Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Moving Forward with the VERY Nice People at Travelers Insurance!!! / Facebook Invites Me BACK ON -- after a MONTH of Banishment Because I Kept Identifying CIA/Republican/Democrat NAZI-Racist ROBOTS / Social Security Administration SOON to Get FULL SCOTT TREATMENT!!!

Well, ALMOST everything -- and this chapter tells the story of my meeting Ethel Merman, Virgil Thomson, David Hockney, and Meryl Streep in 1981:

1. Well, before I forget it AGAIN, yesterday morning I called Patrick Stansbury of the now HIDING www.Pentagon-USA.com, and while he DID answer the phone, he immediately hung up when I identified myself -- LOL!!!

Patrick's LINKED-IN profile photo is from about 2012 -- and shows the Meth devastation to his face. Having worked for him 1990 - 2010, he was ALWAYS rather fat until he added METH to his all-that-time marijuana cigar smoking habit from 1st in the morning until lights out.

Patrick was busted THREE times while I worked for him, and served jail sentences when "TED" (Troy Emory Daniel, whose family was involved in founding Emory University), ran the accounting, but LATER, Michael Massicott -- trained by the Evil AT&T/MATRIX of North Atlanta gained ACTUAL control of the business and is listed as "Executive Vice President".

Perhaps FUNNIEST is that in the mid 1990s (about the time I witnessed Patrick exchanging so many envelopes of cash with now former Georgia Republican Congressman John Linder in Blue Ribbon Grill in Tucker, Georgia), Patrick was getting large quantities of marijuana shipped to him sealed hermetically in boxes via UPS -- until ONE shipment disappeared and our whole sales staff CRINGED -- waiting for Patrick to be arrested AGAIN -- but nothing ever happened and the operation was growing by LEAPS AND BOUNDS, so most drugs never even saw our Corporate HQ in Patrick's house in Snellville, Georgia after that.

In 2010, when Congressman Linder SAW what I blogged about his Narco-Trafficking with Pentagon Publishing, he first got PPI employee Lee Gosney to try to scare me -- then emailed me that he would kill me HIMSELF!!!

In 2011, he decided he'd better RETIRE from Congress -- LOL!!!

So NOW, I wonder if those big cube boxes delivered to former NC State Senator Thom Goolsby's office, yesterday, were DRUGS. He sure does no LAWYERING there, now!!!

Thom Goolsby is NOT this young and pretty anymore!!!

2. Bonita Carr called this morning with my claim number and contact info to work exclusively with Travelers Insurance, now, and I've been in touch with him and we will soon begin "fleshing in" the claim -- which will take some time, as I only told Ms. Carr about SOME of the crimes committed by Wilmington City Officials.

Here is my report of meeting with Bonita Wednesday of last week: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/08/this-afternoon-i-initiated-my-claim.html

3. Today, MOST MYSTERIOUSLY, Facebook invited me BACK, and after I cleared all the 34 big-titted young women who had NO OTHER FRIENDS -- but the CIA got to try to "friend" me (several TIMES that many had done so while I was OFF Facebook, but ONLY the profiles NOT deleted still showed today), being RID of that harassment, everything was working again -- and the BIGGEST CIA/Christian/Narco-Trafficking Racists I used to argue with and often copied those exchanges into this blog, have ALSO disappeared -- LOL!!!

I was happy that Randy Jones of the Village People, Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, and Sandra Beckham had all tried to find out what happened to me -- as well as ONE person from Bernie Sanders' Campaign!!!

Danny Sinatra's wife -- even yesterday -- is still trying to use his page to make it look like Danny is NOT in Federal Prison in California on METH-related charges.

Danny and Phoebe Sinatra in front of the Narco-Trafficking hangout, Ziggy's on Market Street in Downtown Wilmington, shortly before they moved to California, June 2015.

4. I stopped by the Social Security Office to see what happened to my APPEAL of their decision that I could NOT leave having Benefits Management, Inc. handle my benefits. See my actual appeal here: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/07/my-appeal-to-social-security.html

The woman told me that they had TURNED ME DOWN AGAIN -- back in July -- and had the NERVE to look at me like I'm an IDIOT when I asked WHY they had not informed me, Benefits Management, or my physician -- all of whom SUPPORTED me in this, and no one opposing. She kept changing the subject like a Politician when I tried pressing her for the answer, and she found no sign that they had sent us anything.

And even though her computer VERIFIED that I had NOT had a psychiatrist since 2009 (my Disability Claim filed about 1/1/2012), and Dr. Meltzer of Lumberton, NC had NOT given me a diagnosis, so I HAVE NONE with them, but  -- and I had gotten this in 2012 via Freedom of Info Act action -- "I found Scott to be totally sane and rational, but then he went 'somewhere I could not go', so I approve FULL DISABILITY, but managed by a third party."

Dr. Meltzer is a JEW and fully understood the political problems I was having and that I would NEVER be allowed to hold a job or get an apartment in CHRISTIAN-DRUG-MAFIA-RUN Wilmington.

Today, I was told I would have to see a psychiatrist "very frequently for at least half a year -- before we could consider his opinion."

At $150.00 or so per visit, I will just deal with Benefit Management's $38.00/month management fee -- and then eventually PROSECUTE Social Security, the State of North Carolina (who runs it) -- and my sister Jane Ann Kenan of Raleigh who TOLD ME how to fill everything out to get approved -- as well as my TOP NAZI mother, who raised us with SWASTIKAS on the dinner plates, established with Nixon's Aide John Ehrlichman and eventually PPD the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington -- as well as that of Atlanta/Stone Mountain, as Gen. Russel Honore' told me he ALSO knows so much about -- and my WEALTHY Kenan relatives of Chapel Hill, etc.

The Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, Saudi Royal families -- as well as BOTH Clintons, CNN, the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, Wilmington Star News, New York Times, and nearly ALL Republican Politicians as well as MOST Democratic Politicians in power now were or have become involved in this operation, too. 

But I'll LET THAT REST for now, and I REFRAINED from calling Mom (Ruth Anne Meyer Kenan) and Jane Ann Kenan, today, to PROMISE I will do EVERYTHING in my power to IMPRISON THEM for the remainder of their lives.

How LUCKY of YOU, if yer Mama ain't a CHRISTIAN NAZI!!!

Mom in 2008 when Dad turned 90


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