Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Whilest My Kenan Family (Rex Tillerson and Exxon-Mobil) Are Questioned "Under Oath" -- the OATH Being the Biggest Joke of ALL (in American Courts n' Congress)!!!

Well, I am SORRY if a signpost lost its Spirit over this -- but with NO ONE ever being convicted of Perjury -- and everyone LYING UNDER OATHS -- makes me wonder if we don't ALL believe that the Judeo-Christian Bible (on which nearly all American oaths are sworn), is a BIG OLD PILE OF SHIT!!!

Now, Rex Tillerson -- representing my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Coca-Cola,, and so many other companies -- could NOT be expected to admit under Oath -- all the lies and traitorous lobbying coming out of Exxon-Mobil over the MANY years that Rex is ON RECORD not only for saying Climate Change is Real Science, but of his company ALREADY hardening Exxon-Mobil refineries and other operations near sea level to be PROTECTED from rising seas.

So he DUCKED -- and he parsed his words carefully -- knowing HIS "Arse was Grarse" if he put my Kenan Family into NEW Legal Jeopardy -- LOL!!!

That's all I want to say about Old Rexxie. I walked within 75 feet of a Kenan driver from Kenan Advantage Group filling gasoline storage tanks today -- but I felt nothing compelling me to talk to him. I've talked to TONS of Kenan drivers over the years, and gotten great stories of quirky old Frank Hawkins Kenan flagging drivers down from his Rolls Royce, getting out and showing off his walking cane that hid a gun.

And I have also heard their stories of the Kenans dropping regular drivers to use "wild-catters" (independent contractors), during the Great Recession -- to SAVE MONEY, letting long-time drivers with families out in the cold, and of their being ordered to DUMP wastes that accumulate in the bottom of tank trucks into Lower Cape Fear Wetlands -- instead of use the approved methods which cost more. 

With SO MANY things in the news today, I watched ONLY an hour or so of Tillerson's testimony. Since I had never met him in person (only that recently retired Exxon-Mobil exec in Puerto Vallarta, two years ago this month, who told me how the Kenans, Tillerson, the CIA, and Hillary Clinton State Department had put Pena Nieto in the Mexican Presidency, he then changing the Constitution for the Kenans to get OIL, and them all to get the Narcotics). I wanted to get a take on Tillerson's presence, attitude, manliness, and humanness.

These are the Kenan Business Leaders I have met over the years:

1. That Exxon-Mobil Exec.


Roberto Goizueta, CEO of Coca-Cola -- born in Havana, Cuba, then led Coke from 1980 until his death in 1997. I met him in a "Peasant Corporation" restaurant in Atlanta about 1988 (his table was curious about my 6' 11" height), and I had NO IDEA that the wealthy Kenans were into Coca-Cola, then.

He explained that Coke has MORE sweetener than Pepsi, but Pepsi tastes sweater -- because the flavor of vanilla is the strongest in Pepsi, and lime flavor is strongest in Coke. Also, that Coke is formulated to be poured over "pea-ice" (early ice machines worked on extrusion from tubes that produced ice breaking about the size of garbanzo "peas"), at room temperature.

3. I won't name the Vice President of Marketing for Bank of America I know from Facebook -- and our having MANY mutual friends -- including Sister Louisa (artist Grant Henry), but he is on my email list -- as is CEO Brian Moynihan -- ever since I wrote him (getting NO reply):

Brian Moynihan -- the Sinatras (own the most now after the Kenans), don't like him much, EITHER!!!


Jim Shaeffer [far left], NTTC outgoing chairman, and Dennis Nash [far right], Kenan Advantage Group, present an award for 50 years of loyalty to Lee Shaffer, CEO of Kenan Advantage Group.

I met Lee Shaffer in 1990, at Kenan Oil Offices in Chapel Hill, NC, when he was President there. Lee was VERY kind to me, and got me on the phone with Thomas S. Kenan III (then at home -- I didn't show up there until 5:30), from Tom's own desk.

The hot, hairy-chested STAR of UNC Basketball -- in his day -- was Lee Shaffer -- who was ALSO, then, ROOMMATE of notorious homosexual Thomas S. Kenan III.

No wonder that even today, they get along so well . . . 


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