Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Even My NAZI-CATHOLIC Mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, Was SHOCKED How Our CHRISTIAN/NAZI US Government MURDERED My Friend Jean Stein!!!

" . . . one of the NAZI experiments that continued in America was the MIND CONTROL . . . known as the CIA's MK-ULTRA."

My mother WINNING her award from Henry Ford, (not pictured, he at his factory PISSED still that he had to paint automobiles other than BLACK, the CHRISTIAN'S ONLY MORAL COLOR CHOICE, he felt), who THEN -- with Joe and Rose Kennedy -- were the TOP NAZIS in the USA.

And Mom HEADED Proctor & Gamble's CHEMISTRY LABS in Cincinnati, WORKING with not just Dr. Mengele's data from Concentration Camps, but ADVANCING NAZI MIND CONTROL!!!

And my MOTHER was who got Fox News in the EARLY DAYS to play tones FREQUENTLY that caused the sensation of EUPHORIA in people taking "Old-Folks Drugs" -- until ALL the other broadcast Media SUED FOX to stop that, and they DID, promptly (in the early aughts), AVOIDING bring these FACTS to COURT!!!


Actually, I HAVE also studied under Jay Scott Neale -- as well as the OTHER New Thought Leaders!!!

If they have the means to DO IT, they are GONG TO DO IT -- regardless the Law!!! 

It was Wilmington, NC City Risk Manager Jack Stein who told me the number my phone calls came in on from Puerto Vallarta, and when I googled it, it was WELL KNOWN to be one used by the NSA to CHANNEL CALLS. 

As a US Citizen living in a foreign country but speaking to Americans in the USA, it is not CLEAR to me if that was LEGAL of our Government or not (at least then).

But the SUBJECT MATTER I discussed included things affecting US National Security, BUT what I knew the MOST about was the US State Department and CIA being TOTALLY INVOLVED in narco-trafficking

I ASSUME that is why they PREVENTED me from getting calls through to MANY individuals and Agencies in the USA!!! I'll post a couple of examples in comments below:

The agency had warrants from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court to spy on only 42 terrorism suspects in 2016.

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Scott Kenan This posting is NOT just about Jack Stein and the NSA, but also shows part of how KENAN-FAMILY-CONTROLLED Bank of America was RESPONDING to Jamie Lee Sutherland/FOX NEWS/Obama/Emanuel/El Chapo Guzman Mafia COOPERATED with this BOGUS LIBEL charge and UNCONSTITUTIONAL manner in which President Barack Obama was able to GET IT. 

The OTHER two entities that were COURT ORDERED to turn over my property (intellectual property), NEVER BELIEVED THE COOK COUNTY COURT ORDER (it's NOT even SIGNED by a Judge!!!), and Google/Blogger did NOT turn over control of my blog AS ORDERED TO, nor did believe it. Amazon stopped sales for six months, but left my book's page IN PLACE, waiting for LEGAL CLARITY from Jamie Sutherland, Fox News, Rahm Emanuel, and Barack Obama

BUT President Obama DECLINED to send it (or his Fox News, Wells Fargo Bank), and after that period, they took it down -- but sent all the ACCUMULATED royalties to ME, not Jamie -- HA!!! So my only ONE STILL TO PICK, here, is with the Kenans, and NAZI-Catholic CEO of Bank of America, Brian Moynihan, who being a GOD-SCREWING CHRISTIAN, NEVER answered my letters or phone calls.

Jack Stein MARRIED A WOMAN as ALL the HOT MEN do (publicly), in Wilmington!!! Just ask D.A. Ben David or Mayor Bill Saffo!!!

Scott Kenan After first SPEAKING with the Center for Constitutional Rights, ALL my communication after that was BLOCKED by the US Government (Barack Obama in charge), so I tried the Center for Justice & Accountability -- and had the SAME PROBLEM with all but my initial contact BLOCKED BY THE US GOVERNMENT:

Dear Sir or Madam: My name is Scott David Kenan, an…
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Scott Kenan Here is ONE of my letters to NAZI-CATHOLIC Brian Moynihan of Bank of America

Brian Moynihan >>> FIRST A HOOT !!!: William Morgan …
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Scott Kenan And here the UNSIGNED "Judgment":

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Scott Kenan And HERE, the continuing LEGAL RECORD of it all:
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Jane Goodall has some advice for Ivanka Trump, who included an inspirational quote from the primatologist and conservationist in her new book.

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Oh LORDY!!! I KNEW Andy Warhol fairly well -- he giving me and three others a tour of his Old and New Factories, March 1982, my MOTHER, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now 94 and living in Raleigh, NC who's been identified as America's TOP NAZI to me since 1990 -- but NOW Trump Adviser Steve Bannon has that position -- NOT ONLY served our meals on Swastika-clad china, she beat us DAILY without reason. 

Anyway, MOM had at LEAST TWO one-on-one meetings in the Vatican with this most NAZI of recent Popes. I'll put link to my blog -- should you care to read more:

Revolver Gallery - Your Andy Warhol Specialists
Pope John Paul II, Fred Hughes, and Andy Warhol, 1980. #RevolverGallery #AndyWarhol

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Scott Kenan

Welcome to the Age of the Artist!!!


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