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Letter Emailed then Snail-Mailed to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Today!!!

>>> BECAUSE MY COMPUTER FREEZES DUE TO CIA/NSA HACKING WHEN I JUST WRITE IN "WORD":  I am updating my progress writing on blog as I go. EVERY time I switch to this, the Government Hackers are FORCED to unfreeze Word, which so far this afternoon has frozen four times, two of them longer than ten minutes:

Governor Roy Cooper
Office of the Governor of North Carolina
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, North Carolina 27699 – 0301

January 10, 2017

Dear Governor Cooper,

My name is Scott David Kenan and I live in Wilmington – and FIRST want to congratulate you on your HARD-WON Victory – and your actions so far as Governor! Your paid campaign staffer, Patty, known to me only by first name, lives next door and we’ve had a lot of conversations.

Although a Yankee by birth and education, I have been coming to Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach since I was six weeks old in 1951, and spent a lot of time here over the years. I then lived here homeless, mostly, all of 2011 and into 2012, then moved back after abandoning my Political Exile in the Puerto Vallarta, Mexico area – which Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer, Army Col. Dottie Newman, got me to in 2010, after my immediate family, the Republican Party of Georgia, and my former employer of 20 years (perhaps the BIGGEST supplier of illegal drugs to Wilmington), Pentagon Publishing, Inc. of Snellville, GA, tried to commit me to a mental hospital five time in one month – I knowing all about their narcotics and other crimes.

You see, my mother had my father’s boyfriend shot in the head about 1949 – then Dad was allowed to convert to Roman Catholic and marry Mom so she could hide her SWASTIKAS behind the iconic Kenan name. Official Cincinnati Coroner's Report: Russian-Roulette Suicide!!! I am descended from a different brother, William, when Thomas, Felix, and William Kenan emigrated from Ireland to Wilmington in the 1730s, but am VERY tied to Thomas S. Kenan III, today.

We even both dated the same guy, Curtis “Robbie” Anderson, first Tom Kenan, then I, in 1985, and I have had a LOT of contact with Tom Kenan of Chapel Hill since then!

While I greatly RESPECT and HONOR my distant wealthy relatives – especially for their support of UNC’s entire system, Duke University, and NC State (and MANY other important Universities around the country) -- Tom’s father, Frank Hawkins Kenan, deceased since 1996, was the TOP “idea person” for the North Carolina Republican Party, and his legacy LIVES ON in Wilmington – while Tom Kenan is just a “high-functioning alcoholic” in a Golden Prison of Philanthropy – NOT a strong enough person to control the Kenan Companies – but he continues to SUPPORT the Episcopal Church which with the Republican Party murdered my former employer, Tennessee Williams, EXACTLY like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned us they would do – then stole Tennessee’s estate from Harvard University – as Jackie ALSO warned us about.

I knew all of JFK’s sisters, their husbands, and many of their children, back then. Ronald and Nancy Reagan invited me to the White House in 1981, and in 2011, I met Frank Sinatra’s fave niece, Patricia Sinatra, who SOLD Bank of America to Kenan-controlled NationsBank, but HATES how badly the Kenans run it – and admitted that Old Joe Kennedy got the Sinatras to get the Gambinos to stuff Chicago ballot boxes and steal the election from Nixon. Perhaps YOU never got this from “the horse’s mouth”, like I did – HA!!!

My parents set up Wilmington's Christian Drug Mafia with help mostly of Nixon Aide (whom I knew well), John Ehrlichman, and also worked with Father Bob Kus (now of St. Mary's Catholic), as members of St. Mark's Catholic when Robert Kus was pastor there -- smuggling the wealth of White People out of South Africa after the fall of Apartheid -- because Catholic Popes (and Mom had at least THREE one-on-one meetings with Popes, two with John Paul II). My father also bragged to me that HE had been most responsible for putting and keeping in power Sen. Jesse Helms. 

A former priest at St. James Episcopal, here, ran their narco-trafficking operation, and while in Mexico, MOST American Narco-Traffickers I met worked for the Episcopal Church, USA -- and of course the CIA and Clinton State Department. As you likely know, the Episcopal Church USA was CUT OFF from voting with the Anglican Community for THREE YEARS, just about a year ago -- for their many crimes.

And two years ago this month, I met a recently retired exec of Exxon-Mobil in Puerto Vallarta who TOLD ME how Kenan-controlled Exxon (Rex Tillerson), had with the Clinton State Department, put Enrique Pena Nieto into power, and he then changed the Mexican Constitution to allow Kenans/Exxon -- and others -- get Mexican Oil again, and all of them to get the Narcotics. This is WELL KNOWN in Mexico, but kept out of our Press by the CIA.

Did you know that Trump critic former President Vicente Fox had worked as an exec of Kenan-controlled Coca-Cola before being President of Mexico? He's TURNED AGAINST THE KENANS!!!

So you have got a HANDFUL to deal with in my Traitorous Kenan Relatives -- they even HATE YOU PERSONALLY, Republicans restricting you from making appointments to the UNC Boards!!!

Why not use my info -- after independent vetting -- to RUN THE REPUBLICANS right out of the STATE.

Wouldn't THAT be fun? I am at your disposal, although I have a lot on my plate, working on a project to correct the record about the last years of Tennessee Williams's life (and death).

John Lahr, and others, have recognized me as the top authority on the last two years of Tennessee Williams's life, but my BOOK about all of that -- initially scheduled for hard-cover release by Alyson Books, spring 2010, as their FEATURED release of 30, was stolen from me in an illegal and unconstitutional action. I was falsely accused of LIBEL regarding my blogging BOTH about my friend Jamie Lee Sutherland's (an exec of Wells Fargo Advisors, then, now of Ameriprise Financial in Chicago), BRAGGING about his narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo (that same year, Wells Fargo's Chicago Office got the BIGGEST fine in US History for laundering Drug Money in Chicago), as well as that he'd seen both Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his private gay bathhouse, Man's Country.

I went ahead and PUBLISHED my stolen book as a blog, which can now be read here for free: http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/ 

Anyway, they charged me but failed to LEGALLY serve me, and while I promised to remain to get a SECOND attempt at serving me in Puerto Vallarta (it takes time across national borders -- and Illinois had a 30-day expiration to this kind of service, and I returned from picking up some belongings in the USA after it expired), they did not bother, and went on to find me GUILTY in Cook County Courts in absentia -- and although Jamie asked ONLY for $50,000.00, he was awarded HALF A MILLION -- as well as copyright to my Williams book (which several top movie producers were looking at until then), forcing it off the market -- and copyright to EVERY email, letter and blog posting I write UNTIL I DIE -- so when I DO die, they can scrub it off the internet.

This operation was SIGNIFICANTLY HELPED by Wilmington District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- a NOMINAL Democrat whose brother is the Republican D.A. on the other side of the Cape Fear River -- and Ben got his brother's TOP "lying psychologist" Carrie Menke, PhD, to commit me PERMANENTLY to Cherry Hospital, but the Judge LAUGHED her report right out of Court -- thank GOD!!!

Ben David's wife Stephanie David is a LONG TIME Republican Fundraiser and Strategist -- working long-time for both Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, and Mitt Romney (even closer). Ben is also as gay as am I, but married and an Elder at what I call the "Kenan Cathedral to White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking", First Presbyterian (across the street from my apartment as I type this), the church where my Kenan Family (William Rand Kenan, Sr.), and the White Christians planned then executed the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898.

And I knew Ben David's long-term male lover, Lee, well, but when I blogged THIS, Ben bought him a newish used pick-up truck and told Lee he had to leave town PERMANENTLY -- I spoke with Lee as he was leaving town: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2013/04/repost-da-ben-davids-boyfriend-lee.html

Unfortunately, Ben David's intern in 2011 - 12 while Ben and Republican Judges had me in jail five times on eight false charges -- as well as committed to The Oaks mental ward twice (very briefly), Jeffrey Duncan, then got his first job with Saper Law, LLC of Chicago -- and directed their false prosecution of me in Cook County Court, so Ben David is HEADED FOR FEDERAL PRISON -- as soon as I find someone COURAGEOUS ENOUGH to go after him. 

My second cousin, lawyer Robert C. Kenan of Burgaw, tells me I will need to go at least to Charlotte to find someone NOT too afraid of Ben David and David Nash -- a Republican lawyer who sued me in 2011 for Cyber-Stalking, and even though what they claimed had NOTHING to do with that crime, Republican Judge Chad Hogston CONVICTED ME -- after even READING INTO THE RECORD that he was ignoring my First Amendment and Press Rights (as a blogger)!!!

OTHER criminal Democrats in Wilmington include Ryan Lee Burris, 3rd Vice Chair of the County Democrats, who is ALSO head of Cape Fear Equality. He hides his narco-trafficking behind his "democratic work". He partners with former Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby (a TOP Kenan Family operator), in getting in the drugs for Wilmington. And Thom Goolsby -- who in any other state would now be in prison for his financial frauds -- was given a place on the Board of UNC System, he PROMPTLY running off the Head so that Bush Aide Margaret Spellings could be put into place -- and THEN THEY MADE IT ILLEGAL for you to touch this "Kenan Property".

An acquaintance of mine who spent his working years in New York City tells me he worked for thirty years for Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo's Uncle -- who has headed the NYC Saffo Mafia for forty years now -- giving Mayor Saffo his "Mafia Orders". That said, no one else could have led Wilmington as well as Saffo, so I don't TOTALLY want him going to prison like the others all deserve to do.

I will send you a snail-mailed copy of this by tracked Priority Mail -- and I will also send it electronically to NC's new Attorney General Josh Stein -- for his perusal, too -- and it will be published on my blog here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/01/letter-emailed-then-snail-mailed-to.html.

My blog can be mined for data -- or your people can contact me with specific questions.

Thank you for TAKING BACK NORTH CAROLINA from the Narco-Trafficking Republicans and corrupted Democrats!!! They hide up the skirts of Jesus, MOCKING his ministry on Earth.

All best,

Scott David Kenan
Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

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