Wednesday, October 12, 2016

FINALLY, Stanley Winborne (and his family's Atlantic Coast Line Railroad) -- and OTHER "Interesting New Developments"!!!

Stanley Winborne III of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico -- but originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, where he grew up across the street from First Presbyterian -- a couple of doors from his grandmother's house, now a GUEST HOUSE:

I HAD been concerned because Stanley -- who does not NOW agree with his family AT ALL politically -- had told me not only that his Grandfather had been the equivalent of the Ambassador to China, but that one of his SONS had been second in charge of the US State Department under Hillary Clinton -- in Afghanistan.

Then on July 4, 2015, when a US Special Ops man flagged me down on Market Street by the "Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar" on Market Street:, and we went with his buddy to my Carolina Apartments apartment, and spent about two hours -- me being DEBRIEFED about Kenan, local D.A., Republican Party narco-trafficking in Wilmington, Atlanta, and especially Jalisco and Nayarit states in Mexico.

It was THIS DEDICATED US Serviceman who told me that Stanley's son was in the EXACT POSITION of the person arranging the shipment of heroin from Afghanistan to the USA (during THAT time by Hillary Clinton, previously by both Bushes', Reagan's, and Clinton's Secretaries of State -- although I BELIEVE they kept Colin Powell in the DARK, just like they did about Saddam Hussein's "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

Why did you think Colin Powell is so ANGRY at Republicans, today???

Anyway, I frequently check Stanley's Facebook page to be sure he's posting so OK. And today, I ALSO found his BLOG, which I did NOT know existed!!!:

And NOW, I'm getting this WARNING, while earlier today I did NOT. What's up with THAT??? (And on my THIRD try, it was CLEARED of warnings!!!)

Anyway, I had left this comment, which is still pending Stanley's approval to post -- which he CAN'T give or the CIA or his son might HARM HIS LATE-LIFE WIFE, ALICE!!!

I got this notice from Facebook because they thought my top photo in my blog posting was NUDITY -- LOL!!! 

Let's try it again and see if they CAME TO THEIR SENSES!!!:




My roommate is "Dapper Dan" -- who Joseph thinks is TOTALLY SEXUALLY HOT -- and he ISbut I'm OVER that for two months now -- and Joseph is now buying clothes and sending also food treats, grooming items, money, etc. -- rather than anything beyond money for me. That sounds ungrateful, but Joseph ALWAYS sent me "Care Packages" -- even mailing me a $600.00 wooden end-table to Puerto Vallarta (at HUGE shipping expense -- AIR!!!), when Joseph HAD the list that WOOD is not allowed, and Mexican Customs DESTROYED IT, and Joseph didn't care.

Joseph is RICHER than most of my readers -- or I -- have EVER been to throw money away like that!!!

Anyway, this morning, I told Joseph ("Testosteroni"), that Dan lost his phone, yesterday, and then it was CRAZY because he went back out hoping to find it on the street he'd traveled home from work, AS WELL as meet a guy to give an estimate on replacing some siding on his home -- and his Probation Officer was expected to stop by AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Miraculously, it all actually WORKED!!!

But regarding the lost phone (Dan said he keeps it in his pocket, his bag, or the pile of lumber he's taking from), Joseph said -- COMPLETELY FROM LEFT FIELD and processing NOTHING of what I'd just told him, "Well, a little SLIPPERY flip phone can pop out of your hand ANYWHERE."

Now, that is TRUE, but he was NOT lamenting it BREAKING or falling through a SEWER GRATE. I then told "Old Testo" yet ANOTHER TIME (at least once per day the last week), that I am SOON going to FORCE him to psychological testing -- unless he shows some evidence of MENTAL ACUITY!!! 

But Joseph REMAINS CLUELESS and thinks there are NO CONSEQUENCES to his Mind Games. Dr. "Christine Busch" -- my high school girlfriend has VERIFIED (she's not just a physician and consultant on Privacy of Medical Records, but was a PROSECUTOR and practices Law still, part-time), that given his consistent five-year financial support of at least $12,000.00 per year, it would be a SLAM DUNK for me to sue him for Palimony.

And maybe some CRIMES for JAIL, as well!!!

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Just now

Donald Trump's boasting about sexual assault is less important than a female president occupying the White House, according to a right-wing pastor.

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