Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jennifer McCracken Might Well Need MENTAL HOSPITAL COMMITMENT. She Claimed to Me She is Diagnosed Bipolar and Un-Medicated. She COULD Harm the Position of George Cutter, if Allowed to Continue Her Mindless Harassments:

Jennifer McCracken, who uses the alias Christine Hitchens, seems constitutionally unable to stop sending irrational, repetitive, and revealing comments for this blog.

I hope she understands the LEGAL SERIOUSNESS of continuing after the No Contact Order is extended to include her contacting me in any way including this or new aliases.

So far, she has implicated herself in international Drug Mafia (regardless her level of participation), by her being the FIRST person to know details of the murder of Colin Hamilton, retired career-long star personality of BBC News and Entertainment, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and of interstate Mafia, by her connection to Del Shores, the playwright.

Comments to this blog as well as texts to my phone and emails to me directly, show her admission of getting drunk many times, smoking and selling marijuana, and once being too high on mushrooms.

And just this past Friday, she pretended she was ANTHONY HUMPHREY -- and at the end of the comment gave away she had to be Jennifer McCracken. I'll repost that here, and remind all that besides Court officials, NO ONE was in Court except Jenny and me:

[The Weather Continues . . . ] New comment on Jenny 
McCracken Has GUESSED CORRECTLY My Surprise .... 
Hitchenteimpo to youshow details

Hitchenteimpo has left a new comment on your post " Jenny McCracken Has GUESSED CORRECTLY My Surprise ...": 

You sir are no violet. You're crusade is hallow, filled with holes and hypocrisy. You should have went a head and touched me. Why do you think I shave everything? I'm as sooth as butter. How is it the people who feel they are on gods side never seen they glass all around them. How is it they continue to throw stones and expect nothing to get broken? Perhaps it's the original sin that they can't stand and by pointing their shaking finger outside themselves they somehow find comfort in someone they might think less of them themselves. You continue to point your finger at others saying they've made the bed they lay in and here you are wondering "what did I ever doe to deserve this?" You're a piece of work and although I do not really wish you harm, (I've merely asked for a blanket apology to all you have slandered with malice or not.) there is a certain amount of satisfaction in watching those who desperately deserve it get whats coming to them. You were brilliant in court today. LOL. 

I really have never thought Anthony was a real problem, not Tomi Matheson (apartments manager), either. I don't understand owner George Cutter, so that will be discovered in the Trial by Jury regarding my EVICTION, and it will be IMPOSSIBLE for them to get 12 jurors to AGREE, which is what MUST happen to evict me.

Tomorrow, I will contact George and Tomi, to let them know that since Jenny has alreadhy perjured herself as their witness in the first hearing on my eviction, that I will consider her continuing harassment of me a reason to demand MORE COMPENSATION for the eviction attempt.

She is NOT doing anyone else any favors with her constant carping -- especially of Anthony Humphrey. Also it would be wise for them to go inside Anthony's or her apartment to talk about me and these cases. Anthony returned from work about 5:05 this afternoon, and they talked in the hall where I can hear every word through my apartment door!!!

Anyway, Jenny wrote a couple of hours ago, saying I just type and achieve nothing. Although Jenny DID read this info from this blog -- but clearly forgets it -- I'll NOT re-post the entire posting, to remind her of SOME of the practical things I've accomplished.

FROM JUNE 10, 2015:

Can You Believe This -- They Even Rep My FAVE TV Talker, MARC LAMONT HILL!!!

Marc Lamont Hill is also a REGULAR on CNN!!!

And Huffington Post was DEVELOPED into what it is today by Jimmy Soni (now working HuffPost, India), who is the STAR of the Board of Advisers of Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University.

Arianna and Jimmy

An Oldie, but Goodie from herehttp://kenan.ethics.duke.edu/


Dear Ms. Jean,

I have been actually only STALLING taking you off my email list – until I had time to write to you. I will take you off if you request it again (even rudely), after I email this, post it on blog, and then email it to my entire list.

First I should disclose what has gone on so far:

Scott Kenan <scott@scottkenan.com>
8:14 AM (6 hours ago)
Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif
Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif
Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif
to Jean
Description: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif
Please do report me -- you won't be the first to think that would matter. I break no laws emailing you from Mexico and Interpol is too busy with International Narco-Trafficking to track me down if it WERE illegal.

And if you aren't interested in what I know -- you are a TRAITOR to the Constitution of the USA, and I will broadcast that on blog, today.

But since I decided to let ANYONE off, because of your ignorant, egotistical rudeness (I know all about that as a previous practitioner of it), I WILL take you off after one more week if you ask again then.

So mark your calendar for June 17!!!


On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 8:08 PM, Jean Caiani <jean@speakoutnow.org> wrote:

delete my emails from your postings or I will report you ... 

On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 3:52 PM, Scott Kenan <scott@scottkenan.com> wrote:

Because of your RUDENESS, I will NOT do that -- although I offer all to do it in the next posting which I'll email soon.


On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 11:52 AM, Jean Caiani <jean@speakoutnow.org> wrote:


Delete my email from your list immediately ... it is <jean@speakoutnow.org>. 

On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 9:06 AM, Scott Kenan <scott@scottkenan.com> wrote:

So, Jean, continuing . . . I notice your organization, http://www.speakoutnow.org/, performs a GREAT SERVICE and you seem to be on the side of Liberty and Justice for ALL – but you are BARKY toward me.

Perhaps you have not read much of my blog. Let me list a few of my accomplishments:

1. I formed the first Gay Group at Denison University in 1972 with help of my friend Dean Hansell, who later co-founded GLAAD, and was a Denison Trustee for some time.

2. I earned a BFA degree (also completing B.A. requirements) in Art – as a printmaker – and in a Great Lakes Colleges Association contest, I was the ONLY person from 20 or so colleges whose ENTIRE submission of three (the max allowed) WON – we competing so that winning prints (ten of each), could then be framed and hung in US Embassies and Consulates around the world. I hope to track all 30 of mine down, someday.

3. I co-founded www.WhalesTaleCapeMay.com with two other Denison grads – and William Earl Johnson, Jr., of the South Philly and Wildwood Crest, NJ Irish Mafia. Chuck and Hilary still own it today and are doing GREAT!!!

4. I was the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams – and can prove in court that Republicans with the Episcopal Church – and the FBI and CIA – murdered Tennessee Williams and stole his estate from Harvard – exactly as Jackie Kennedy Onassis WARNED US would happen – at a party January 11, 1982!!!

5. I exposed my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan now of Raleigh, NC, as America’s TOP NAZI, completely working for the Pope and top clergy of the Catholic Church, as FIRST told to me by two Jewish business leaders in Atlanta, where I lived 1983 – 2010, back in 1990 – and then after I first blogged about that in 2010, Jonathan Reiner (who now has earned his OWN Emmys) of the Hollywood Reiners made me an “Honorary Jew”.

6. I am also 1/16 Cherokee, and Tennessee Williams is said to have based the tall, silently observing black character, Mac, in his last not-completely-completed play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere, on me.

7. After contacting Natalie Wood’s family’s attorney – and the Los Angeles County Detectives as well -- I helped RE-OPEN the MURDER investigation, and had I WITNESSED what Gavin Lambert told Tennessee Williams and me, we could have FORCED a confession from Robert Wagner and/or Christopher Walken – whom she had caught in vigorous homo-sex.

8. I FORCED The Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida (wholly-owned by Thomas S. Kenan III and his stepmother Betty), which had bought about 80% of the ad space on foxnews.com – into STOPPING!!! Only occasional “run-of-the-house” ads can now be found there.

9. At the 2015 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival, John Lahr (whose recent bio on Tennessee PROVES the likelihood of my claims about his murder), recognized me in front of his LARGEST audience, as an authority on the end of Tennessee Williams’s life.

You can read my entire memoir for free – as well as all the professional and customer reviews (from while it sold on Amazon), here: http://laterdaysoftennesseewilliams.blogspot.mx/.

10. I also met Gen. Russel Honore – two fairly brief meetings – at that festival where he also spoke. I now feed him and other TRUE US Patriots info on US Government narco-trafficking – not only here in Puerto Vallarta, but in Atlanta and Wilmington, North Carolina as well, the latter two he was WELL aware of – as well as of the TRAITOROUS CRIMES of my Republican wealthy Kenan relatives who control Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Bank of America, much of Coca-Cola, USA – and www.theKAG.com, the largest trucker in Mexico, Canada, and the USA.

The Kenans inherited also 40% ownership in US Railroads from Henry Flagler in 1913 – but I have no idea how much of the rails they still own.

11. Gen. Honore is GOOD FRIENDS with US Army Col. Dottie Newman (retired Chief Protocol Officer of Secretary of State Colin Powell – and she told me how she and Colin and his wife Alma had sat around the kitchen table and decided it was NOT SAFE in 2008, for the General to run for President – as a Republican), who in 2010, told me I had to flee the USA, or the Republicans who had tried to commit me (unsuccessfully FIVE TIMES IN ONE MONTH in Stone Mountain, GA), would KILL me – anyway Gen. Honore was so impressed when I told him I knew Dottie – he immediately GAVE ME his excellent book on Leadership with his business card and said we NEEDED TO HAVE A MEETING!!!

My point is that I am NOT PARTISAN (Dottie and Colin are GOOD REPUBLICANS) – and Powell sure got his lesson from George W. Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, no???

12. I was approached by an agent of a MAJOR US Publisher – and while it is not yet time to discuss business with him -- he TOO knew all about the RACIST and OTHER CRIMES of my Kenan relatives who founded UNC Chapel Hill (inventing the world’s first Public University).

So, I would ACTUALLY fit right into your slate of speakers (philosophically, at least), and my story is so AMAZING I could make your company and me A LOT OF MONEY!!!

I have successfully spoken to many sizes of crowds, beginning when I ran for Treasurer of the Junior Geographers of the State Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in 9th grade. Only one person planned to run, and a friend nominated me and I said “What the heck?”, and walked my 6’ 11” – OK, a little less then – to the podium and gave a speech completely SPONTANEOUSLY.

I lost by 10% (Thank GOD!!!).

And I like a “rascally-smart” woman – such as yourself – and my being Goose-Gay, YOU would be in NO DANGER!!!

(And I know Marc is straight.)

I bet this is the WEIRDEST pitch you have ever gotten – and if you are still angry with me, I hope you will at least admit this is the strangest – or provide me with a STRANGER ONE (identity redacted).

I’ll copy a couple of others at your firm, as well.

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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