Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Well, "Dapper Dan" Got Home from Work (and accidentally revealed some things), Whilest MARIJUANA Reached NEW Heights of Popularity in the USA -- And Mr. Scud Missile Is about to Debate Ms. Precision-Targeted BUNKER-BUSTER -- LOL!!!

“There is something infantile in the presumption that somebody else has a responsibility to give your life meaning and point… The truly adult view, by contrast, is that our life is as meaningful, as full and as wonderful as we choose to make it.”
― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

Yeppers!!! That there is DONNY OSMOND!!!

Scott Kenan shared a link.

Sixty percent of Americans say they approve of pot.

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And I chose a "Military Metaphor" in the title above, because Trump IS a LOOSE CANNON who changes his policies at WHIM, (and is so small he can't "aim right"), while Clinton -- agree with her or not -- is a COMPETENT PERSON with TONS of experience in ALL AREAS of Government!!!

But DIG THIS -- and Sen. Burr represents North Carolina -- the MOST MILITARY STATE in the Union -- and Wilmington is its most Military-Friendly city!!!

Can YOU say, "Hello, Senator Ross???"
North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr attended just 30 percent of Armed Services hearings while serving on the committee.

North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr attended just 30 percent of Armed Services…

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And my RECENT letter -- HAND-DELIVERED to Senator Burr's office here in Wilmington (and later by tracked mail to Sen. Thom Tillis's Office, as well)!!!

So HERE'S the RUB!!! The flooding in Lumberton, NC (where most of Haston Caulder III's -- or "Shake's" or Dapper Dan -- on Probation so CANNOT smoke the leafy matter, all live and travel from), was so BAD they didn't return to work for more than a week.

THAT left them TOO BROKE to buy in Lumberton to SELL in Wilmington, and now Wilmington is under a DROUGHT-OF-LEAFINESS (as it has been called), until these guys get PAID for working THIS week!!!

And my "House Guest", Tom Jones, today -- after feigning illness and eating a WHOLE CAN of Chef Boy-R-Dee (sp?) super-trash lasagna -- sent by Joseph Faulk of NYC -- only an hour after his THIRD throwing up, probably due to stealing Haston's prescribed fun drugs rather than a REAL illness, the drugs sitting here in his room (SADLY, not yet in a "chest of drawers").

Anyway, when Haston arrived home lamenting the DROUGHT of marijuana in Wilmington, now, he THEN went to tell Mr. Jones that something (unheard) was TOO FAR AWAY for him to get it to sell. And Tom Jones DID finally see his Probation Officer late this afternoon -- he dressing in the SEXIEST of clothes that Joseph Faulk has sent my "Hot previously homeless criminal boys"!!!

As Tom was leaving for his appointment, I spied the HOT MAN, and teased him that his P.O. officer -- a woman -- perhaps the SAME WOMAN now incarcerated Dustin Goldsmith had for P.O., might GET IDEAS (like I do about Tom), so, "You'd better be carrying a RUBBER!!!"

He totally cracked up, saying, "Well she really DOES like me -- and has NEVER drug tested me -- not ONCE!!!"

Then, later, he told me he checked with Union Mission to see if they have a bed, and they told him to check tomorrow. I am NOT backing down from our agreement that he SHIPS OUT OF HERE, TOMORROW, REGARDLESS.

Whether he was actually ill or not for 1.5 days, he's FULLY RECOVERED NOW, and tomorrow is still a RECORD HEAT WAVE, going up to 82 or so. He's been homeless before, and has confirmed that Union Mission lets criminals stay their up to SEVEM TIMES, beginning with 30 days of NOT leaving the premises -- except to visit the Probation Office.

And WHY has Haston LaVerne Caulder CONSISTENTLY brought people who are ON PROBATION into this house (and only NOW am I realizing this), brought ONLY people ON PROBATION to MOVE INTO this house -- when Probation Rules DO NOT ALLOW two people on probation to live in the same legal residence???

Is HASTON'S Probation Officer DELIBERATELY part of this patently ILLEGAL abuse of ME and MY RESIDENCE -- and by extension, of Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., of New York City???

His name and number is Mike Martinez, (910) 251-2701, ext.: 281.

Things at home are CLEARING UP, no???


1. As ALL my readers know, the WORST of the five poisonings I endured in the USA and Mexico in 2010, was by hand of Amy Fortenberry of Stone Mountain, GA, who claimed to be the TOP POLITICAL OPERATIVE of Wal-Mart Corporation (Bill Clinton's biggest monetary backer while he ran for President, and Bill rewarded them with their taking over "Small Town America"):

Amy Fortenberry in early 2010. AFTER she failed to MURDER ME with a tamale she had disappeared to the kitchen of a restaurant on North Hairston Road in Tucker, Georgia for twenty minutes to prepare (because she told me the Mexicans DON'T KNOW how to properly prepare a tamale, like SHE does -- LOL!!!). 

AMY was soon "high-tech poisoned" and has remained in a coma all these years in her father, Chip Fortenberry's, home off SOUTH Hairston Road!!!

2. When I was first in Wilmington in 2011 (mostly homeless), I met and got to know the assistant store manager of the one near College Road and Market Street, and he was HAPPY to tell me (they ALL were then underpaid, including management), that Wal-Mart had SUPPORTED Obamacare -- so they could use it to DROP Health Insurance coverage of the few employees they covered -- and use that money to SPEED UP their long-term plan to buy up US FARMLAND, so they could get enough of it to CONTROL FOOD PRICES and gouge Americans FURTHER.

And IN FACT, the one area that continued to GO UP IN PRICE during the Great Recession was US Farmland, thanks to Wal-Mart.

I suspect, but do not know, that this plan has since collapsed.

But the FACT is that Dustin Goldsmith's Probation Officer, a black woman named Tiffany Johnson (P.O. office number: 910-251-2701 ext.: 266), is ALSO a PHARMACY COUNTER PERSON at this VERY SAME WALMART (known for its OTHER crimes, too, that I have no time now to blog about)???

Perhaps she illegally DISTRIBUTES DRUGS -- MERCY ME!!!

We CERTAINLY  know about the crimes AS ADMITTED by that Wilmington Assistant Store Manager.

WHY wouldn't they be DOING THIS -- in conjunction with the Saffo Mafia of New York City, Saffo Law Firm (which Judge Robinson actually came from), and Thom Gooslby, Thomas S. Kenan III, etc. 

Was Judge Robin Robinson  ACTUALLY trying to SHUT ME UP to cover Mayor Saffo's CRIMES when she asked me to use what could fairly be called the CHRISTIAN language of "nice-nice" lies of her GLUTTONOUS "Christian Bitch" DESIRES for money from drugs, to ADDICT your children -- but hopefully not her own PRIVILEGED WHITE CHRISTIAN CHILDREN???

See how CRAZY I get without oregano??? I can barely distinguish FACT from FICTION!!!

MORE on Walmart and me in 2010-2012

BET Tiffany Johnson is Tom Jones's P.O. too!!!

Law Enforcement may CALL ME if they have questions.

Bye, for now!!!



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