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Continuing . . . on Father Soprano, "Smokey Testosteroni", an International Hard Drugs Mule, and "This n' That"!!!


Randall Kenan (not my blood relative, but he is a writer who teaches at both UNC Chapel Hill, and the Sewanee Writers Conference for over a dozen years, now.

It was Randall Kenan who told me that Mr. Prunty -- who directs both the Sewanee Writers Conference and the Tennessee Williams Fellowship program -- is ENTIRELY tone-deaf to Literature -- LOL!!! -- as are the others at the University of the South who run the Sewanee Writers Conference.

Randall, the SPITTING IMAGE of the black cook in a photo from the late 1800s in the kitchen at Liberty Hall:

And I guess he got his surname from my Kenan relatives who had enslaved his ancestors -- he BRISTLED when I suggested he might be part blood-Kenan with me -- actually looks fully African and might NOT have my blood -- but Randall REFUSES to discuss it with me, or WHY he works for the White Supremacist Kenans at their PRIME university -- and the Christians who MURDERED Tennessee Williams, which Randall knows ALL ABOUT!!!

You DON'T have to be a WHITE REPUBLICAN to be GREEDY and GOD-HATING!!!

Wyatt Prunty had read the Nonno's poem from The Night of the Iguana

"How calmly does the olive branch
Observe the sky begin to blanch . . . "

Wyatt read it with all the feeling associated with reading an Excel Spread Sheet -- at Tennessee Williams's Poet's Stone Installation Ceremony at Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan, late 2009, and I had asked Randall about Prunty.

Claudia Emerson with Randall Kenan at Sewanee Writers Conference 2014

The Writers Conference there is allegedly supported by Tennessee Williams's estate -- re-named the Walter Dakin Fund after Tennessee's grandfather who graduated the Divinity School there, BUT the fees are HUGE to attend and FEW scholarships are ever given.

Randall Kenan is one of the TOP writers influencing me -- LONG before I had any idea of his connection to the Episcopal Church and Sewanee as a "NIGGER EMPLOYEE" -- which I say ONLY because after he ratted on Wyatt Prunty and Sewanee's IGNORANCE about Art, he was SHUT UP and apparently forbidden to communicate with me further and NEVER HAS RESPONDED to my attempts via email and Facebook comment or message.

Randall Kenan's first book was a POWERHOUSE (has its own page on Wikipedia: -- and after 27 years it remains in print -- but Randall HIMSELF has been emasculated by the Kenans controlling BOTH UNC and Sewanee, where Kenans have given the school and Episcopal Church (in the Deep South, anyway), nearly $100,000,000.00 over the last 90 years.

And TOGETHER, the Episcopal Church/Sewanee (funded by Kenans), the Republican Party, CIA, and FBI murdered Tennessee Williams and then stole his estate from Harvard University -- just as Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tenn and me they would do -- that at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party January 11, 1982. Here is my telling of the NON-POLITICAL events of that party:

So here's the funny thing. When Facebook BLOCKED ME from posting after I posted this for the umpteenth time on Facebook (and on Sandra Beckham's Timeline -- SHE just blocked from posting images that day for a week, and we very much in agreement on this):

NO Historian disputes these facts -- and Christians claim they are FORGIVEN all their NAZI Crimes -- LOL!!!

So I tried to "Like" Randall's image of Big Bend where he now is and where I was in 1977, but -- as always since I was blocked by Facebook a week ago -- my like did NOT register, but I noticed a place to "protest" -- and did so DESPITE their BRAG that they are so NAZI they don't READ any protests, but they are somehow helpful:

THEN . . . 

BUT, I then found that I STILL am allowed to post nothing and make no comments -- but I'm again allowed to "Like" anyone else's postings/comments EXCEPT RANDALL KENAN'S!!!

The CIA/US Government does NOT allow me to communicate with Randall Kenan, who keeps me as a Facebook Friend.

Stanley Winborne on left and Colin Stuart Hamilton, retired star of BBC radio and TV, who was MURDERED just over a year ago in Puerto Vallarta by DRUG MAFIA -- and ONLY:

Jennifer McCracken (who has three aliases that I've found so far), a MORMON Narco-Trafficker living in Kenan-built Carolina Apartments here in Wilmington, NC -- and her brother is a CIA-CONTROLLED/Sheriff's Deputy here, HUGE into narco-trafficking, KNEW about the details of Colin's murder.

When I published them, English-speaking Press in Mexico picked up and re-published what was FIRST on this blog.

I just checked and I AM allowed to "Like" Stanley Winborne III's postings -- Stanley the Wilmington, NC native living in Puerto Vallarta who does NOT get along with his son who was SECOND in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan and the SPECIFIC PERSON in charge of shipping the HEROIN back to Maxwell AFB for Patrick Stansbury, my former employer, to distribute it from Maine to Florida, but LARGELY here in Wilmington, North Carolina via Christian Churches and Politicians of BOTH PARTIES, the Republicans profiting from it, mostly.

A US Special Ops Officer flown to Wilmington to debrief me the night of July 4, 2015, VERIFIED that Stanley's son did this:


Father Ernest Soprano on left

Yesterday in my posting,, which got near RECORD HITS overnight -- MOSTLY FROM RUSSIA!!!

1. Part of the reason I wrote him is that everything I saw about him -- including all photos -- shows him to be ENTIRELY COMFORTABLE in his skin as a man -- and EVEN in a T-SHIRT (yesterday's posting), almost UNHEARD OF as it came from his PROFILE PAGE at his church -- not some "activity" photo!!!

2. Another part of it is that at the bottom of his profile is this: "I look forward to enjoying 'your story'."

3. I am TOTALLY for Freedom of -- and from -- Religion, and no matter a person's "THEOLOGY", what actually matters is HOW WE TREAT EACH OTHER.


The "Pizzagate Shooter", Edgar Maddison Welch, who SHOT UP the place due to FAKE NEWS -- although from Salisbury, NC, went to Cape Fear Community College here in Wilmington -- and was a "Wilmington Actor" (as in "on a stage to portray comedy or drama").

An IMPORTANT STORY on the depth of FAKE NEWS around the recent election:

Bill Clinton speaking recently at Cape Fear Community College (a coincidence with Mr. Welch, only), but it is ALSO where District Attorney Benjamin R. David for the SECOND TIME promised me he will get VACATED the false and unconstitutional LIBEL CONVICTION in Chicago -- of me gotten IN ABSENTIA.

I was NOT ALLOWED to defend myself!!!

Ben David is a GOD-AND-TRUTH-HATING Elder at First Presbyterian -- DESPITE his having a wife and children, and a WHOLE BEVY of former male lovers.

I am PLEASED TO REPORT that "Testosteroni" is back to his usual, stinkin' self -- witness this email I got from him today:

Next week I'll be sending presents for YOU and for (my former roommate). For my sake please maintain a decent relationship with him. 

In truth your photo of him "asleep" with head angled down and unlit cigarette pasted to his lips touched me--I associate it with a sorrowful figure in a realistic painting from Picasso's Blue Period

His presents will include cigarettes, Dunhill and Camel 99's, the latter with Turkish tobaccos. 

To research them I'm now smoking my third pack in two days, but NO, I'm not getting re-hooked.



I recently learned that a GRANDMOTHER living in my neighborhood is a RETIRED International Drug-Smugglin' MULE!!! She flew with powder drugs stuffed into a make-shift DILDO shoved where you would expect, and ate up to 24 giant capsules of drugs per flight. ONE DAY, only 23 flushed out and she knew it was MORE than needed to kill her by overdose, and she told all family "Good-bye".

But then, after three days of absolute HELL, she recovered, and claims she has NOT done such since then.

She also thinks it was TOTALLY COMPATIBLE WITH CHRISTIANITY, she a HUGE defender of "Redeemer Jesus", but ALSO of what she considers CHRISTIAN FACT, that it doesn't MATTER if she helped addict our children (and others), to hard drugs -- because BELIEVING IN JESUS means she is FORGIVEN BEFORE EVEN SINNING!!!

Welcome to the NEW WORLD!!!



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