Monday, July 3, 2017

Russians Hit This Blog HUNDREDS More Times Per Day (this week), than Americans Do -- Preparing Vlad with More TRUTH about Kenan-Trump Alliance, before Trump-Putin Meeting / Original Wilmington Drug-Thug Councilman -- Charlie Rivenbark -- Thinks He Can Get RE-ELECTED -- While Mayor Saffo Sits on the Fence Pending 4th of July CITIZEN ADULATION!!!

As "everyone" in Wilmington, NC knows (and most of the rest of the world), Revs. Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright arranged Barack Obama's marriage to Michelle -- with HER FULL KNOWLEDGE.

It was ONLY at Obama's FIRST INAUGURAL CEREMONY that George W. Bush let "Barry Bam-Bam" know that the Republicans had all the PROOF of his HOMOSEXUALITY, and so did Vladimir Putin, who used it to DELAY Obama's forceful CONDEMNATION of  Russian meddling to ELECT DONALD TRUMP.

This was ALSO how El Chapo Guzman's TOP US Narco-Partner, Rahm Emanuel, who got Wall Street and Big Banks -- including Kenan-controlled Bank of America -- to FLOOD Bill Clinton, then Barack Obama, and later Hillary Clinton with BIG BUCKS (Rahm -- often seen with Illinois State Senator Obama in Gay Bathhouses by my friend Jamie Lee Sutherland, now a TOP EXEC with Ameriprise Financial, Chicago -- never had a course in finance or accounting, but his college degree is as a BALLET DANCER).

This all supported by Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan of Chapel Hill who CONTROL Exxon-Mobil and by Kenan Family's TOP EXEC, Rex Tillerson, who ALREADY got a TOP AWARD from the Kenan Family PARTNER, Vlad Putin.

Betty (Price) Kenan in center, Tom Kenan on right -- Holy, Cannibal-Communion Episcopalians, both!!!

>>> THE BEST EVENT OF MY DAY TODAY was meeting two women about 30 years my junior in Costco -- they knowing WELL both of my very near cousins from Burgaw, NC, Robert Charles Kenan, Sr., an accountant, and his son, Robert C., Jr., called "Bobby", a lawyer (and according to my BED-BUGS exterminator -- which appear to have been SUCCESSFULLY exterminated), also a DRUG COURT JUDGE in Pender County.

They BOTH AGREED that while the ELDER of the two is a TOTALLY COOL GUY, the younger, "Bobby", as they call him, like my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- America's TOP NAZI who with Pope Francis and others put Mike Pence into the Vice Presidency to promote CATHOLIC NAZISM -- ALSO calls him "BOBBY" -- and said that Bobby is her TOP NAZI ALLY in S.E. North Carolina, is a TOTAL HATEFUL ASSHOLE.

And my further research tonight CONFIRMS this, as "Bobby" is an ARROGANT, BULLYING PIG -- and Burgaw's City Attorney, that the City seems FED UP WITH, but can't figure out how to GET RID OF HIM, just like Wilmington had a SIMILAR problem with Republican New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Burger -- until they FINALLY got him out, he then retreated to FAILED Republican 2011 Mayoral Candidate Justin LaNasa's mountain retreat, BROKE INTO Justin's arsenal of weapons including at least one GRENADE, and was apprehended there.

Brian "Bedroom Eyes" Berger was HOT AS HELL to all of Wilmington's CLOSET-CASE Christian Homosexuals -- like District Attorney Benjamin R. David, ELDER at First Presbyterian.

Justin LaNasa -- a common TATTOO PARLORIST -- owns

And Justin's good friend, Sherman Lee Criner, not only was caught diddling the vagina of a five year old girl in Thalian Hall (antebellum theater attached to Wilmington City Hall), Wilmington Police then BULLIED the girl's father into NOT pressing charges because Sherman's WIFE, Judge Sandra Ray Criner and Sherman were UPSTANDING CHRISTIANS AND REPUBLICAN PARTY LEADERS!!!

This was all OPENLY reported in the Wilmington Star News, and of course it was Justin's DRUG BUNNIES that hacked my computer in 2011 from Hardwire Tattoo on Front Street who ALSO cat-called me a CHILD MOLESTER (of their young sons), up and down the busy streets of Wilmington, which prompted Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo (a GOOD Republican), to arrange for me to HIDE OUT -- until it was too obvious I didn't belong there -- in a dry-out tank for alcoholics, then transfer to the Oaks Mental Ward, to continue there for a total of ten days.

Soon enough, Sherman Lee Criner foolishly PUBLISHED photos of his Christian Snake Handling, and to SAVE HER JUDGESHIP, Judge Sandra Ray DIVORCED HIS PECKER, and reverted to her maiden name -- LOL!!!

Well HERE is some dirt on Lawyer Robert C. Kenan, Jr. -- whose secretary INSISTED I cannot POSSIBLY be related to him, my mother's FAVE relative (by marriage), and Co-NAZI of this region of the country:

In a BIG SEARCH (in vain), to find pictures of both Robert Kenans, I DID find email addresses for not only LAWYER Kenan, but the top officials of Burgaw city, and they will all be PERMANENTLY added to my list of 200+ that gets EVERY blog posting emailed to them DIG???

MORE HERE -- although I am CURRENTLY withholding judgment on County Commission Head Woody White (Republican)


1. I intend to say nothing about most candidates until filing has CLOSED except for a FEW that I know well enough ABOUT -- if not know well personally:

Mayor Bill Saffo, while LEADING THE DRUG MAFIA (with D.A. Ben David), has ALSO advanced the City considerably, since I first arrived HOMELESS late December 30, 2010, so if HE doesn't have a BETTER challenger from EITHER PARTY, then NO ONE IN WILMINGTON has even:

I think that Charlie Rivenbark, in office even longer than Bill Saffo -- 24 years -- is actually MORE CORRUPT, and both he and Councilman Kevin O'Grady -- who BOTH sit on the Board that oversees our WATER UTILITY and BOTH KNEW of the pollution at least a YEAR before it was disclosed, need to be THROWN OUT FOR POISONING WILMINGTON'S CITIZENS -- DELIBERATELY.

But Rivenbark ALSO TERRORIZED me in Mayor Bill Saffo's office in front of his Executive Secretary, Dawn Grants -- just TWO WEEKS ago -- saying he HOPES I get a DOG and it is RUN OVER BY A CAR, he knowing ALL ABOUT my being hit by a Spectrum Cable truck and tossed twelve feet -- when I was on foot to confront Mayor Saffo AGAIN about releasing the Police Report of my friend Evan Fish's being MURDERED by Wilmington Police, which was CONFIRMED by New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies and Negotiator:

I wrote to Charlie Rivenbark's PARTNERS in Real Estate -- describing the incident -- but have NOT YET gotten a written response from them. I suppose I will have to visit with them in their OFFICES after the 4th:

Well, at least there is ONE PATRIOTIC RIVENBARK in town:

And my FINAL COMMENT on Southeast North Carolina "CHRISTIANS" of BOTH PARTIES:

Male Christians

Female Christian in FULL ESTRUS!!!


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