Sunday, August 16, 2015

Yesterday, I Spent the Day at a TRUE CHRISTIAN-REPUBLICAN-PIG FEST -- the Port City Ribfest!!!


THIRTY SIX emails from Conservative Political orgsANTI-Marriage Equality orgs, SLUTTY Female Whore orgs -- but the one I will keepDonald Trump's NEWS EMAILS -- LOL!!!

And while I have NO WAY to know who HARASSED ME this way, the only person I know VERY internet savvy -- and SUPER ANGRY at me, is Ryan Lee Burris, Third Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of New Hanover County, NC.

Ryan Burris with James Elks, his boyfriend in 2011, a WELL KNOWN drug dealer in Wilmington, who told me that most Atlanta WILMINGTON Politicians have "Partied Hardy" -- especially Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby (disgraced, resigned, now, but last week appointed TRUSTEE of UNC, Chapel Hill!!!), and this was ALSO told me by the other resident then of the "Gay House" on Fifth Street, John Mann, who admitted being addicted to Adderall (legal, prescription version of Methamphetamine), and then PERJURED himself in support of David Nash, as seen here:

Jennifer McCracken

I should also point out, that Jennifer McCracken (in the guise of "Christine Hitchens"), just a day or two ago left THIS message for this blog:

But I ASSURE YOU of THIS -- the apartment building was as sober and quiet last night as a TOMB STONE!!! And this morning, everyone is looking like "The Party Is OVER"!!!


1. I had been at the South end of River Walk, when because of the complaints of merchants and restaurateurs about the Ribfest stealing all their business, decided to walk to the far North end of the Walk to check it out. It was too hot still to even think about eating, and the walk felt like it was at least two miles, but I had NOT explored the North end since I was homeless here in 2011, so looked forward to that too.

PPD World Headquarters in Wilmington

The North End is largely under construction, so like a barren, torn-up wasteland, overlooked by the looming PPD tower -- the largest building in downtown. I will remind readers that "Old Wilmingtonians" -- BOTH Progressive and Conservative -- had ALL told me that Wilmington's illegal drug problems increased EXPONENTIALLY when the Carlysle Group (owned now by Bush/Cheney, but when they came to town, also by the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families, who have since sold out to cover their tracks in the planning of 9/11).

2. And then I saw the huge banners, saying that it was sponsored by Pepsi Cola and Cricket. An exec of Pepsi delivered gifts to my parents every Christmas in the early years we lived in Louisville, KY (late 1950s), and my parents were allied with the Bingham Family who owned the Louisville Courier Journal, the very people who MURDERED Mary Lilly (Kenan) Flagler Bingham, but after my parents were involved in the planning of JFK's assassination, we moved to Pennsylvania a couple of weeks before the event.

3. Along the way, people leaving the event all complained that most ribs-sellers had RUN OUT OF PRODUCT and the whole thing was kind of a BUST, but it was only about 5:00 PM, and I knew it was to go on late into the night, so my curiosity increased.

Fortunately, a group of "Wilmington Promoters" who KNEW of my blog and that I would report on the event, gave me a free ticket for entrance -- and the demand was so high that many had had to temporarily CLOSE, but reopen after fresh ribs were finished being cooked.

4. Poor Piggy's was recommended to me as the BEST RIBS, so I stood in line in the heat for one and a half HOURS, and the RIBS did NOT disappoint!!!

But the whole crowd was annoyed at having paid $7.00 to get in (the sign at the entrance blamed this on the City of Wilmington for NOT sponsoring them) -- and after the White Christian Republican top local businessman (who many paid tribute to as they passed), and his wife in front of me (the wife, LOVING Carly Fiorina -- although I pointed out that her plan for maternal leave is WORSE than that of the Taliban, as widely reported in the Press), got so pissed at the wait and they left, I was sandwiched between two large black groups, who LOVED all my Politics and cracked up at my flirting with their husbands!!!

5. So I paid $18.00 (mid-price for combo plates), for a combo plate of Ribs, Brisket, and two sides, plus hush puppies, but they had run out of ALL sides, except Baked Beans, which they dumped cold from #10 cans into the steam table, not bothering to bring them to LEGAL TEMPERATURE for a restaurant to serve.

In Georgia and Florida where I have managed restaurants, the Health Department would have SHUT US DOWN for that -- in a FLASH!!!

At a stand next to this one, a single ear of corn, one sweet potato, or one white potato, were selling for $5.00 each!!!

6. It was still too early for me to drink alcohol without falling asleep, so I went to the Sweet Tea and Lemonade seller, which sold 32 oz (1 quart), cups of either one for $5.00, each -- with the tea (which has virtually NO food cost) allowing one refill -- but WHO drinks a HALF GALLON in one sitting???

There was ONLY bottled lemon juice available, but when I said "For THAT price, I assume a free blow-job is included!!!" -- cracking everyone up -- the woman selling the lemonade promptly plopped half lemon into my tea (which they were ALSO too cheap to provide lids for).

7. But I ate it all -- despite the brisket being shredded (as opposed to their prominent photo of it being 1/4 inch SLICED), the shreds mostly 10 - 12" long, so I had to twirl it on my fork like spaghetti.

8. I had a TON OF FUN talking with a bunch of US Marines Recruiters at their booth, telling them all about how I work with Generals Powell and Honore' -- and how at, we sold the ad space in yearbooks for all the Service Academies and War Colleges -- but also distributed the illegal drugs flown in on Air Force planes to Maxwell AFB (and about 30 Marines have sworn to me they were ordered to GUARD those planes as they were loaded with drugs, mostly in Afghanistan and the Middle East), the fellas all LOVING IT, egging me on, fist-bumping me, etc., that I was getting so HORNY, I told them I had to leave before I began ripping down their PANTS!!!

I got the BEST HOWLS of HILARITY that I've gotten in my life for my Humor!!!

And then Recruiter Sgt. Rocha gave me his card (info printed on a "church key"), not for sexual services -- but to talk more Politics, later!!!

9. NO ONE was visiting the Cricket booth, but I knew they were part of AT&T Matrix, which had TRAINED Mike Massicott, Sr. Vice President of Pentagon Publishing to DISTRIBUTE THE DRUGS:

Mike Massicott from one of his websites, telling people how to prepare for the coming RACE WAR!!!

I began asking the woman in that booth how much SHE KNEW about her TRAITOROUS COMPANY, and this QUICKLY devolved into her claiming I worshiped the DEVIL, but she was a TOTAL FOLLOWER OF JESUS!!!

So after delivering a BOATLOAD to PROFANITIES (in a lowered voice as children were 20 feet away), SHE began screaming for Security to ARREST ME for breaking US LAW, and I took that as a cue to light a cigarette, then calmly walk home.

10. In front of the Cigar Store on Market near Front Streets, I had a GREAT TIME talking all my politics with an older guy -- but when I mentioned that Sheriff (Democrat) Ed McMahon had put on a whole CRYING "dog-and-pony" show in 2011 -- when I confronted him for protecting the mini-subs that unloaded powder drugs beneath Snow's Cut Bridge, he stopped, shocked, and said, "But Ed's a GOOD FRIEND of mine!!!"

And then he thought a minute, and added, "Ya know -- that makes PERFECT SENSE!!!"

And during our discussion, a group of DRUG NUTS passed, yelling at me to "STOP SMOKING CRACK", which TOTALLY cracked the two of us up!!!

11. Then, having zigged and zagged my route, as I passed the side of, two white couples in their 40s were discussing the Inn, so I told THEM about Stanley Winborne of Puerto Vallarta who had grown up in that house -- and his son who was in charge of shipping the heroin from Afghanistan for the CIA/US STATE Department, and my politics, and one husband went into REVERIE, saying he knew that ALL ALONG about the rich Kenans. 

He fist-bumped and high-fived me so many times, I told him he was so HOT, I needed to drain his cockadoodle -- cracking all of them up, including his wife, and he said "OK!!!" (but then said he was actually too committed to his wife, and she understood his other desires, which she nodded that she did), so NO CIGAR.

12. And NOW, I will prepare for the training session with Elizabeth Redenbaugh, Ryan Burris, etc. of the Democratic Party at UNCW -- trusting that Ryan will give me no trouble, as I have the EVIDENCE he legally SLANDERED ME, recently, although so far I have declined to PROSECUTE HIM.


Please WISH ME LUCK!!!


Yes, I hired that tall guy -- and ONE DAY he will SHINE!!!


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