Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Well, THIS Is Pretty Funny!!!

Jennifer McCracken -- Person of DISINTEREST to Scott Kenan -- CANNOT be involuntarily committed by me. I realized this after napping from 7:15 - 11:10 AM this morning, so NO REASON not to show recent photo, and I have realized my next correct move in bringing these "CHRISTIAN" NARCO-TRAFFICKERS to JUSTICE!!!

>>> THIS JUST IN @ 2:08 PM, EDT: Jennifer McCracken ADMITS she is "FUCK YOU SCOTT":

* * *

Jennifer has taken a NEW ALIAS and I say that because she here makes the claim, once again, like she did as "Christine Hitchens" when THAT alias first contacted me, that she had met people on the Puerto Vallarta beach who claimed I had made illegal lewd comments to children on the beach there.

As I did NOT explain at that time, I never once went to the beach in Puerto Vallarta the entire time I was there the second time, in fact, I almost never went to the beach at all -- due to the developing plantar wart, caught in the shower at Mercy House Homeless Shelter in Wilmington, shortly before I went back to Mexico.

And when it got worse and the treatments by the doctor recommended by "Sonny" -- of all people -- were not working, I went to a different doctor who not only found a carcinoma nearly an inch in diameter (when removed and placed in a bottle of formaldehyde, so no longer compressed), she told me NOT to go on beaches to avoid re-infection, so I did not.

Later, I sought advice from a "natural physician", who strongly recommended that salt water would HELP it heal and the risk of infection was minimal -- as I had actually thought, myself. But I remained out of water until late 2014 (it took 11 months for the opening from surgery to close, another two months for it to stop weeping fluid), I ALWAYS went to other beaches -- a preference of "culture".

Often, about five times, I went to Mismaloya Beach (location of the filming of the film The Night of the Iguana), and an earlier posting of people I met from Chicago shows how FEARED I was and still am by top criminals in the US Government.

So here is the comment that Jenny posted from a different alias, making her sad, delusional claims appear to be coming from a far LARGER group than is real. This MIGHT be a different person who posted this, but I seriously doubt it. Jenny has proven herself to have a WIDE variety of writing styles, and a wide variety of levels of education, grammar, and vocabulary, as is evidenced in her many comments the past two months.

Next, I will go OUTSIDE the jurisdiction of New Hanover County and the State of North Carolina, and might have to travel some distance to do that.

I mean no disrespect to the honest and competent Law Enforcement and Courts staff, here, but with criminal Benjamin R. David as District Attorney -- and corrupted Police Chief and Sheriff here as well, I need to take a major step up -- and Jenny's crimes appear to be interstate and international as well, so many of them are out of the jurisdiction of the Local Law.

Perhaps I should add that the one person who claimed something STRONGLY to me as we waited outside the courtroom for doors to unlock, was the man fighting the Restraining Order, who sat with the psychiatrist -- and whose case I detailed in a posting yesterday.

There are actually TWO odd things about that. He kept dropping Thom Goolsby's name as his friend and frequent attorney -- hoping to impress the judge and possibly the Plaintiff as well, and he claimed that Ben David planned to run for North Carolina Attorney General (Democrat), but researching I find NOTHING on the internet to support that claim at all.

Instead, Mr. David has claimed his love of staying here -- because he and his family love the beach so much. But the TRUTH is (or is also), that Ben David is or was elected as head of the organization of District Attorneys in North Carolina, about the time I left Wilmington in 2012, and then made an Elder at First Presbyterian, soon thereafter.

Readers might want to ALSO consider these things:

  • In North Carolina, "agents withheld exculpatory evidence or distorted evidence in more than 230 cases over a 16-year period. Three of those cases resulted in execution. There was widespread lying, corruption, and pressure from prosecutors and other law-enforcement officials on crime lab analysts to produce results that would help secure convictions. And the pressure worked."

Googling, I found MANY reports of NC Crime Lab making up and falsifying evidence in many cases -- at the request of District Attorneys.

In 2011, I confronted Rev. Jim Holderness (now deceased -- then Assistant Pastor of First Presbyterian, Wilmington), as he was filling his car with gasoline at the station at Red Cross and Third Streets, with my claim that the hierarchy at First Prez (which in 1898 had fomented the Wilmington Insurrection, aka Race Riot -- in concert with William Rand Kenan, Sr.), had then recently made Ben David a Deacon -- just to protect him from those investigating his ABJECT WHITE SUPREMACY as well as Narco-Trafficking.

Rev. Jim Holderness

Jim Holderness SHOCKED ME with his honesty, by replying, "Ernie Thompson and I are PROUD to protect Ben David!!!"

Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson III of First Presbyterian, not only admitted to me that he wanted to have sex with me -- but could NOT, due to honoring his commitment to his wife, "Testosteroni" immediately emailed me after I first posted Ernie's photo, that it was the GAYEST photo he had ever seen -- and I had NOT YET ever mentioned Ernie's sexual orientation.

But THIS is what makes this all so funny -- a weather-vane rooster, symbol of the the Wake-Up Call of the Reformation, sits atop the tallest steeple in town -- the Kenan Steeple -- that atop Kenan Chapel which has Kenan Pipe Organ, and is loaded with the Kenan Stained Glass Windows, ancient and said to be some the the BEST examples of their type in existence!!!

At First Presbyterian, mysteriously, they all call this the "Six-Foot Kenan Cock"!!!

Could THIS be what Jeb Bush confused with part of my anatomy, scaring him into NOT having a Public Appearance when he visits Wilmington this weekend for a closed, private fund-raising dinner???

Stay TUNED!!!



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