Tuesday, July 4, 2017

On Independence Day 2017, a HOLE BROKE in the Cloud Named DONALD TRUMP -- Who Is Sponsored by My Kenan Family of North Carolina -- YAY!!!

This photo is actually from July 2, 2015, that Facebook recommended I RE-POST today -- but I CAN'T re-post to Facebook, since Facebook kicked me off (blocked me from posting, "Like"-ing, messaging, etc.), for a MONTH, two weeks ago, claiming that my report on David Alan Young claiming he would find me on Wilmington streets and SHOOT ME DEAD because the Bible demands Christians KILL all Liberals and "Faggots" like me was just FAKE NEWS and I am a TRAITOR to have posted it -- LOL!!!

Well, Dave Young has now been SERVED his Criminal Court Summons and our first Court appearance is scheduled for 8/21/2017 -- but Facebook is just CHRISTIAN CIA, and won't let me back on earlier DESPITE Law Enforcement and the District Attorney (Ben David), now SUPPORTING ME -- HA!!!

Blog hits today, are DOWN a little for TWO reasons:

1. Blog hits are ALWAYS down on holidays -- unless the whole country is under BAD WEATHER and can't play outside in warm weather, or visit family and friends for Christmas, Turkey Day, etc.

2. While Russians, who normally hit this blog only 2 - 5 times per day, have been hitting it HUNDREDS of more times per day the last nearly a week than Americans -- to get the BACK-STORY of how and why my Vladimir Putin loving Kenan Family put Trump into power so Rex Tillerson (our TOP EXEC, and lifelong Kenan Family employee at our Exxon-Mobil), can make the deal for Kenans to profit from developing Russia's VAST Oil Reserves -- financed largely by Kenan-owned Bank of America.

And WHENEVER I report that Russia is hitting this blog like crazy, they ALWAYS retreat from that some. Today, they are only hitting it about 20% more than Americans are.

Americans are CHRISTIANS, mostly, so like to IGNORE FACTS -- but the REST of the World is trying to SOLVE the problems we Americans under NAZI Trump and Pence are making BIGGER every day.


1. I called my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, of Raleigh -- first identified to me in 1990 by top Jewish business leaders in Atlanta, GA as AMERICA'S TOP NAZI, and she said she was TOO BUSY to talk, as she was folding clothes to be picked up for Charity. Mom has given me the BUM'S RUSH faster and faster for weeks now, but this BY FAR the fastest.

So I asked her if they are picking them up in an hour or so, and she replied, "No, they will be picked up TOMORROW." I laughed and said, "Well, no WONDER you don't have two minutes to talk now, then -- HA!!!"

Mom then hung up on me.

Clearly, it got back to her that I had gotten the TRUTH about my second cousin Robert Charles Kenan, Jr., attorney, POSSIBLY Drug Court Judge in Pender County (the next county north of us here in Wilmington), but DEFINITELY the town's attorney in Burgaw, NC.

So ole "BOBBY" Kenan, must have GOTTEN his email and contacted Mom, no???

Classic shot of Mom in a "NAZI-Catholic Mood" -- in 2008.

Well, I recently added lawyer Robert C. Kenan, Jr. -- and THREE top administrators of the Town of Burgaw to my email list -- but I am NOT going to get involved with Burgaw's or Pender County's NAZI INFESTATION by my Kenan Family -- I'm ALREADY too busy with the Kenan infestation of Wilmington, New Hanover County, Washington, DC, and MEXICO to take on MORE. I will soon drop them from my list.

2. I have TRIED to call Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC THREE times, today, KNOWING he has no reason to not answer his phone or sit outside his building in the park today -- NYC Adult Protective Services do NOT operate today -- except in EMERGENCY.

So I left him a message to call me so I do NOT call NYC 911 -- as this ODD BEHAVIOR indicates that he FINALLY understands what the problem is -- and could well have gone SUICIDAL. They promised to call me tomorrow, to let me know the PROGRESS of the last week in contacting Joseph, so I will discuss it with them, then, first.

STRANGELY, the most popular "Search Word" of those finding this blog the last few days is Joseph's actual "Road-Runner" (Spectrum Cable), email address -- and TOO OFTEN for it just to be Joseph checking for himself.

3. I MIGHT have a new roommate!!! A young guy (20), riding a bike past me while I was on a THREE HOUR HIKE around Wilmington's beautiful gardens and architecture downtown -- and IRONICALLY in front of the NOW boarded-up William Rand Kenan, Sr. House at 110 Nun Street, that I was checking to see if it was listed as UP FOR AUCTION, as I've read might be happening (no sign of change was there) -- stopped and asked to bum a cigarette.

We started talking, and he's fairly new in town, has a camp AWAY from everyone else in the woods, HATES DRUGS -- except marijuana -- and does NOT drink alcohol, either. He was on his way to one of two part-time jobs he has -- at the GOOD restaurant where I've eaten a few times when I was less CASH POOR, most previously with Bill Toups, George Bush's distant cousin, before we spent the night together last October, LAUGHING over all the crimes the Bush and Kenan Families have committed together over the last many decades.

Bill Toups has since grown a LONG BEARD, as he is still in hiding from his murdering Bush relatives.

WHOOPS -- We do NOT have a MATCH!!!

Anyway, this young guy also has ANOTHER part-time job -- and is working on his BA at UNC Wilmington -- and DESPITE it being in the ARTS, he is NOT GAY, but works WITH Gays, largely, at the SECOND job.

He's to call me soon so we can discuss his possibly moving in.



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