Thursday, January 12, 2017

Some Surprises -- FORTUNATE and/or FUNNY!!!

My back garden in Puerto Vallarta in 2013, where I lived until Drug Mafia chased me back to Wilmington, NC, June 2015. This came up as a "Memory" that Facebook suggested I re-post this morning.

An exchange with John Lahr on Facebook, this morning, says ALL I NEED TO, now, about Rex Tillerson:

Trump has already been played brilliantly by Putin. Of course, Putin favored The Donald because the Russian goal is to weaken America’s social and democratic fabric. 

Trump is a wrecking ball in a pink tie. Division—you got it! 

Lower taxes for the rich, worse education and health for the poor, immigrants out, Constitution compromised , intelligence agencies called into question, government contaminated by scandal and nepotism from Day 1. 

We don’t need terrorists to undermine America; we’re doing a great job ourselves. 

It’s not fake news that’s our problem, it’s a fake president. As Trump’s name-calling, show-boating rowdy polarizing pre-inaugural press conference showed we are all set to implode from within.

Jonathan Keates This all sounds reminiscent of what appears to be going on in the UK at the same time. Self-induced implosion is the order of the day, while Russia, immemorially gleeful at the collapse of the wicked old west, rubs its paws together as in the days of the Tsars.
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Wayne Allen Kimes Well said!
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Scott Kenan Perfectly said, actually!!! 

But some GOOD NEWS is that my Kenan Family's representative, Rex Tillerson (my family has controlled Standard Oil/Exxon Mobil since Henry Flagler left us more stock than Rockefeller ever owned in 1913 -- and also now controls Bank of AmericaCoca-Cola, etc.), did NOT do well in hearings yesterday, key REPUBLICANS not liking him, so he may well not get confirmed. 

(To:) John Lahr: my Kenan Family is the LARGEST support of the Episcopal Church, USA (I documented Kenans giving them about $90,000,000.00 in various gifts over the last 100 years), and especially University of the South, which today controls Tennessee Williams's estate that they stole from Harvard -- just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tenn and me on Jan. 11, 1982 would happen. 

When I spoke with President Faust of Harvard's Office a few years ago, I learned that she gets TOO MUCH MONEY from Kenan Educational Charities to annoy them by trying to reverse the fate of TW's estate. 

THAT is the State of Christianity in the USA!!!

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Scott Kenan DETAILS on some of the TOP Kenan Company Execs I have known over the years and gotten MUCH info from!!!:
John Rothchild Hard to decipher this text. Apparently, your higher education left out English 101. Upper class blowhards, take note.
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Scott Kenan Mr. John Rothschild: WHAT are you typing about??? 

YOU list NO credentials of any kind on your FB profile -- and I see you are from Miami, Florida, built MORE by my Kenan Family than by Henry Flagler (but under Flagler's name)

Now, if you were referring to MY comment (rather than Mr. John Lahr's), read my latest blog posting that INCLUDES the bulk of this thread:

Not lookin' so good for my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil!!!

“This is a huge victory for democracy," a corporate watchdog group said of the court ruling.





A BIG CRUSHEE of mine in 2011, Public Defender Jason Minnicozzi/"MaxiComfort" with Roy Cooper

My letter, mailed tracked First Class/Priority, is en route today from Charlotte to Raleigh for tomorrow delivery. I got CONFIRMATION that both Roy's office and new Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein GOT my letter via secured servers to their offices two nights ago.

I bet Governor Cooper has a BIG LAUGH over it all -- but does NOT respond to me -- due to my being "CONTROVERSIAL".


1. "Old Roomie" has applied for a couple of clean-up jobs in restaurants, and my neighbor downstairs, "Miss Lucy", has a lead on a possible construction job (full time and continuing), in an area that Roomie has LOTS of experience and can provide REFERENCES and PHOTOS of his work!!!

We just don't know if it is REAL, yet, or not.

2. This morning, I watched as SOMEONE signed me up for lots of Conservative Emails and Memberships. This reminds me of living in an apartment in Wilmington BRIEFLY in spring of 2011 -- when someone signed me up for a whole SLEW of Conservative magazines that flooded my mailbox until they saw I was NOT paying for them -- LOL!!!

That then included "Christian Bride" and magazines for Christian New Parents.

Today, I was signed up for:

A. Fox News Halftime daily reports
B. Several Christianity Today (o similar) orgs' reports
C. "Volga Girl" (Christian pornography)

All of those emails alerting me, most asking for confirmation from me of my sign up -- are from my OUTLOOK/GO DADDY Email -- LOL!!!

Likely, it was either Ryan Lee Burris (County Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair), who spread LIES about me needing psych meds all over Social Media and through his Cape Fear Equality in 2015 -- but I decided NOT to prosecute the little bugger. There was NO TRUTH to it, and EVERYONE in town now knows I DON'T need psych meds -- I need to UNLEARN the truth about the corruption of BOTH the Democratic and Republican Parties around here.

Ryan with two other officers of Cape Fear Equality

Of course it could ALSO be by former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby (a business associate of Mr. Burris who was a FREQUENT partyer with Mr. Burris at his "GAY HOUSE" back a few years ago):

Tom Goolsby FAKED being a kindly, neighborhood granny -- defending him -- in this CLASSIC, super-hit blog posting from 2011. MISTER EGO (a Roman Catholic, I was shocked to learn recently -- so he CAN'T remarry, have sex with anyone, or even MASTURBATE until his first wife dies, poor fella -- or by Catholic Rules -- he goes STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!)

Notice the identity he made up to do it: "NCGrandRep" -- "North Carolina's GRAND REPUBLICAN" -- LOL!!!

Republican FAILED candidate for both Wilmington Mayor and then for NC State Senator, Justin LaNasa used to, in 2011 and 12, hack my computer and have his friends CAT-CALL me a CHILD MOLESTER of their non-existent "young sons" -- with help of Roman Catholic Frank Delia -- who owns the Italian Market and Coffeehouse on Front Street:

I have no way of KNOWING who is resorting to this JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLER'S TACTIC -- but it is FUNNY AS HELL, no???



Well, at least I didn't MARRY any of them -- LOL!!!


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