Saturday, August 13, 2016

Of Fidel Castro (an Original), Haston Caulder III, Justin(e) LaNasa, Susi Hamilton, and Julia Boseman -- ALL of Wilmington, North Carolina -- except ONE. And Donald Trump Fans Can't Guess Which One -- HA!!!

This is the best of several flash-photos I took of Haston -- NONE of which woke him up.

Haston Caulder (called "Shake" by Wilmington street people, and "Dapper Dan" in this blog), caught sleeping in the "New Hanging Gardens of Babylon" (my back meditation and smoking deck), at 12:28 AM, today.

I first caught him like this 45 minutes earlier -- cig (sometimes called a "fag"), in mouth, lighter poised to light -- and NOW there is the new unbroken thin line of drool from his mouth to his chest (not easily seen here).

>>> BUT LET'S BEGIN WITH MR. CASTRO, an intimate of my former employer, playwright Tennessee Williams -- but MORE SO with his Key West neighbor, Ernest Hemingway:

>>> WELL, AT 1:18 AM, the CIA (or other hackers), CLOSED my browser and DELETED the last 20 minutes of what I'd written, because it was about one of their VERY TOP CIA Agents, Amy Fortenberry, living since spring 2010 as a VEGETABLE in her father, Chip Fortenberry's home -- just off South Hairston, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Amy claimed to head a team of twenty lawyers who worked for the BIGGEST American company President Bill Clinton got to EXPAND to what it is today -- because WALMART actually was the BIGGEST American company that funded Bill Clinton's Presidential Campaign (which has NEVER been a secret). And Amy's group of lawyers filed HARASSMENT LAWSUITS, particularly against any Politician -- but also against citizens, journalists, etc. -- to SHUT THEM UP!!!

Her goal with me was to MURDER ME, and after she failed (she went to the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant on North Hairston in Tucker, Georgia, and prepared a poisoned tamale for me), she KNEW TOO MUCH, so the CIA used high tech methods to put her into a permanent coma -- although it was probably meant to take her out completely.

It is now about three years since I called Amy's mother to see if anything has changed, which it never does, and I've been watching for obituaries, which I've not yet seen.

More here -- and it includes OTHER aspects of Walmart Corporation's TRAITOROUS activities:

Back to Fidel Castro.

Assassination plots were spectacular failures

His would-be assassins are alleged to have plotted to kill him in a variety of ways, including poisoning him, dosing his dive suit with fatal botulism and blowing him up during a speech. Many of the plots were spectacular failures. More Wile E. Coyote than Jason Bourne.
"More people have tried to murder the world's most famous socialist than any man alive," according to the 2006 British documentary "638 Ways to Kill Castro."
Today, Cuban officials claim Castro survived more than 600 attempts on his life, a figure that is impossible to confirm.
"If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal," Castro liked to tell interviewers.
His reputation as a cheater of death took hold early. As a young revolutionary he was reported dead twice by Cuba's press -- "perishing" once when he led a failed uprising against a military barracks and again when he returned from exile by boat with a guerrilla force.

As EVERYONE knows, Ernest Hemingway was VERY close to Fidel Castro -- and his biggest supporter AGAINST the Imperialist US Government -- and so was Tennessee Williams (this known only to a few). They BOTH knew Castro from travels to Cuba, and Tennessee and "Papa Hemingway" were closer friends than most would imagine.

When Hemingway died, he left his maid, Leoncia McGee, to Tennessee -- BECAUSE she kept perfect discretion about Hemingway's many male lovers -- Hemingway's predominant homosexuality coming to public knowledge at least 30 years ago now (WHY he was always proving he was so MACHO -- so his contemporaries wouldn't suspect he liked sucking dick).

Tennessee told me that although Hemingway never really wanted to talk about it, he several times told Tennessee that he, too, was gay. There have long been rumors that Fidel Castro is predominantly gay as well -- and I have NO IDEA if true or just CIA LIES!!!

When the Obama Administration decided to normalize relations with Cuba, THIS is how the Castros SALUTED MY LITERARY DADDY -- I'm so FUCKING PROUD of them all:

WHOOOPS!!! I already posted the link above.

>>> A POINT OF ORDER/DISORDER: at 2:20 AM, Haston was leaving the bathroom -- where he ALSO took a nap while CRAPPING on the commode, and then turned on the light in his bedroom, AGAIN awakening "Falwell", who agreed with me that if Haston -- now talking WORSE nonsense, and can't remember WHEN he took WHICH of the drugs prescribed for him, so he's wandering looking for something in pockets, kitchen cabinets, etc. -- THIS because the free doctor at Wilmington's chief HEROIN DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM -- fully supported by First Presbyterian, First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza), and Mayor Saffo's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

Readers will recall that the Good Shepherd's doctor CHANGED Haston from ONE medication for years, to FIVE, beginning a week or two ago.

I HOPE we don't have to put Haston into some kind of "Protective Care" for observation and to get him on WORKING MEDICATIONS!!!


Justine LaNasa -- then and now -- a "Common Tattoo Parlorist"


They want to bring the people together so they can control them. Look at the Democratic Party cheating to put HRC as their nominee for president at least the RNC stood behind the nominee whom the people choice even tho they did want to.

Wake up Wilmington stop drinking the establishment coolaid !!!!!!

These comments left on a somewhat HATEFUL TV-3 Wilmington News Report, in which TWO Democrats -- and Julia Boseman -- are featured looking FAR UGLIER than I have ever seen any of them in person -- or previously on TV!!!

And Julia Boseman is running as an INDEPENDENT, not a Democrat as she once was, so BIG FAIL for the CIA/Republican/Mayor Saffo-controlled local media!!!

Andrew Barnhill, Susi Hamilton, and Julia Boseman

I find it BEYOND SHOCKING that the local CIA Narco-Trafficking/Christian Media would use this HORRID photo of ANYONE!!!

You need to click comments at the bottom to read the ones I posted above: 


1. I just went to the meditation porch for a smoke, and passed "Falwell" going back to bed after a bathroom break, and he still seems completely "sober". LIGHTS have been turned on in the apartments or houses of three of the four I can almost reach out and touch: Psychologist Ben's house, BAD fervent-Christian/alcoholic Neal Duffy (the vet who was carried home as a toddler by the campaigning-alone for President, Robert F. Kennedy in his Boston Irish Ghetto, worked under my friend Russel Honore' while he was still a Colonel, and did a LOT of work in the Middle East DIRECTLY with President Bill Clinton -- and has the US Army photos to prove it -- and HATES Bill Clinton!!!), plus the young DICK TEASE straight-partnered with one of Attorney General Roy Cooper's Gubernatorial Campaign strategists.

I guess EVERYONE'S having a ROUGH NIGHT!!!


Darrell Neil Brutout is called "Falwell" in this blog -- because he all but graduated Liberty University!!!

Over the course of the day/evening/night, Darrell has told me THREE TIMES that he spent nearly the whole day and evening OUT -- because he, too, can't take Shake's neverending, boring as HELL, story.

But NOW, he's changed to saying that is NEVER a problem, and he CAN'T wait to get back to Pastor Philip Chryst's ANCHOR CHURCH, so that he can GET and FOLLOW all the instructions that their church gives MAINLY to all the drug-addicted, Christian street trash that make up the majority of their congregation.

I have NOT gone into the SERIOUS day of being bed-ridden due to the anxiety these two have caused me by their hateful Christian presences in my house for most of a month, now. I was -- just like LAST WEEKEND -- vomiting and dry-heaving, with NO symptoms of actual physical illness otherwise, and I am NOW fine again, as happened last weekend.

Although Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. (usually called "Testosteroni"), has advised: I need to just go on road trips and otherwise abandon my house on the weekends and weeknights, when they are here.

I will NOT be doing that -- nor did I take Joseph's advice in Mexico to allow various CIA KILLERS (whom Joseph KNEW were killers trying to kill me then), into my house so they could kill me. They included "Sonny" (Jimmy Humberto Montano Prieto) and "Toro" (whose real name I DON'T know, but who with Martin and Albert Guzman -- two sons of El Chapo Guzman and the CIA/Episcopal Church who held me hostage for five weeks on Calle Costa Rica), and Martin Jacobo.

In other words, Mr. Faulk finally ADMITS he is working with the others to try to murder me -- or AT LEAST drive me out of my peaceful home so that MY WRITING IS SILENCED!!!




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