Thursday, August 20, 2015

PRAISE THE LORD -- NO New Comments, Overnight, from Ms. McCracken -- aka: The Diesel Dyke Mor(m)on!!! Could Her Handlers Have FINALLY Gotten the MESSAGE that There Is NO PRIVACY on the Internet (or cell phones), and ALL Has Been Recorded for COURTS by PATRIOTS???

Now, it is TOO SOON to know if "Testosteroni" in New York City has picked up on his cue to send me at least a LITTLE money today, so I can buy a PRINTER -- to print off the proof I will need in Court against Ms. McCracken, tomorrow morning.

He ALWAYS reads this blog, and I emailed him a copy (with others), last night, so he KNOWS my Legal Need!!! I have about $45.00 in my bank account and $7.00 in my pocket, now, but will get about $400.00 reimbursed to me, if not now, by opening of Benefits Management on Monday.

And he knows that I was TOTALLY EXHAUSTED on Tuesday, after all the work of getting papers filed for Court two days ago -- I actually called him while lying in bed with my TEETH OUT, something I have never talked on the phone before without -- simply because he has been my BEST PRACTICAL SUPPORT these past nearly four years, so I wanted to AGAIN thank him for that, no matter how tired I was.

But all this typed, VERY recently, I called to ask why he had STOPPED sending me money when it TRULY was needed -- and he IMMEDIATELY gave me the Western Union numbers to pick it up!!!

Testo likes to let his transfers "age" a few hours -- before emailing me how to pick it up -- and that might be the case today!!!

A FINAL note on the idiocy of Ms. McCracken: TWICE in the last couple of days, she has claimed in her messages that it is not FAIR that I am friends with Judge Faisson.

FIRST, we are not friends, but only spoke about two or three minutes, once in 2011.

SECOND: As I CLEARLY REPORTED in this blog, Judge Faisson DENIED my petition for "ex parte" on my petition for Restraining Order against Jennifer McCracken -- a decision that IN HINDSIGHT, I see is CORRECT!!!

So HOW THE HELL is my "friendship" with Judge Faisson HELPING ME???



Scott Kenan shared a link.
Enter the shadowy corner of the web where the Ashley Madison hackers released their data trove.
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Scott Kenan shared a link.
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