!!

Scott D. Kenan


Then YESTERDAY, I finally received a reply from Senator Burr (and Sen. Tillis is COOPERATING with Democrats -- SUDDENLY) LOL!!!

Letter Hand Delivered to NC Senator Richard Burr's Office, Mailed to Sen. Thom Tillis, and Emailed to Major North Carolina Press:

Sen. Richard Burr's ANSWER is published below:

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina

Senator Richard Burr
201 North Front Street
Suite 809
Wilmington, NC 28401

June 27, 2016

Dear Sen. Burr:

Since last writing you on January 21, 2015, Drug Mafia in Puerto Vallarta tried to kill me twice in one week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and after my car was broken into and a fake bomb placed in it (which Puerto Vallarta Police proved to be a part of), I high-tailed it back to the USA, and have been living in Wilmington, NC for a year since then.

You might want to refresh your memory with my most recent communication to you:

You did not respond to my previous emails – despite my knowledge of narco-trafficking and my connections to many major Republican and Democratic Politicians from Kennedys and Reagans to three ex-Presidents of Mexico, including Vicente Fox, who had worked for my Kenan Family of North Carolina as an exec of Coca-Cola before becoming President of Mexico. I also met many of Frank Sinatra’s heirs who sold the wealthy Kenans Bank of America, are dissatisfied with Kenan control of their bank, and admitted that Old Joe Kennedy got them to pressure the Gambinos into stuffing ballot boxes in Chicago to steal the election from Nixon for JFK. George W. Bush stole it from Gore, so Karma is now back in balance.

And I know that the CIA and NSA has been running interference so that my mail, email, and phone calls/voicemails do NOT always get where intended. For that reason, I am hand-delivering this to your office in Wilmington, mailing a copy to Sen. Tillis as well, and copying as many major press in North Carolina as possible. I will blog it, and each of my blog posts gets emailed to over 130 political contacts as well. I want to be CERTAIN you get it.

Gov. Pat McCrory has gotten emails of EVERY one of my blog posts for about three years now, I keeping all his received receipts. He apparently trashes them, but I have the PROOF for Court that he deliberately ignored facts about corruption in North Carolina when we eventually get him on trial.

What I know of top secret US Activities – especially regarding the CIA/NSA control of narco-trafficking under the Bushes, Cheney, Clintons, and my wealth Kenan Family centered around Chapel Hill was all learned by observing my FAMILY, NOT stolen from the Government like Edward Snowden had to do to make his point.

And for the record, Ex-Pat in Puerto Vallarta, Wilmington native Stanley Winborne III – whose family had controlled the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, and he’s a close relative of Betty (Price) Kenan of Durham, widow of Frank Hawkins Kenan – one of NC’s BIGGEST White Supremacists, ever -- and whose grandfather had been the equivalent to the US Ambassador to China, and whose son (whom Stanley does NOT get along with), was second in charge of the US State Department in Afghanistan during Hillary’s reign at the State Department. According to US Special Ops who debriefed me July 4, 2015, he HAD to be who was in charge of shipping the heroin back to the USA on Air Force planes to Maxwell AFB in Alabama.

Right up front, I should let you know that I have fully cooperated with the Mexican Government and they have been HAPPY to get all this info, I being debriefed many times by top officers of the Mexican Army and Marines – including by a Marine who hands-on captured El Chapo Guzman about three years ago before his most recent escape.

TWO of Guzman’s sons held me captive in Puerto Vallarta for five weeks in 2010, and I learned a lot from them, including that the Clintons with the Bushes have both expanded US Government (State Department and CIA), in Mexico – mostly to profit the Bush/Cheneys, and of course the Kenans. Another time, I was held in Nayarit State by the “godson” of Hector Javier Salgado Villanueva, a world class engineer with 22 houses around the world, who worked on the Chunnel between Britain and France, and had placed a booby trap in it to collapse it when the CIA called for another fake terrorist attack, like happened on 9/11.

As you must know, it was found and the Chunnel shut for a few months in 2010 to remove it.

Now Hector’s godson, Ruben Fernando Gomez Merino is actually the son of Colombia’s top exporter of cocaine to the USA, and Hector spent five years getting that PERFECT fake Mexican ID for him. And this contract for me to sell $7 BILLION in real estate to wealthy Americans – and strangely referenced to Luxor, Egypt – was claimed by my captors to have signed me on as a CIA Agent for life. I ignored it:

In January of 2015, I met a recently retired Exxon-Mobil exec – a Kenan Company – who told me WHICH Kenans had plotted to put Enrique Pena Nieto into power with help of the Clinton State Department and the CIA. He said it was for the Kenans to get the OIL, and Pena Nieto DID change the Mexican Constitution, and for ALL of them to get the NARCOTICS.

In Colima. Colima, Mexico – about 2012 – I met by chance Martin Lamb, an American investment banker owning a private island off Panama with his own jetport. When he heard I was a “North Carolina Kenan”, he ASSUMED I had a lot of drug money that needed laundering, and BRAGGED that he is the Bush Family’s top money launderer, George W. Bush flying down in small jets regularly full of $100.00 bills. When he saw that I had BLOGGED about that, his people chased me for MILES until I lost them on Mexican roads.

I also met in Wilmington, XXX XXX XXX, well connected to Monika Lewinsky, and who grew up in El Salvador, her family creating and maintaining Bain Capital for Mitt Romney, there, as a criminal enterprise. I DISGUISED her name in my blog since her family is trying to harm her.

A major problem in Puerto Vallarta is Bill Clinton appointee Consular Agent Kelly Trainor de O, whom I’ve witnessed ACCEPTING LARGE PACKETS OF CASH from Carl Timothy of Timothy Realty in Puerto Vallarta, Just like here in Wilmington, MUCH drug money is laundered via real estate sales. And my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh now (she and Dad had set up the Wilmington narco-trafficking when they lived here with help of John Ehrlichman, Nixon's Aide, whom I also knew -– as well as smuggled money out of South Africa then for WHITE PEOPLE after the fall of Apartheid – this with help of Father Robert J. Kus -- it was the official Duplicate Bridge Club of St. Mark’s Catholic in Wilmington, and Fr. Kus now heads St. Mary’s Catholic, here).

But in 2010, Mom (who raised us with Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings), got Kelly Trainor to pay a Doctor to try to medicate me into shutting up, and Dr. John Mabry Crouch (an American national living in Mexico since getting his MD there), told me that his first wife, a Mexican, had been the largest exporter of cocaine to the USA then, and that had FORCED him into the CIA for life. He asked that I publish the TRUTH of his story someday.

And just to finish up on Mexico, you should know I sent this recently to an old lover from 1983, who is now a top Mexican diplomat to the USA – and have proof of his receipt of it – as well as the FACT that Vicente Fox got extra-vocal against Donald Trump right after I sent it: Since I stole no materials, this should not have been illegal, but I am willing to pay the price, if it was. I love my country that much.

Also, CIA Agent Luis Melgoza and his sidekick Salvador Fuentes, in 2010, got Sal’s Mom and her friend to FAKE being top 60 MINUTES producers and record 45 minutes of my story to be TWO segments on that news program. They claimed they had been sent by my distant cousin (whom I once shared a boyfriend with), Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, but proved to be CIA finding out what I knew – just like CIA Agent Kevin Maurer did when he was head of City Desk of the Wilmington Star News in 2012 (by phone from the paper), interviewing me for a next book or feature article. This ONLY until his book, No Easy Day on the assassination of Bin Laden (unnecessary, but he would have testified that he’d set up 9/11 with the Bush and Cheney Families, as well as the Saudi Royals).

My own Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney of Georgia was DRUMMED OUT of the House by Clinton Democrats when she filed Articles of Impeachment against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and some others.

I DID return prematurely to the states about the first of 2011, and lived homeless under the fourth Street viaduct in Wilmington and other places. District Attorney Ben David had me arrested five times on false charges and I was committed to the Oaks mental ward twice as well – but I have FORCED them to remove all of that from the record. Ben David, a Democrat (with his identical twin brother, Jon, the Republican D.A. across the River), protect the narco-trafficking, and in fact, the legal intern in Ben David’s office, Jeffery Duncan, became Daliah Saper’s attorney when she (a Fox News Talking Head as well), and Jamie Lee Sutherland (a close associate with Rahm Emanuel), falsely accused me of LIBEL for blogging that Jamie had bragged of doing $24 million/month average narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo, Chicago – and had seen both Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in Man’s County private gay baths while Obama was a state senator.

As you likely know, that same year, Wells Fargo, Chicago got the largest fine then yet for laundering drug money -- $200,000,000.00 as I recall. And without ever legally serving me, they sued me for Libel, and tried me In Absentia, convicting me – breaking both the Constitution and Laws. A Courts Inspector I spoke with in Chicago said that I can EASILY get it wiped off the books and then countersue for a FORTUNE – but must have money to travel to and stay in Chicago to do that – which I do not yet have.

In Wilmington, I am now safe, having forced the current Politicians and Law Enforcement to respect me, but Democratic Mayor Bill Saffo REMAINS afraid to meet with me. Democratic County 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris has slandered me around town because I know of HIS narco-trafficking (a narco-trafficker especially with disgraced former NC Senator Thom Goolsby, who was protected from prison for his financial frauds by the Kenan Family, then appointed to the Board of UNC System where HE was responsible for ousting the Head of the System and then getting Margaret Spellings (former top Bush Domestic Advisor as well as Clinton Family associate), whose job is to speed up the dismantling of Public Education in NC.

And I suppose I should let you know I caught my Mom on secured comm with Coach Lou Holtz (who had been our neighbor in Columbus, OH in the late 1960s, and for his help with Mom’s Catholic Swastika’s, she got him his dream job at Notre Dame), at the exact time Obama made the deal to re-open government two years ago (three???). The Pope Mom has met with most in person was John Paul II.

Well, it’s all a mess, but we HAVE TO fix it. I am NOT partisan, but Trump is the world’s worst bully, and Clinton its most consummate, corrupted politician. I hope you agree with me that a match of John Kasich and Bernie Sanders would have been an INTELLIGENT campaign – instead of this FREAK SHOW.

I am entirely at your and your Senate Committee’s disposal to tell you even more, and under oath.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience:

Scott David Kenan

Wilmington, NC 28401

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

PS: It has taken longer than I’d expected to write this, so I will send it to both you and Sen. Tillis via secured server, then tomorrow deliver to your office and mail to Tillis’s. In the meantime, I will publish it on blog here:, and then eventually add the email addresses of Press and others I sent it to as well – the ones NOT on my regular email list.

I look forward to working with you and others to heal Our Beloved Country!!!


Senator Thom Tillis


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