Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This Morning I Was Served re: EVICTION HEARING Next Wednesday, So I THANKED GOD for Answering My Prayers!!!

But that is NOTHING compared with what will unfold in Wilmington, North Carolina beginning this Friday, August 7.


Is that yesterday afternoon, after listening to what sounded like a workman for half an hour or so -- right outside my door, I took a break from writing to see what was going on. I found a white gentleman who appeared to be about 75 years old, on a step ladder, having just completed cutting two holes in the ceiling with a hole saw -- to let the trapped water out.

And he told me they were going to begin installing the new roof next Monday, and he was doing what they had told him to do. I did not -- until after I got off the phone last night with Mr. Cutter (See almost halfway down here, realize that PROBABLY WAS MR. CUTTER!!!

The man was MOST CORDIAL and was taking the kind of care I always do -- as if he owned things -- and he was too old to be an employee of a roofing company -- which often requires the strength and stamina of younger people.

But, although I did not report this in the above linked posting, PART of our conversation last night was actually laughing and joking!!! In fact, I told Mr. Cutter he sounded like a very intelligent and experienced guy, and it would be FUN to sit down and discuss things with him over coffee or a beer, and he said we might just do that, sometime (as if he meant it).

I had paid no attention to voices, and both men (or the one man), had generic, older, educated white voices -- but I can't claim I know they were the same.

>>> WHAT I HAVE DONE SINCE BEING SERVED (and then more about the service):

1. I called the local Post Office and spoke with someone who had heard about the HATE NOTE I left for the Postal Inspector to look into, as first published here

But SOME Federal Criminal had placed a folded-over three inch square, pale yellow Post-It Note in my box, that in simple, carefully crafted block letters, says:




And ODDLY, only the FIRST exclamation point has a circle instead of a dot at its bottom (like a tiny ASSHOLE!!!).

The man in Wilmington gave me the direct number in Jacksonville, NC, where I had to leave a message for the Postal Inspector.

I left a very thorough one, asking them to quickly look into the matter, as I plan to get a CONTINUANCE on Jenny McCracken's Restraining Order this Friday at the hearing, if no result yet -- until we know who put it illegally in my mailbox. I APPEARS to have come from Jenny McCracken, but that doesn't mean it WAS from her. It would make all the difference in the WORLD if either Jenny or apartments manager Tomi Matheson -- or Anthony Humphreys or Anthony Carmichael, placed it -- I having had no problem with anyone else in these apartments -- and only they -- since Tomi sent her "Weird Note" to us all, and then ALL these people backed it -- and Jenny got mad because she eavesdropped and thought I was going to buy marijuana from Anthony H. from now on -- instead of from her.

AGAIN, here is Tomi's note to us all:



To All Tenants Of The Carolina And Confederate Apts.

Effective immediately, for all questions, concerns and issues with your apartment, you are instructed to call 910-763-4003 and leave a message. The machine will be checked periodically, at which time Tomi (apartments manager) will contact you. Only phone calls concerning fire or excessive water leaks (undefined)  will be accepted. If you choose to call or text Tomi for any other reason, there will be a $50 fee deducted from your rent payment, subsequently making your rent short, so be sure to take that into account.

However calls or texts will be accepted if you lock yourself out of your apart. as there is a $50 cash charge to unlock your door anyway!


2. So then, I called the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation -- main number in Raleigh, and the woman gave me the direct number of the local office in Jacksonville, NC -- where AGAIN, I had to leave a message and left ANOTHER highly detailed one, including how upcoming hearings would be helped if they could respond soon.

3. So I called Gov. McCrory's Office and the first recept -- after hearing my name, connection with Gen. Honore', etc., cut me off saying that everyone was understaffed and emails don't necessarily get read. She would put me through directly to one of the Governor's actual aides, but THERE I had to leave a message, which I did in DETAIL!!!

So NOW I wait for THREE to call me back -- and am RE-CHARGING my phone -- LOL!!!


Pretty simple, actually, with trial in Small Claims Courtroom #514, Wednesday, 8/12/15.

Checked, are:

The defendant breached the condition of the lease described below for which re-entry is specified.

Criminal activity (Jenny selling me marijuana???) or other activity has occurred in violation of G.S. 42-63 as described below:

"Defendant has created a disturbance with threats placing faults (sic) statements on the internet and is a disturbance to the peace of the building. A restraining order has also BEEN ISSUED."

Well, just like claimed in corrupt Judge Hogston's Court in 2011 by Lindsay Roberson (who Jen Harjo always got a kick out of me calling "Miss Coca Leaf" in 2011 -- NOW one of two Assistant D.A.'s!!!), when she claimed that Sean Hannity's and MY NAZI MOTHER'S AND SISTER JANE'S good friend, Christal Presley, who had IN ABSENTIA gotten a restraining order in 2010 -- then claimed that I -- who had been in MEXICO, not Georgia -- had FELONY VIOLATED IT, but the Dekalb County Sheriff was NOT interested in my extradition to Georgia, -- even referred to it in court as I had been CONVICTED OF STALKING -- which it was not, but sounded better since David Nash was suing me for CYBER-STALKING, which my first
Public Defender, Emily Zvejnicks (who HATES gays), REFUSED to defend me against these LIES, and when Jen Harjo took over my cases, we LAUGHED because what behaviors were described did NOT fit the crime of Cyber-Stalking that Judge Hogston CONVICTED ME OF!!!

As you SEE, it was all VERY COMPLICATED and at least TWELVE court actions in Dekalb County Georgia were later ERASED in increments over the last three years -- INCLUDING my conviction of TRESPASS in 1990, and the punishment of 15 weeks in jail and a year of "House Arrest Probation" in Judge Linda Warren Hunter's Court -- because I tried to report the MASSIVE drug trafficking through Stone Mountain Park (this continuing Drug Ring being what I mostly discussed in person with Gen. Honore', this past March, and he knew ALL ABOUT IT), to both Newt Ginrich's Congressional Office and CNN HQ in Atlanta.

I have original paperwork in my possession of nearly ALL these matters (even in 1990), and screen-captures of my shrinking Dekalb County Courts record -- now CLEAN!!!

Some detail of that trial in Hogston's Court

My email to Mayor Reed of Atlanta about my past story THERE

So I think even in this "SMALL MATTER" I might have to INSIST on the hearings being OUTSIDE D.A.s Ben and Jon David's jurisdictions!!!

>>> REMEMBER, I recently had sex with Benjamin R. David's "suck bud" Dewain Hall:

Mr. "Comes in Quarts", Dewain Hall

And then there is also THIS!!!:


Enough for NOW, except that looking at my Order from Mr. Cutter, he checked that before filing he DEMANDED I vacate, and I REFUSED!!!

I think he forgot to do that -- he never did it -- just launched into telling me he was filing for my eviction the FIRST THING HE SAID -- and I've looked over all my texts from Tomi Matheson -- and the WORST she did was say she would talk to Police about the situation (like I actually DID) and they told me HOW TO HANDLE THIS BULL SHIT -- HA!!!

"What -- some DRAMA in Wilmington, North Carolina??? I'll be RIGHT OVER!!!"




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