Tuesday, August 4, 2015

SIX Calls Last Night after George Cutter Called Me and Jennifer McCracken Served Me: "I thought this was a WHITE POWER WORLD, you NIGGER!!!" Coincidence NOT!!! (ALL SAVED)

Well, I suppose George Cutter will serve me today in his attempt to evict me for getting Jenny McCracken and apartments manager Tomi Matheson into a GIANT PANTIES TWIST -- LOL!!!


I'm not certain how Anthony Humphrey got stuck in the middle of this, but I'll get to that in a minute. First I will list what is on my TO DO list, today:

1. The HATE NOTE I found in my US Mailbox broke Federal Law, so I will have it investigated, beginning at the local Post Office. Beyond that, George Cutter has allowed ALL mailboxes at the Carolina Apartments to have their locks STRIPPED OUT apparently for YEARS, now, unlike any other apartment building in the USA that I'm aware of -- so that anyone can steal mail or busy-body-snoop on what is in anyone else's box.

Mr. Cutter is currently replacing the roof, so surely he could take care of this problem. I will ALSO file a complaint about that, as well.

2.I heard NOTHING from either the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation or Gov. McCrory's office regarding my email sent to both by SECURED server, both sending received receipts. I will begin AGGRESSIVE calling of them for a response, today.


3. I recieved NO RESPONSE from my NC Senator Michael Lee, http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2015/04/email-just-sent-north-carolina-senator.html so I will begin calling his offices aggressively too. THIS constituent does NOT put up with being ignored -- and does NOT consider SIX CALLS from a "restricted number" leaving WHITE SUPREMACY, CHRISTIAN messages on my phone, a PROPER RESPONSE from Gov. McCrory, Sen. Michael Lee, or the NC Bureau of Investigation.

Or George Cutter or Jennifer McCracken's flunkies.

I also found that my emails yesterday came back as ALL being blocked -- including to my own AOL email address. THIS IS ALSO A FIRST!!!

I will write Letters to the Editor of the Wilmington Star News about the HATE of these Republicans OF THEIR CONSTITUENTS!!!

Also, "Chistine Hitchens" sent THIS last night during the ten-minute window that the "cracker" who seemed to have a wrong number, INSISTED ON CALLING ME BACK -- and did so REPEATEDLY!!!

Does this NOT imply a CONSPIRACY???

Re: Maybe those awful people shut your account again? 
Christine Hitchens to youshow details

I hope you took that last message in the spirit it was intended. (See at bottomhttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2015/08/gift-from-gods-george-cutter-just.html)I suspect though, that you are in the process of cooking your own goose instead. I hope there will be enough to go around; there are many people waiting to be seated at the lords table.

Lord bless this food that we are about to receive.
It is right to give him thanks and praise.
God is great and justice will be served.


So far this morning, my computer froze FOUR times within five minutes of trying to write in my blog, and I had to SHUT DOWN each time for it to again work TEMPORARILY.

Is this NOT the CIA, NSA, or DRUG MAFIA???

I will ATTEMPT to continue.

ATTEMPT DID NOT WO continuing . . .


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