Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Today (Hillary's Birthday), Bill Clinton (and some local Democrats), Emerged from Under the SECOND Street Viaduct -- when in 2011, I Had Lived Homeless Under the FOURTH Street Viaduct over My Friend Stanley Winborne III's Family's RAILROAD GULCH -- LOL!!!

Bill Clinton first arriving on the platform, before he began to speak.

The Cape Fear Community College Union Station Amphitheatre was beyond overflowing, and I had a GREAT spot atop the "grassy knoll", as the crowd extended beyond me to where they had little to no view.

MOST of the Press was on a platform:

But there were TWO TOTAL HOTSTERS standing beside me:

The one on left, here, seemed with the Wesley Casteen Campaign for US Congress (in 2014, Casteen ran as a Libertarian -- but NOW, as a Democrat), and bore a big SLR camera, while the guy closer to the camera identified himself (I asked because he had an "Official Press" badge -- and as a BLOGGER, I did NOT -- nor did I know how to get one), as the photographer for the Wilmington Star News and the Cape Fear Community College paper, and used a smart phone to photograph -- which he also used to audio-record Bill Clinton's speech, but was constantly texting through the other speeches (universally excellent -- except the boring "oatmeal" Invocation by a black Christian Pastor).

Funniest, was that when I told him how I'd been homeless living just two blocks up the no-longer-existent tracks, and the Star News not only had COVERED UP the murder of my friend Evan Fish on September 3, 2011 by Wilmington Police (as VERIFIED to me by New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies):

Evan Fish -- you CAN'T get much hotter (in a young man)

Anyway, I also told him about the Star News's CIA-Agent former City Desk Editor, Kevin Maurer, who under guise of writing a feature article for the Wilmington paper (and dangling as well that he might write a BOOK about my experience homeless in Wilmington 2011 - 2012), had ACTUALLY debriefed me for the CIA -- and as soon as his book on the assassination of Osama Bin Laden was announced to be released, Kevin DROPPED ME LIKE A HOT POTATO.

Kevin Maurer -- ALSO hot -- with his assistant, Shelby

And THEN, the poor young man got very NERVOUS (his voice, anyway), saying he was actually a SPORTS photographer -- and had VOLUNTEERED to help out today -- LOL!!!

Anyway, Bill Clinton was -- as expected -- a MASTERFUL SPEAKER who dealt with a heckler standing about five people between the two of them MOST EXCELLENTLY!!! The guy looked like an UNKEMPT BAG-PERSON, and it took a while for security to remove him and his constant CHRISTIAN FLAPPING MOUTH, but Bill made it all into an ENTERTAINING LESSON, and on Bill's suggestion, we all applauded the guy as he finally was ushered out in back.

It was BETTER than any similar episode I've seen on TV, so HOPEFULLY it will be in the National News, tonight!!!

A better CLOSE UP of the former President, soon to be "First Mate" -- and Susi Hamilton introduced him excellently

That is Mayor Bill Saffo in the gray suit standing with the blond. From the way they stuck TOGETHER throughout the event, I ASSUME she is his NEW BEARD, now that Renee Saffo divorced Bill and took out a RESTRAINING ORDER against him.

I get TONS of hits to this blog from people googling "Mayor Saffo gay", and just TODAY, I learned that many years ago, Bill Saffo's younger brother (now owns a construction company), actually BROKE DOWN the door to MY CURRENT APARTMENT to get at a woman!!!

SAFFO = TRUMP, no???

And remember, I met a guy who worked for the Saffo Mafia in New York City for THIRTY YEARS, and said Bill Saffo's Uncle RUNS IT from up North -- and regularly gives Bill ORDERS!!!

I wish to SALUTE County Commissioner Ron Zapple -- standing in front of Mayor Saffo -- because when I met him at Julia Boseman's Fundraiser a few months ago, he was ENTIRELY OPEN about the corruption of BOTH local Democrats -- but far MORE, the Republicans. We even JOKED about how sad that the ONE good Republican County Commissioner (the HEAD Commissioner, now), Beth Dawson had LOST in the Republican Party Primary -- because she was SMEARED for having often voted with Democrats -- which Republicans REFUSE TO DO, REGARDLESS.

Funny, however, is that the CHRISTIAN REPUBLICANS did not CARE that Beth's husband was arrested late last year for SOLICITING PROSTITUTES, but she DID lose her position as ELDER at the Kenan Cathedral of White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking: First Presbyterian:

And to finish up my reporting on the actual event, LOOK WHO was with the TOP DIGNITARIES and actually FIRST shook Bill Clinton's hand after he completed speaking:

Yep!!! The guy on the RIGHTSTEVEN (sp?) is the student at UNCW boyfriend of PATTYRoy Cooper's (Democrat Candidate for Governor of North Carolina), MAIN PAID staffer in Wilmington -- and lives NEXT DOOR TO ME -- and is the BIGGEST DICK TEASE of me when Steven has his SHIRT OFF and he brags about his "BIG ITALIAN DICK" -- in front of his YOUNGER BROTHER!!!

Steven even said this to his about 18-year-old kid-brother"So you know how to DO ITright!!!"

I'll SWEAR TO THAT IN COURTif necessary.

Well, President Clinton was known for HIS member, too -- but BILL CLEANED UP HIS ACT, and I'd stand PROUDLY (all things considered), with Bill and Hillary Clinton until HELL FREEZES OVER -- rather than vote for NAZI-CHRISTIANS Trump and Pence!!!

As I LEFT, I ran RIGHT INTO District Attorney Benjamin R. David "holding court" -- although I had NOT noticed him in the event. Ben David is an ELDER at the Kenan Cathedral of White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking, First Presbyterian:

And I passed close in front of him and he greeted me kindly with a "Hi Scott!!!", first. I did NOT say anything to embarrass him in front of his friends also there, but asked if he's MAKING PROGRESS getting VOIDED the FALSE and UNCONSTITUTIONAL CONVICTION, but NOT legally served to me, then tried in Chicago Courts in 2013 IN ABSENTIA with help of Ben's legal intern 2011 - 2012, Jeffrey Duncan -- who then got his first job with lawyer/Fox News Talking Head Daliah Saper:

The PROBLEM had been that I'd blogged about Jamie Sutherland -- then of Wells Fargo Advisors (a MAJOR competitor of Kenan controlled Bank of America) -- BRAGGING about doing $24,000,000.00 -- on average, per MONTH -- in narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta for Wells Fargo.

Now I DID remove that part as a FAVOR to Jamie, who said he didn't CARE if I blogged about his seeing then Illinois STATE Senator Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his private MAN'S COUNTRY gay baths in Chicago -- but Daliah (with Jeff and Ben David's help), CONTINUED the suit over THAT!!!

Jamie NOW works with Ameriprise Financial in Chicago, and you can call his work number to ASK HIM about all of this: (312) 706-6811:


And TODAY, Ben David told me he is WORKING on getting that false conviction VACATED -- as he promised me he would do in Cousins' Italian Deli several months ago

And HERE is where you can see that Court Record to FIND BEN DAVID'S PROGRESS:

If he doesn't accomplish it SOON, I will press for Ben David to be indited on FEDERAL FELONY CHARGES for interstate crimes -- perhaps even RACKETEERING!!!

I must also say that I FINALLY met Andrew Barnhill -- running for NC State Senate, shook his hand and told him I VOTED for him -- and the SMEAR campaign of Republicans against him was PATHETIC and DESPERATE.


General James Kenan of the Revolutionary War:


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