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The Case for the Involuntary Commitment of Jennifer McCracken for Criminal Insanity (used as a common, rather than legal, term):

>>> JUST IN @ 6:39 AM, EDT:

Of the 24 I emailed this posting to, TWO have blocked me for the FIRST TIME. Zack Hawkins, First Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of North Carolina (whom I met two weeks ago at a meeting here in Wilmington). Since I NEVER received the materials that were PROMISED would be emailed to ALL at that meeting -- and I gave my new, working email address -- I KNEW there were CORRUPT TOP DEMOCRATS in North Carolina, and this PROVES IT!!!

I am now also blocked for the first time by Steve Armstrong, top deputy to Thomas S. Kenan III at Kenan Management, Inc. in Chapel Hill -- NO surprise THERE!!!

A later test when I sent to members of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group did NOT come back blocked from other Officers of the Democratic Party of North Carolina -- WHEW!!! And it showed in my "Sent" box, as well.

* * *

FIRST, I feel it necessary to make my OWN case for doing this publicly -- and I hope, completely transparently.

1. Jennifer McCracken is VERY powerfully connected in at least the political sense, and likely business sense, in Wilmington. I have had TONS of resistance to any criticism of her by New Hanover Sheriff's Deputies, especially -- but only a minority of them. And Jenny told me her brother is on that force.

2. The owner, manager, and two residents (including Jenny), of Carolina Apartments have risked their own FREEDOM by perjuring themselves under oath to have me evicted from these apartments. They even BEGGED the Magistrate to find some way to get me out sooner than the 10 days allowed under law.

One other resident trapped me in the elevator, then claiming rainwater flipped off my jacket was something I actually pulled from my rectum and was infected with HIV (and for the record, I do NOT have HIV -- I was recently tested), and I had deliberately attempted to murder him by that method, which gave HIM the legal right to kill me then and there in "self-defense" (very Travon Martin kind of situation). He then DID begin to set down what was in his hands, to do so, but was too slow, we arrived on floor and I fled.

In filing for a Restraining Order against Anthony Humphrey, Judge Faisson said I actually should file CRIMINAL charges and have Anthony arrested, but even now, I feel I need more legal guidance on this whole situation before doing that -- which I might still do.

3. I have been involuntarily committed three times in my life. The first time in 1978, without ever seeing a judge or a doctor, as New Jersey Law then required. Although the case could be made that I deserved it, the only reason I had become so "crazy", was that my business partners in Whale's Tale Cape May worked in concert with my mother, who had DEMANDED that I be taken out of the care of Dr. Waggenheim (a "talk psychiatrist"), who in three sessions had made much progress in helping me find perspective on the Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings I had grown up with, and sent to a doctor who prescribed Lithium Carbonate for what my mother insisted was a diagnosis of "Manic-Depression", now called Bipolar Disorder.

This only made my symptoms worse, until the commitment for a full month, in which time I was properly subdued, no longer caring about what had troubled me -- effectively STUFFING the problem deeper, so it festered for years -- until a later mental health care provider said that in her eight or so years of caring for me, I had never shown signs of Bipolar Disorder, which medication MUTES, but signs still show in the diminished sense.

She took me off the Lithium.

The second time was by a doctor servicing those waiting for care at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, where I waited for hours for a bed in The Oaks mental ward, as I was SELF-COMMITTING -- my own choice (and this doctor making rounds must have figured I self-committing for presumed "mental illness" was too OUT OF IT to protest if he INVOLUNTARILY committed me, which he did and CHARGED ME ABOUT $1.200.00 for it. I BURNED his bill!!!), after I had been harassed all around downtown Wilmington in 2011 by the people hanging out at Justin LaNasa's (failed Republican candidate for Mayor in 2011, and later, failed for NC Senate), Hardwire Tattoo parlor on Front Street, cat-calling all around crowded downtown streets in Wilmington that I was a pedophile and had molested their boys.

Additionally, Frank Delia, owner of the Italian Market and Coffee Shop, cooperated with two of them in his business -- and when I told them they needed to have me immediately arrested and the Law should deal with it all, they said, "Oh no, we have much more fun to have with you than that!" -- or very similar.

At that time, I sought help from my Public Defender, Emily Zvejniecks -- to put me into some sort of protective custody, and Jennifer Harjo immediately took over from Emily, arranging for me to hide in a "dry-out tank", but after a couple of days that proved impractical, and the helpful staff, knowing my situation, suggested the self-commitment, which I agreed to. I remained in The Oaks for about ten days, having much informal testing by Dr. Martin, and was then released.

The third time, I was committed by the woman I had rented a room from -- with help of her drug dealer, Gerald Austin Wynn, both of whom testified in a hearing for a Restraining Order against me -- immediately after I was released after the minimum three days -- and got it in Judge Sandra Ray's (then Criner's) Court, perjuring themselves, severely. Oddest, was that Judge Criner had DISMISSED the case because they could not be found when it was called -- then ten minutes later, had a Deputy bring me back in from a public street, and proceeded as if she had not dismissed it!!!

And the ONLY person in Wilmington to do much more than offer a few words of sympathy or a few dollars when I was homeless, was Danny Sinatra, who arranged to help me get my things out of that woman's house -- and provided the toting and transportation help as well. I also knew Danny's mother, Patricia, who had brokered the deal to sell controlling interest in their Bank of America to Thomas S. Kenan III and near relatives, years ago.

Danny was my one true personal friend here.

I DID appeal that ruling for that reason to NC Courts Authorities within the proper time frame (only ten days), and got their TURN DOWN, based on there being no evidence of my claims. I had cited the videotaped Court proceedings and Court Reporter's notes, and I don't know if those were DESTROYED, or if NC Courts are SO CORRUPT they simply would deny anything in any case.

Later, District Attorney Ben David got Dr. Carrie Menke from his brother D.A. Jon David's office, to evaluate me, and she concluded for CLEARLY FALSE REASONS, obvious from her own report, that I needed immediate commitment to Cherry Hospital, and forced medication while in restraints -- until I was ready for Court (I then having a LONG history of perfectly good behavior in MANY Court hearings), and I am now certain that it was Judge Richard Russel Davis, who LAUGHED that report right out of Court, with Jennifer Harjo laughing in relief as well.

Eventually D.A. Ben David proposed (I had heard from more people than Ms. Harjo that Ben David did not have a SHRED of evidence to support any the crimes I had been charged with or already convicted of -- and his Assistant D.A.s -- most actually committed to JUSTICE -- were leaking that info like a sieve), so his proposal that he would ERASE all records of all of all of it if I stayed out of North Carolina for a year was SUPER ONEROUS to me (believing that under the US Constitution, if there is no evidence of crimes, then one is FREE TO GO IMMEDIATELY, I came to my PRACTICAL SENSES, accepted it, then fled back to Puerto Vallarta as soon as I had a car with permanent plates, and Ben David DID as he promised after a year.

I hope ALL can see how RELUCTANT I am to commit ANYONE, involuntarily -- and why I have NO CONFIDENCE in Courts overseen by the criminal District Attorney Benjamin R. David.


Again, it has been the wisdom of Judge Davis, that has penetrated my mind, bringing me to my current action. In Court last Friday, he brought Jennifer McCracken's Restraining Order against me up last -- which gave me the opportunity to realize what that actually is, and that to accept "consent" meant that NOTHING of what was said would remain on the Legal Record -- I only fighting it because Jennifer's claims were all LIES!!! We clearly should have no contact. And, discovering it is only in one direction in North Carolina, I have filed against Jenny as well.

But one occurrence in Court truly opened my eyes -- the case of a woman, the opposite of Jenny, she straight and gorgeous -- yet the EXACT SAME in her denial of reality in the face of PROOF of reality, repeatedly and with all manner of "feminine wiles" used to try to bamboozle everyone -- in turn laughing, crying, and of course CONSTANTLY INTERRUPTING AND TALKING OVER the defense, and on the SURFACE, a perfectly believable DRAMA!!!

The defendant, apparently knowing the woman's nature well, had brought a psychiatrist along to assess the woman's mental disturbances -- and even THAT did not convince the Plaintiff she could not get away with her lies. NOT ONCE did she -- even after verdict -- show a single sign that she'd ever done one wrong thing!!!

Yes, she WAS Jennifer McCracken in my eyes -- and I see that Jenny is either just as INSANE, or just as HATEFUL and GREEDY (that case involved attempts at getting much money on false pretext from the defendant). And I also will say that I have seen MANY women who are this adamant -- and it includes my mother and sisters, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, Jane Ann Kenan, and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy -- but I have NEVER seen a man lie so adamantly in the face of PROOF he is lying!!!

And ALL of them who lie like this claim to be CHRISTIANS in GOOD STANDING!!!

The other most important thing from that day in Court, is that Judge Davis enjoined Ms. McCracken that it is only logical that if one of us can't contact the other, that it applies both ways (whether legally enjoined or not), and it's best that she NOT continue to try to contact me -- I had printed off 37 of Jenny's comments made to my blog (not all published), in the seven days leading up to the hearing -- but not read any of them since I took "consent".

Jenny only stopped for two days, before beginning this latest crescendo of sent comments -- none of them making any sense IN REALITY. And I do NOT believe when the order becomes two-way, that Jenny will be CAPABLE of obeying it.

However, that woman so set in her lies was NOT a danger to society in general like Jenny is -- if Jenny's involvement in local, interstate, and international Narco-Trafficking is as REAL as I can easily prove circumstantially.

The biggest proof of this is that it was Jenny as "Christine Hitchens" -- and this while I still believed she lived in Puerto Vallarta -- as she had long claimed -- before claiming to be in Wilmington and many times proving herself to be Jennifer McCracken by her claims in those comments -- is that only SHE knew a thing of what happened to Colin Hamilton, retired from a HUGE career with the BBC (and also tied to narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta). 

Today, my blog is still getting up to 150 hits per day -- to the postings about Colin's murder -- which have for a month, now, been my top-hit postings, primarily because there is a NEWS BLACKOUT in Mexico (and more hits by far from England, where he had his huge popularity than from Mexico), about it to keep from injuring the Tourist Trade -- but more because of the DRUG CORRUPTION of various levels of Mexican Government.

There is ALSO the matter of her vigorously defending playwright Del Shores (whom I had confronted with his connections to narco-trafficking after I met him in Puerto Vallarta), and VIGOROUS defense of some others known to be in Drug Trafficking -- or protecting it.

They include:

Ryan Lee Burris, Wilmington
Joseph Collier Faulk, Jr., New York City
David Nash, Wilmington -- and although Jenny does not mention Mr. Nash's name, she has made a HUGE point of not knowing his formerly owned, still frequented bar, Costello's Piano Bar on Princess Street -- even making a big deal of that to Judge Davis and knowing or not knowing one bar means NOTHING in/of itself!!!

Costello's is where I first met Jennifer -- and where she claimed she had been until 3:00 AM the night she knocked on my door at 4:20 AM, later apologizing for that.

So without further comment, I'll let Jenny have the last word here, by publishing her last comment to this blog, sent last night. Remember, too, that I have NOT been able to email my blog postings to my list of 500 for about a month now, with a couple slipping through the first two weeks, and have not attempted to the last two weeks -- so HOW can she claim that I have HER on my list??? I DO send to 12 -24, not including her, lately:

[The Weather Continues . . . ] New comment on Jennifer McCracken Might Well Need 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details

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Hypocrite.Liar. Sanctimonious bastard. Fraud, full of mendacity. Your stories are fabricated from you deceitful mind. All I see is some people asking, nay, begging you to release them from your horrible calumny. Your writing is fifth rate and you couldn't pay people to read your biography. Fiction and fantasy are supposed to be enjoyable, eliciting some pathos from the reader. Your writing conjures up the desire to chock the shit out of you. As for being an authority on the last days of Tennessee Williams life, that is one thing thad does provoke sympathy, but not for you however. That talented man should not have his name mentioned in the same breath as yours. If he was clinging to life and looked up and saw your sorry ass, I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled the plug himself. He probably wondered how did it ever come to this? Remove my email (and everyone else who has requested it) from your filthy list and I'll see to it, that you never hear from me again. You fucking wanker. Oh here's an idea why don't you get your faithful to say one negative word about me. Lets hear it, is anyone out there that feels I'm being unfair to Ole Scotty boy? Someone? Anyone? There must be one single reader out there, that feels I'm doing Scotty a disservice. Someone feel, I'm being a bit too harsh? Have I given Scott's writing an unfair appraisal? There must be someone out of the 500 people on your list that enjoy your daily meanderings? Let's here it? Lets do a survey shall we? How many people would like off the list? How many people prefer to stay on the list. I'm sorry Scott, all we have to go on is your word and it doesn't hold water I'm afraid. You Mendacious bastard. 

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