Thursday, May 4, 2017

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to John and Connie LAHR (and a few OTHER things)!!!

John and Connie Lahr, posted by John today -- on their 29th Wedding Anniversary.

A selfie from Paris with Connie to celebrate our 29th year!

As ALL my Readers know, it was John Uecker of W. 88th Street in Manhattan, who spent Tennessee Williams's LAST NIGHT with him in the Hotel Elysee -- and MURDERED Tom, most likely by smothering him with a pillow.

When I got CLOSE to Uecker, again, for the first time since 1982 (this in 2009), he TOLD ME how he shared a train-ride with Williams Scholar -- and ONE TIME Editor of ALL things Tennessee Williams, including that Thomas edited MY book for Don Weise, then of Alyson Books, and I gave him much CREDIT, as he gave me this ONCE (check Professional Reviews):

In ANY case, Uecker told me that on that trip to the Tennessee Williams Festival in Provincetown, Massachusetts, Mr. Keith told him NOT TO WORRY -- that they had all the EVIDENCE of John Lahr's affairs with young men, and had ALREADY BLACKMAILED HIM into not telling the TRUTH about WHO MURDERED TENNESSEE WILLIAMS.

All this in TOTAL AGREEMENT with the realities that BOTH John Lahr in his Williams Bio:

 . . . and I in my memoir, report. And the TWO TOGETHER provide the PERFECT FRAMEWORK for EVERYTHING I write in this blog to REST UPON. Just because YOU might have fallen for all the CHRISTIAN LIES, does not mean you have any reason to DEFEND THEM -- anymore.

Me, Thomas Elliot Keith, and his short Colombian boyfriend, Arturo -- whose FAMILY lives in the Smoke Rise section of Stone Mountain, Georgia, and RUNS the Drug Mafia there -- with the KENAN FAMILY (and our allies).

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' knew ALL ABOUT IT when we met twice in 2015.

And I MUST thank all my READERS!!! There has been so much else to report, I keep putting off that Blog hits have SKYROCKETED the last few weeks (even for my memoir-as-blog), but these two -- and in this order -- have gone virtually VIRAL -- HA!!!:



ANYWAY, I'm ready to start MY weekend -- how about YOU???

I leave my Readers with pics of TWO of my favorite "Writers -- and JUST GUYS!!!" -- having a GOOD TIME:


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