Friday, August 12, 2016

Are YOU Vulgarian Army -- or Holy, Loving Christian Like Donald Trump and All the Drug Trash???

Well, in a classic case of mis-matched talents and abilities, the Flew-Through-a-Windshield-at-90-MPH (and expected not to survive), "Dapper Dan" and I nearly came to fisticuffs tonight -- as we channeled Donald Trump!!!

And of course there is NOTHING LIKE a balky toilet in a restored 1850s Victorian (old, corroded cast-iron drain pipes that can catch things normally flushed down toilets), to get things a-going!!! I had just awakened from a two-hour nap, and jonesing for nicotine, took a dump first -- and had to plunge the toilet like we ALL have been having to plunge the toilet nearly every time we use it the last three days.

So, annoyed by that, I went out on the porch where both Dan and "Falwell" were already having a smoke -- WITHOUT preparing myself to show some patience with Dan, who -- especially when he's tiring at night -- drones on like a broken record on the unpleasant experiences of his work day, allowing NO ONE to say anything else or get yelled at for "disrespecting" him.

These are things which NORMAL people either put (force) out of their minds at the end of the workweek, or UNDERSTAND when others tell them to relax and think of BETTER things -- rather that spread and GROW the psychological prison of petty and even MAJOR MIND INVERSION over things festering in resentments and hates as they are spun in the mind over and over to PROVE one is right and justified NO MATTER WHAT ONE DOES.

THIS kind of Devil Nonsense that so MANY Christians see as their passport to commit ANY sin or crime -- but be allowed that -- simply because they "flatter Jesus".

Of course, the Trump connection is not just the "Christian" self-righteousness of it all, but the ABSOLUTE REFUSAL to listen to even those who care about you the most as they try to distract you from this Devil's Pit of Self-Hatred, then projected out onto others who are only trying to get you to see what is REALLY happening.

Essentially, Dan went on and on, telling us how he would -- piece-by-piece -- construct a toilet drain from scratch, and totally detailed as if neither Falwell nor I had ever done residential exhaust plumbing, ourselves, before -- which Dan KNOWS we both have!!!

My attempts to just explain that we need to be extra careful what we flush down -- and NONE of us are doing anything problematic INTENTIONALLY, only got him more and more defensive, claiming I accused him of all manner of things to INTENTIONALLY sabotage the toilet -- and BECAUSE I didn't want long lectures on what I know all about, that I DISRESPECT HIM, and if I don't watch out, he'll do to me what he did to a co-worker earlier today.

So what Dapper Dan tells me he did, was that when a large-equipment operator at work was not doing EXACTLY what Dan thought he should do (I assume the guy is FAR BETTER trained -- or he wouldn't be operating dangerous equipment -- like Dan is NOT ALLOWED TO DO), annoyed Dan enough -- and Dan said that the guy is about 50 years old (nearly ten years older), and NOT in equivalent shape in terms of muscular strength -- or have Dan's years of training and winning competitions as a boxer), he climbed right up the equipment, and hauled off and struck the guy in the face with his fist.

Well, I told Dan he's lucky the guy didn't decide to press charges, have him observed in a Mental Hospital, or simply FIRED -- but Dan said that he had DONE THE RIGHT THING!!!


Dan PRIDES himself in his Christianity -- and is now TOTALLY ALIGNED with his "The Anchor" church group that worships on a BARGE Sunday mornings -- floating on the APTLY-NAMED Cape Fear River!!!

Pastor Philip Chryst of The Anchor Church

I'm trying to OVERLOOK this, but Dan claims that one of The Anchor's CHIEF BELIEFS is that the Theory of Evolution comes STRAIGHT FROM SATAN -- just like the "New Republicans" believe 

And if you check the news reports from when Roe v. Wade was handed down, virtually ALL mainstream Protestant Churches (and not Roman Catholic), OVERWHELMINGLY supported Roe v. Wade decision -- ESPECIALLY Billy Graham -- and the Southern Baptist Church.

GOD, the Bible, and even JESUS didn't change -- just CHURCH POLITICS!!!

Rather than WRITE Rev. Chryst, I will COPY him on this blog posting -- to give him a HEADS UP that I will contact him if we need "intra-apartment mediation" -- or Dan could use some LOVE LESSONS from a TRUE MAN OF GOD, no???

Every weekend, Dan and I have SOME kind of unkindness, and in MY Science of Mind dominated apartment, I do NOT put up with people claiming Jesus -- one of my FAVE Spiritual Teachers (if dead) -- is INSPIRATION for such FEAR, VIOLENCE, IGNORANCE, and HATRED.

Have ANY of Wilmington's White Suppremacist, Narco-Trafficking Christians ever heard of Jesus as the "Prince of Peace"???

Jesus's Teachings are completely INCOMPATIBLE with the self-serving hatred that denies that SCIENCE is our BEST UNDERSTANDING of the ONE TRUE GOD that all actually worship.

I sure HOPE Pastor Chryst has no problems with GOD -- as described in the Gospel of John:


"Live Life to the FULLEST!!!"


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