Friday, August 5, 2016

Don't Count Yer Hot Gay Chickens Before They Hatch!!! One MIGHT Actually Be STRAIGHT, and You (ME, actually), Might ACTUALLY End Up with a Date with a WOMAN!!! (YEP -- It Happened!!!):

This wee video came labeled "Gay Chicken with Dr. Cox (sic) and Brendan Fraser."

FIRST, I MUST give credit where it is DUE!!!

18 charged in 1-day heroin distribution task force bust

SOUTHEASTERN N.C. -- In a one-day operation Wednesday, the Coastal Carolina Criminal Enterprise Task Force arrested 11 suspects and charged a total of 18 with a variety of heroin or drug-related offenses according to a release from the Charlotte Division of the FBI.
Two weeks ago, the FBI's Wilmington Resident Agency, the Brunswick County and New Hanover County sheriff's offices and the NC State Bureau of Investigation announced they were forming a joint task force to combat the rise in heroin distribution along the Cape Fear coast.
The NC State Highway Patrol, the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office, the Jacksonville Police Department, the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office, the Wilmington Police Department and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service assisted in the arrest operation.
Five suspects are currently fugitives, two charged were already in jail or state custody at the time and 11 additional suspects were arrested. All are facing a variety of drug related charges following the sweep, the release stated.

And there is ANOTHER news item of particular interest to me:

Here we learn that Uber-Criminal Republican Woody White has raised the most dough -- more than ALL FIVE OTHERS, put together!!!

The Narco-Trafficking Christians NEED Woody White!!! And he HAS done GOOD THINGS!!! He got the NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT of Republican Brian Berger OFF New Hanover County Commission in 2013!!!


"Bedroom-Eyes Berger" was elected on his SEX APPEAL to men even more than women (how Christian-Republican Straight Men do it).

This blog seems COMPATIBLE with my own approach, but it was SILENCED after this posting on this event:

But what is FUNNIEST is that Brian Berger, Senor Muy Caliente Pinga, eventually became SOUGHT BY THE LAW, and was captured in failed 2011 Republican Mayoral Candidate Justin LaNasa's Smokey Mountains hunting cabin -- SURROUNDED BY GUNS, AMMUNITION, and I think there was even a grenade!!! (Google yourself to find the precise details -- they were ALL OVER the News back then. I got it all in Mexico.)

This is the MOST cleaned-up Justin LaNasa has been in HIS LIFE (and he lost this race, too). He had sought to emulate Judge Sandra Ray's until-recently-husband, Sherman Lee Criner, whom the Wilmington Police protected from prosecution for getting caught diddling the vagina of a young girl in Thalian Hall theater 8 - 10 years ago, and had become "The Face of the Republican Party":

Sherman Criner, protected, could ONLY get what is commonly called "Christian Worse", and next thing you know, he posts a photo of himself on Facebook, which caused Judge Sandra Ray to DIVORCE his SCALY PECKER (which Christian Devils all have, but don't necessarily show):

Beginning after Labor Day, I will begin delivering "Scott's Notes" on every candidate that I will vote on who is local -- to their office staff if I can't reach them in person.

But not YET.

And I GUESS this is as good a place as any for my latest observation on the Presidential Race. CLEARLY the Republicans (the Catholics, especially, who are under my mother's and Pope Francis's direct control -- like Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, etc.), are RUINING their own reputations continuing to Publicly Support Trump who they KNOW is nothing but "Toilet Trash", to DELAY Trump's ouster until Mike Pence has campaigned enough and compared to Donald Trump is a SAVIOR -- to say nothing of "talks nicer", and they can REPLACE HIM at the top of the ticket with Pence, rather than the second place finisher (worse than Trump in many ways), Ted Cruz, or the ONLY adult in the Republican Candidates Gov. John Kasich.

But WATCH -- it will all BLOW UP IN THEIR FACES, soon enough. Could they POSSIBLY lose more women, racial or religious minorities -- or out homosexuals???

This will ONLY get worse as they all self destruct in the name of Jesus Christ the spiritually Illegal Idol of fear, greed, and hate.

And also of interest is that according to the Wilmington Star News (that has NO STANDARD of truthful or researched reporting), claims that Julia Boseman is running as a DEMOCRAT, when either Julia is pulling my leg, or she really IS running as an Independent.

But the GOOD NEWS is that she's BEATEN every actual Democrat who is running.

See more here

Just for KICKS, here is an old posting tying together Barack Obama, former Republican Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana -- and of Denison University -- and Frank Sinatra's old dentist in Puerto Vallarta, Frank Meyer, DDS, and some other things:

And for the RECORD, this image I use for Politics -- and it applies to most Religious Clergy as well -- is what EVERYBODY I've had sex with in Wilmington wants (men only, and both black and white, homeless to two builders with wife and family who have EACH built well over 100 Wilmington homes). If you DOUCHE and clean properly it is NOTHING BUT PLEASURE, which more and more Wilmington women actually LIKE to do for their man (and vice-versa), but it's just that men know the male body better, so men can ALWAYS please a  man better than a woman can.

Just ask President Obama!!!

BTW: BOTH the Wilmington Star News and the Port City Daily STOPPED sending me their daily news-summary emails two days ago. I guess they got TIRED of my EXPOSING ALL THEIR CHRISTIAN-MAFIA LIES!!!

I STILL know how to find them on the internet -- LOL!!!

>>> OK, BECAUSE THEY CHRISTIAN-LIED TO ME LAST NIGHT, I AM EXPOSING THE TRUE IDENTITIES OF MY "GAY CHICKENS" (while respecting their rights to straight-only sexual relations):

A TERRIBLE shot of Haston Laverne Caulder III, aka "Dapper Dan". But Haston (which NO ONE calls him), has proved to be FAR SMARTER than I ever expected, got LAID (nicely), his first weekend night out, and NOW has a woman his age with adult children he plans to ask on a REAL DATE, today!!!

I TOTALLY SUPPORT HIM in this, but it cannot be denied that without being drunk or otherwise impaired, he called me on three separate occasions over the last year, asking to come over to get oral service -- and drink a beer or two.

I ONLY denied him because I felt "funny" about it -- perhaps an intuition that our paths would eventually entangle in important ways, and no sense overly complicating things. But last night Dan said he had simply been DRINKING, and didn't really ever do such things (he forgets he's told me he's done them before, as well).

In fairness, while homeless, people do things to get what they need -- but CLEARLY this never caused him to VOMIT, and in fact he ENJOYED IT.

Haston Caulder is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of a Wilmington Christian.

See, I TOLD you that "Falwell", actually Darrell Brutout, SMILED in a recent Mug Shot!!!

Last night, Darrell claimed that after I told him he did NOT have to have sex with me even though he offered to AFTER I had already agreed to get him to work on time the other day, that he was ONLY KIDDING, but the FACT IS, unlike his buddy who IMMEDIATELY began pursuing actual DECENT WOMEN, Haston says he's NEVER known Darrell to go for a woman.

But WE ALL know that it is the RARE 31-year-old who would ever LUST for a "Fat Old Fart" like me. 

So OF COURSE I have completely given this pursuit up -- and at least I have TONS of HOT MALE BEAUTY gracing my apartment SHIRTLESSLY.


Christine's tiny picture -- from an unknown year.

1. She is NOT moving to Texas by the end of the year -- but KENTUCKY, instead. As a former Pennsylvania Prosecutor (think Ben David in the Wilmington scene), a practicing physician, and with MANY ADVANCED LICENSES, Christine has chosen Kentucky because they have great reciprocity with Pennsylvania of Professional Licenses, which Texas does NOT -- and she has too many to have to put too much energy into getting them in Texas.

And Texas is also too HOT for a life-long Pennsylvania Yankee to have to ENDURE!!!

2. Her three adult children -- ALL adopted, two from the USA and one from far-eastern SIBERIA (to avoid ones with Chernobyl-radiation complications), have IQ's of lower than 90, and will ALWAYS be dependents (although she has well-endowed Trusts set up for them outliving her), which can be difficult in all the HEAT, as well. They just need to have HORSES and riding space, so isn't Kentucky PERFECT???

My future (like my grade-school PAST -- visits-wise, now)???

I only WARNED her that the Kenans (associated by marriage with the Kentucky Clays), are the LARGEST owners of COAL MINES in that state, so STAY AWAY from any Kenan Properties, no???

3. And then in some moment of perhaps "supreme female foolishness", Christine said she would be HONORED if I would be her guest (she will pay all expenses), for me to come up and be her DATE to our 50th B. Reed Henderson High School, West Chester, Pennsylvania Reunion -- in 2019!!!

And I've ACCEPTED with pleasure -- and can't WAIT to tell my best friend from there, Bob Jones, whose successful campaign for Class President I ran in spring 1968 -- right before Dad was transferred to Columbus, Ohio -- so we could live across the street from my parents' new BEST FRIENDS and co-CATHOLIC-SWASTIKA-LOVERS, Lou and Beth Holtz.

And THIS was when Mom's work as America's TOP NAZI kicked into HIGH GEAR.

Beth and Lou Holtz

All my long-time Readers will remember that my sister Jane babysat for the Holtzes FREQUENTLY (no one else would do it), because ALL of their grade-school-enrolled children had NOT YET been "potty trained", and were always sh*tting their pants!!!


And then from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico -- about three years ago -- I FOUND all of Lou and Beth's now ADULT children and added them to my "Email List", but within two weeks ALL of them had BLOCKED ME.


So NOW, the confirmed homo has the real date with a real woman -- and the Christian Straight Boys continue to sort things out.

And so it is,



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