Thursday, August 6, 2015

"To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected" -- the GIST of My Defense Against Jennifer McCracken's Attempt to Get a Restraining Order Against Me:

To begin with, I was given a lot of height, 6' 11" or two meters ten, and a lot of smarts -- last time I was tested (2010), I was 12 points above Genius. I also have "the memory of an elephant", and my mother confirms many of my memories going back to age 2.5, so this is formidable to many people.

I never tested below 99 percentile in a College Board exam (except in English, 92%), and my senior year at Denison University (which granted me funds equivalent to 1/3 the total cost of the college), I was the only Art student in a Great Lakes Colleges Association contest to have all THREE submissions (the max), accepted, so giving them 10 prints each, my artwork does or did hang in 30 US Embassies and Consulates around the world.

About 1949, my father's male lover was shot in the head in Cincinnati, Ohio (where Mom ran Proctor and Gamble's Skin Research Labs), and Dad was given the choice of  being convicted of an ugly lovers' quarrel and prison, or to convert to Roman Catholicism so Mom could hide her Swastikas behind the iconic Kenan surname. Dad always told me that the Police report listed this as "Russian Roulette Suicide".

My first cousin, Graham Harlee Kenan is actually my half-brother, so Dad was bisexual.

I was raised with small swastikas rimming the dinner china, and daily beatings -- my mother still claims to NEVER question the authority of her Church, and has had at least three in-person audience with Popes, two of which were with Pope John Paul II.

My parents were allied with the Bingham Family of Louisville, Kentucky (and Pepsico) -- Col. Robert Worth Bingham's descendants -- the man who murdered Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler, later Bingham, but after being complicit in planning the assassination of JFK, we moved to Pennsylvania, two weeks before the actual event.

Then, in summer of 1968, Dad was transferred by Sun Oil (SUNOCO) to Columbus, Ohio, where we lived across the street from Coach Lou Holtz, then assistant football coach to Woody Hayes at Ohio State, and after nearly three years of my parents and the Holtzes being best friends, Dad was transferred to upstate New York.

For his help promoting the Catholic Swastika, Mom got Lou his dream job at Notre Dame -- and about the same time, her brother, Robert J. Meyer, DDS, the position of Official Dentist to the Fighting Irish. But when Uncle Bob's daughter, Janet "Jan" Meyer married Kim Opperman, a Jew, Mom soon had Uncle Bob's wealth removed, forcing him into a Veteran's Hospital in Lower Mississippi (now closed), and given DOUBLE strength Lithium Carbonate for a false diagnosis.

I have Mom's hand-written notes from before this, showing that that would produce chemically-induced Diabetes, which Uncle Bob slowly and painfully died of -- thanks to the orders of Pope John Paul II.


I believe Mom also gets orders from Pope Francis, as I caught her on secured communications with Lou Holtz (now John Boehner's closest personal friend and co-strategist), at the exact time Obama made the deal to re-open Government, nearly two years ago.

And my father's best friend while he lived with me in Stone Mountain, after my false arrest and conviction in 1990, for trying to report the MASSIVE Stone Mountain Narco-Trafficking Ring (the one Gen. Honore' and many others know ALL about), to Newt Gingrich and CNN HQ -- before I knew my parents, Gingrich, and CNN were a part of it -- was Lee Gosney, my co-worker of twenty years at Collegiate Concepts, Inc in Tucker, GA, and its reinvention as, where we sold all the ad space in all US Service Academies' -- as well as War Colleges' yearbooks.

Patrick Stansbury, owner of Pentagon Publishing.

Lee Gosney, traveling under the guise of a credentialed Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous public speaker, traveled the eastern half of the USA making deals to distribute all the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB, where we had three legitimate advertising contracts.

I also witnessed now former Republican Congressman of Georgia, John Linder, exchanging large packets of cash with Patrick Stansbury in Blue Ribbon Grill in Tucker, GA, in the late 1990s.

Most Drug Mafia I knew in Wilmington in 2011-12, did business with Lee Gosney -- as had my friend Evan Fish, when he was the top distributor of cocaine in the state of Maine for two years -- before he moved to Wilmington to get OUT of it -- murdered by Wilmington Police in early September, 2011 -- because he knew too much about their narco-trafficking -- and now, the Wilmington Star News continues to cover it up.

And then just a month ago, when a Special Ops Intelligence Officer stationed in the Middle East was flown to Wilmington, he debriefed me here in the Carolina Apartments for two hours -- confirming that if Stanley Winborne III -- my closest friend and political ally in Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, who was born in Wilmington , NC to the family who controlled the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, had done business with Thomas S. Kenan III, and "hates" his own sons -- one of which was until very recently second in charge of the US State Department in Afghanistan, which this Intelligence Officer CONFIRMED meant that this Winborne then would have been in charge of shipping the heroin to the USA.

See for my report on that meeting, and including a list of many of my other practical accomplishments:

Readers also know that CIA Operative Kevin Maurer, then head of the Wilmington Star News City Desk to control any stories about Wilmington narco-trafficking, had been interviewing ME by phone in Puerto Vallarta for a book on my Wilmington adventures -- until his No Easy Day was announced, and he DROPPED me, proving he was just gathering info on me for the CIA.

Kevin Maurer with Shelby at the Wilmington Star News

Anyway, it is against this backdrop that Jennifer McCracken has filed this bogus Restraint Order, so I will fill the Court in with my history with Jenny.

I first met Jenny at Costello's Gay Piano Bar on Princess Street (previously owned by David Nash, whom I will soon sue for the mess of my FIRST false conviction in Wilmington in 2011, the night the Supreme Court legalized Marriage Equality in the USA, while I was still searching for an apartment. Then, right after I moved into the Carolina Apartments, she re-introduced herself, saying we had met then and there -- and offering to keep me supplied in marijuana, which she sold me three times, and gifted me once -- before I realized that to be ethical, I needed to stop that, since it is illegal in North Carolina.

A few days after I moved in, I was awakened by a loud knocking at my door at 4:20 AM (maybe coincidence, but 420 is code for marijuana), but I refused to answer the door. The next day, Jenny claimed to have been drunk -- partying at Costello's, which she said had remained open for an extra hour (until 3:00 AM), and she apologized.

Soon we were talking all about Politics and her allegiance to the Mormon Church, although she's Lesbian and drinks alcohol, and she twice showed me bite marks on her arm from a fight on her balcony here (the balconies are condemned, but Jenny keeps a director's chair on hers), with a woman she claimed was one of Anthony Humphrey's girlfriends, although Anthony said it was one of Jenny's girlfriends.

Police had to knock down the door (now visibly repaired), to pull them apart, and Jenny recently won a court case over this.

Now THAT is disruption of this Apartment Community, so I would like to know what penalties Jenny was given by manager Tomi Matheson or owner George Cutter.

And any TOUGH WORDS I had with Jenny were inside either her or my apartment -- always on consensual visits -- except the words we had in the hall when Jenny eavesdropped on my phone conversation with Mr. Humphrey, who castigated me for buying pot from Jenny, who he said market it up FAR too much -- Jenny only hearing half the conversation, told me she was HURT that I would drop her as my dealer.

This was my LAST in-person contact with Jennifer McCracken.

Since the apartments has a camera security system installed in the halls and outside, they should be able to provide video evidence to back any claims of disturbances in halls, etc.

And, I have had the Postal Inspector open an investigation into the illegal HATE NOTE I soon found in my mailbox -- and yesterday, have asked the Post Office to speed up the inquiry into this, as knowing the AUTHOR of that note could shed a lot of light on this situation, so I will ask for a Continuance.


This should give Jenny a good idea of how I will proceed tomorrow, so she can prepare adequately.



  1. There seems to be no depths to which you wii not stoop.
    What have you given back but grief to anyone that ever had the compassion to listen to your paranoid ramblings. You mistreat everyone that has ever showed you and ounce of kindness. You destroy the impulse for basic human decency. The fact that you have the audacity to exploit this interaction makes you beyond contempt. If you are not certifiable as you claim, then you are simply deserving of whatever the system will throw at you. I suspect you will run out of running room soon enough.