Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Get DISTRACTED by the MAIL (snail and electronic), Becoming a WHIRLING DERVISH of Appreciation!!!

Sister Mary Isaac Koenig left for her retirement in Rhinebeck, New York, today (I believe)!!!

Beginning with the simplest, somehow I'd (actually Benefits Management), OVERPAID my Time/Warner Cable bill, and received one today only owing $42.00!!!

And I ALSO got a Thank You note from Sister Isaac in my snail mail. It was in response to this. See almost 2/3 the way down here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/12/another-victory-for-this-blog.html

Although I spent LITTLE time with Sister, she had helped me a few times when I was homeless in 2011 (and I TITHED the proceeds of my Tennessee Williams memoir to her charities for the two years my book was sold on Amazon -- WHILE I was mostly homeless), and then less than a year ago, when I had Dewain as my roommate and he was quickly ARRESTED (I had no idea he was then addicted to Heroin), Sister told me that the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do was to correspond, but especially to VISIT HIM IN JAIL, which I did about five times.

Eventually, Dewain moved to his mother's house in NO WHERE, Kansas, and has remained OFF the stuff.

Sister Mary Isaac Koenig's note to me:


Dear Scott,

Wishing you a joyous Christmas and blessed New Year!

Thank you for your very kind words. Continue being a blessing for others.

Peace, Prayers, and Gratitude,

S. M. Isaac

IN FAIRNESS, Sister has NOT likely ever read any of my blog!!!

And then I got an email from an old friend from 2010, Jim Richardson!!! While I CAN'T find an image of Jim, I DO have an image of his life-partner (whom I knew since about 2000), John Bolinger, now a retired teacher from Hammond, Indiana:

John Bolinger (a top)

Re: Cookies 
Scott Kenan to jim

Hi Jim -- believe it or not, I've been thinking of you a LOT lately -- and John as well!!! Regardless your words -- LOL!!! 

I have learned TONS MORE since we last had contact, and I got your note while preparing to write former (John Bolinger's Senator) Dick Lugar, who started a Political Science school at our shared Alma Mater, Denison University. My mother's ROOTS and most of her political activity came out of Indiana, while my Kenan side is TRIUMPHANT in putting Donald Trump into the Presidency. As you might or might not know, Rex Tillerson is the TOP KENAN EXECUTIVE in business, my family controlling Standard Oil/Exxon-Mobil since Henry Flagler left his entire estate to Mary Lily Kenan in 1913 -- and that included not just oil, but 40% ownership in US Railroads that was never broken up. Today, also Bank of America, Coca-Cola, and www.theKAG.com, now the largest trucker in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

And my mother has for nine years now, claimed that the first choice of the Catholic Popes for President is Mike Pence, who is making the REAL decisions.

I'm not going to write too much here (for me), but it IS TRUE that I exhibited symptoms of MEGA STRESS when I knew you -- and ONCE AGAIN, I wish to THANK YOU for the $1,000.00 you gave me when I was in deep need in Puerto Vallarta!!! I've been checked out by many psychiatrists and other doctors since back then, and CLEARED of any so-called Bipolar Disorder diagnosis. I was put on Lithium Carbonate (illegal to prescribe for more than a couple of months in most developed countries -- including Mexico), for 31 years (it's CHIEF effect is "soft lobotomy"), and it only destroyed my teeth, but NOT my organs, thank God!!! It took five years for my mind to get back to working properly.

Since I was kicked out of a homeless shelter here in Wilmington in 2012 on false charge of making a pass at the ugliest skank in the place, a guy in NYC has been augmenting my income, now about $60,000.00 worth of help (in the blog, he is "Testosteroni"), so far. I have gotten several homeless guys off the streets the last year, drying them out, then getting them into well-respected REHAB programs (alcohol, Meth, crack, and heroin addictions). I even sort of partnered with a Catholic NUN!!!

For several years now, ALL my doctors and dentists have recommended my smoking marijuana for stress, and it has really helped. I've cut back to little of it of late, as it also reduces IQ while high. I am sorry to hear of your son's bipolar condition, and that THC in his mother's bloodstream may have contributed to it. I see that in our age group, pot-smoking is up in recent years about 600% -- while among the young, it has DECREASED -- the mind not really ready to handle it without bad consequences until about age 25.

I'm also glad to see that you and John are still together (remember the bipolar recluse he had as a roommate/one-time lover in Hammond, IN???). I had followed his move to Florida before he blocked me, and since you weren't mentioned, I thought you guys had split. But John's review of my Williams memoir SURVIVES on the blog that I posted my whole Williams memoir to after an exec of Wells Fargo (a chief competitor of Kenan/Sinatra Families-controlled -- and YES I've gotten to know Frank Sinatra's heirs, COOL people -- Bank of America), charged me with LIBEL for my blogging not only about his bragging of his narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta, but seeing Obama and Rahm Emanuel many times in Man's Country gay baths in Chicago. And then I was tried in absentia in Cook County, they awarding him half a million plus copyright to my Memoir, and every blog posting and letter and email I write until I DIE!!!

I hope this never happens to you, and as I don't yet have the money to overturn it, which the Courts Inspector there said will be EASY, but I have to do it while staying in Chicago (continuances, etc., make that mega expensive for me) -- and then I'll SUE THEM.

I'm now getting 30 - 60 views of my Memoir PER DAY, and it's FREE: http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.com/. I got my 1,000,000th blog hit to my Political Blog, right before this Thanksgiving, and currently am getting 600 - 1,000 blog hits from RUSSIA per day!!! THEY like to read the background about Tillerson/Kenan/Trump!!!

Anyway, here are TWO letters that I actually got into the HANDS of Trump and Pence, should you care to take a gander:

And since you live in Florida, you should know that EVERYTHING Flagler built after about 1900, was actually done by William R. Kenan, Jr., who ran all Flagler's businesses for him (except Standard Oil, which his subordinate shareholder, John D. Rockefeller ran for him -- and later, for the Kenans), since then, then later, until he died in 1965, for his sister and other Kenans who owned all the stock. 

Perhaps you were unaware of my connections to Mexican Government. I have fed MUCH to former Presidente Vicente Fox (who harassed Trump -- LOL!!!). You probably know that Mr. Fox worked for my Kenan Family as an exec of Coca-Cola, before elected President. Also, my FIRST Mexican date (1983 in Atlanta), was the Consul to Atlanta, and I recently got back in touch with him TOO, after learning he is the MOST DECORATED of Mexican Diplomats to the USA -- LOL!!!


Of course, I remember your position and your knowing Ted Turner -- as well as doing electronic surveillance of Turner for your boss at the communication company, mostly doing business in foreign countries. Turner proved to be a TOTAL ASS and anti-Patriot -- LOL!!!

So I wish you and John the MERRIEST OF CHRISTMASES, and if you don't mind, could you send ME that cookies recipe??? I have no idea what I've done with it, and they sound DELICIOUS!!!

I STILL make John's Potato-Leek soup.


(910) 200-XXXX

-----Original Message-----

From: Jim Richardson
To: scottdkenan
Sent: Tue, Dec 20, 2016 4:35 pm
Subject: Cookies

I still think you are bat-shit crazy and need to go back on your meds, but thank you so much for sharing your triple-chocolate-orange-cranberry-oatmeal cookie recipe with my partner John some years ago. We have them at Christmas, and think of you when you were somewhat saner. 

Merry Christmas


P.S. We sold the house in Colorado and now live peaceful retirement lives in a much warmer climate, have a rich social life and only think of you when we make the cookies. John did recently tour the Flagler museum. I think he was born 200 years too late, he does so enjoy that kind of stuff.  I no longer travel to Puerto Vallarta, it simply isn’t what it used to be.


* * *

Jim Richardson's WEBSITEhttp://www.jimr.com/

Jim's BLOG (includes VERY INTERESTING MATERIAL!!!)https://www.blog.jimr.com/


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