Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Did Li'l Ole Scott David Kenan's Blog Scare Jeb Bush from Speaking PUBLICLY in Wilmington This Weekend??? / Sheriff's Deputy CAN'T FIND Anthony Humphrey to Serve Him!!!

After consulting with Jennifer McCracken, Jeb Bush believes I've got a HORSE COCK, and if he speaks in PUBLIC, I'll whip it in his face!!!

WOULD that this were TRUE!!!

Poor fella is just a "Whitey-Tighty", hisself, but shows off OTHER PLACES:

That is actually a line from a Del Shores play/movie:

And Danny Mininni is a principal at this theater where the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group and  "Church" meet -- and WHERE I confronted Miss Shores, a year ago:

"Meth-Fired-Del" -- as I like to call him!!!

Meanwhile, Del Shores survived his stint in Chapel Hill Sunday night (since I ended up staying at home and NOT confronting him again over his Narco-Trafficking -- as confirmed by Jenny McCracken!!!), and has a word to say about THAT!!!:



1. Jeb Bush will be in Wilmington this weekend for a $1,000.00 minimum-per-plate Fundraising Dinner in a private home.

2. Wilmington is the WEALTHIEST city (per capita), in the United States, proven once again by the Great Recession. Wilmington Metro Area had the HIGHEST per capita unsecured credit card debt (by a large margin), at the beginning of the recession -- the thing that caused people and cities to fall the MOST -- yet Wilmington barely suffered (compared to nearly every other town or city in the USA).

It is a well-known FACT that this was because of Wilmington being the LARGEST water-port of entry of illegal drugs in the country, set up in the 1980s and 90s with great help of my parents and the Catholic Church -- with PPD, owned then by Bush/Cheney and the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families (The Carlyle Goup):

The Bin Ladens and Saudi Royals soon sold OUT their share in the Carlyle Group -- to cover their involvement in the planning of 9/11: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2012/05/fox-news-and-cnn-long-term-contributor.html

3. Wilmington is ALSO the "Gayest City in the USA", although local "Christian Captcha-Cultcha" forced all the homo men -- to marry CONTROLLING WIVES!!!

4. Anyway, Jeb Bush got WIND of Scott Kenan's not being afraid to confront ANYONE:

And now he's afraid to show his face IN PUBLIC!!!

5. Meanwhile, back in Saudi Arabia . . . 

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Saudi Arabia recently killed three convicted robbers and a murderer, while ISIS executed an elderly archaeologist for idolatry last week.
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6. And closer to home:

>>> ANYWAY, The same Sheriff's Deputy I had spoken with about serving the papers to Anthony Humphrey showed up at my door at 9:00 AM, this morning -- I had printed my own apartment number where Anthony's should have been. So he tried Anthony's door, right across the hall, but Anthony was out.

The Deputy told me he had been calling Anthony's cell number, but he could not get an answer. So I explained that Jennifer McCracken was his good friend, Anthony once having answered Jenny's cell when I called her (although I screwed up and said she answered his), so he tried Jenny's door to see if she knew how to get in touch with Anthony -- and I heard him speaking with her, so SHE was in.

That's all I know, so far!!!


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One of the biggest hypocrisies of the drug war is that although marijuana is legal in Washington, DC -- federal employees are forbidden from using it, and are regularly drug tested. But elected officials in Washington are never subject to drug testing....
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One of the Roman Catholic Church's most senior clergymen was arrested last week for driving under the influence during a trip to Hawaii. The Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported Monday that 79-year-old Cardinal
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Jeb is the CATHOLIC BUSH!!!

But with our closest DNA relatives, the Bonobos, whence in FULL ESTRUS, NO BUSH IS SHOWN!!!:


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